01 August 2021

Link round-up for 1 August 2021

Various interesting stuff I ran across on the net over the last week.

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Swimming seems like a better option, to some.

Whatever this thing is, it has more athletic ability than I do.

A perfectly normal news item.

Little kids learn culture-specific behavior very young.

"Looks to be some kind of menu."

Oh no, your alphabet is racist.

We behold his exalted presence.

I don't even need to read Finnish to know they clocked Bezos's rocket.

Thus it was done in the ancient times.

Brief amusing animations here.

Murr Brewster buys a chair and deals with a spiky interloper.

Nice doors.

Nice signs.

Some immodest trees here.

One town has an exemplary vaccine roll-out.

He started a library for dogs.

Use roller coasters to understand literature.

This gender-identity thing is becoming an absolute joke.

Keep your ferret clean.

Treat your skeletons well.

Somebody shouldn't be designing clothes.

Desire needs to go both ways.

Big Bad Bald Bastard presents his favorite vegetable -- just be careful where you get it.

Look close, then zoom out.

Some good health advice here.

If you believe the world was created for humans.....

Nice resemblance -- wonder if she could be a descendant.

Here's how Eratosthenes of Alexandria correctly calculated the circumference of the Earth 2,200 years ago.

This is what lightning looks like in slow motion.

I've been here -- Petra, Jordan.  The structures are more than two thousand years old.

This is the Austrian National Library.

See a frighteningly impressive landslide in India.

This person exists.  And I can only assume this person exists.

Do it your own way.

People in "burger flipper" jobs work damn hard.

Trae Crowder is out of patience with the anti-vaxers.

I've seen hospital rooms that were more "homey" than this house.

Remember Dr Rosalind Franklin.

A map of the US rail system startles several foreign bloggers.

Important reminder here about chemicals.

Don't give chronically-ill people medical advice unless they've made it clear that they want it.

We are now where France was over 200 years ago.

This restaurant serves corona, and I don't mean the beer.

"Pretty much any societal rule... what happens if you break it?  Who would it hurt?  Who benefits from it in the first place?"  Podcast here, transcript here.

Tumblr promotes groupthink, bullying, and highly destructive social interactions.  But teens' addiction to social media stems partly from adults crushing their freedom in every other sphere.

State and local governments still hold forty billion dollars in unspent assistance money meant for people facing eviction.  This is intolerable.

A shockingly racist letter sent to several Dallas families appears to be a hoax.

The vaccines are working (found via Hackwhackers) -- get your shot.

The pandemic has emphasized the shitty mentality of the wingnuts, but there was plenty of evidence of it before.  They continue to fulminate against vaccination, and yes, religion is a major part of the problem.  They are reveling in super-spreader events and shouting down right-wing leaders who try to wise them up.  It's past time to stop coddling their nonsense, though it's tempting to just let the virus thin the herd.

You can't always trust a VPN.

Leaving Islam takes guts, even in North America.

Some companies make even work-from-home jobs utterly shitty.

The trans movement is not like the gay movement, and is actually inimical to it.


The 1999 Woodstock festival was an outbreak of barbarism.

Here are ways to support abortion rights in Texas.

Some people don't deserve redemption.

"These people aren't worth $15 an hour" -- fuck you.

Feminism can't avoid confronting the trans issue.

Priorities, priorities.

Fareed Zakaria is cautiously optimistic about American democracy.

"What is with atheist Tumblr being completely unable to have a single conversation or meme about Islam remain about Islam?"  People need to quit hijacking discussions.

Apparently at least one rape-induced pregnancy has already happened in a California women's prison as the authorities bring male inmates in.

It's being openly said now -- companies that try to end work-from-home will lose employees.  But the deeper problem is that almost everybody hates their jobs.

Solar power is coming into its own, with India, China, and the Middle East in the lead.

This kind of bullshit is part of why so many Americans are ignorant about science.

Detransitioners exist, and people need to hear their stories.

Stay out of the way and let natural selection do its job.

This is not fairness.

Jailed January 6 insurrectionists are whiners.

If you want to know how the wingnutosphere is reacting to the January 6 hearings, this is pretty typical.

Long-term trends in crime are very different from what people think.

"Mother Teresa" was far from the humanitarian she's widely held to be.  Christopher Hitchens's book about her is a must-read, by the way.

Refugees from authoritarian regimes recognize threats to free speech when they seen them.

The "great resignation" proceeds apace, bringing shitty employers to their knees.

Anti-vaxers are willfully-ignorant spoiled brats and deserve no respect.

Yes, telling lies does real harm.

Sorry, I've no sympathy for the kind of asshole who would embrace a pandemic as an opportunity for religious revival.

This is what global warming looks like.

Darwinfish 2 looks at a popular anti-vax lie.  No, it's not vaccinated people who are dying of covid-19.

Some interesting info here on male-female athletic differences.

What were the Confederates fighting for?  Let them tell you in their own words.

This person exists and is deranged.

Do Europeans feel most attached to their country, their region, or Europe as a whole?

More and more women in the UK feel driven away from the left as the latter turns against sex-based rights.  The US left must avoid making the same mistakes.

France's president Macron has no patience with anti-vax bullshit.

These vaccine doses won't go to waste (found via Hackwhackers).

The world's two biggest democracies strengthen cooperation against the biggest fascist regime.

Anime and manga are being threatened by corporate censorship, but even people outside Japan can help fight back.

The Chinese regime doesn't like the media covering the disastrous floods in Henan province.

Let's not reward genocidal fascists with a world-class sports event.  Some fans are bad losers, anyway.

NASA makes a major contribution to food production.

The delta variant is one of the most easily-transmissible diseases there is.  Vaccinated people who get infected usually don't get very sick, but can easily spread it to others.

This is a whole fossil dinosaur, not just a skeleton.

More links at Fair and Unbalanced.

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In case you missed it -- this week I posted a forecast of wingnut self-genocide, a collection of mood images, and a video on China and Taiwan.


Anonymous NickM said...

OK, this is a somewhat confused article - it is from the Daily Mail afterall but I does deal with two issues that seeem close to tour heart...


01 August, 2021 05:50  
Blogger RO said...

Those animations are put together so well, and really funny too! Hope you're doing well on this August 1! Hugs, RO

01 August, 2021 10:17  
Blogger Daal said...

one day you must divulge your secrets for how you find all these great links & find time to post other posts weekly too -one of my fave books! have you read Harper Lee's sequel Go Tell a Watchman?

02 August, 2021 20:39  
Anonymous SickoRicko said...

That ferret is sooo cute!

02 August, 2021 23:39  
Blogger Mary Kirkland said...

I recognized that Silent Hill picture right away. I love those movies.

The video compilation of me trying to do anything is pretty funny. I'm clumsy but not that clumsy.

Those tree's are really funny but the people posing with them are funnier.

Sheesh, maybe I should have tried the let it bake in the sun and chuck it on the ground with my cactus. I killed it of course because I can't even keep an air plant alive.

The stick library for dogs is too cute. My dog wouldn't know what to do with a stick because he doesn't act like a dog. He's broken or spoiled or both.

That ferret is so cute. I love ferrets.

03 August, 2021 14:27  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Nick: Yeesh. I wonder if these people realize how boring life would be if everybody could only eat things that originated in their own little area (cattle, pigs, and sheep are all native to the Middle East, not Britain, so meat-eaters would be guilty of "cultural appropriation" too). Where food is concerned, cross-cultural borrowings are a positive good.

RO: Yeah, By Hook or by Book often finds amusing videos.

Daal: There's not much else to do while staying home all the time due to the pandemic. I actually haven't read either book, but Mockingbird is one whose significance I think pretty much everyone knows.

Ricko: Indeed!

Mary K: I've never actually seen them -- I don't go for gruesome stuff -- but I know the concept.

Those trees seem likely to attract people to pose with them.

At least dogs usually bring their sticks back (if you throw them). It sounds like Falcor would get a lot of overdue fines, though.

04 August, 2021 01:52  
Blogger yellowdoggranny said...

I get pissed when I see woodstock what ever date..there was only ONE Woodstock..1969..the rest were just concerts

06 August, 2021 09:45  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Yep, it's pretty much just exploiting the name for marketing purposes. They're sequels.

07 August, 2021 00:14  

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