20 June 2021

Link round-up for 20 June 2021

Various interesting stuff I ran across on the net over the last week.

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Never interrupt Brits at a drag show.

OK, you guys can just watch football, I'll find something else to do (seriously, this is cool).😈

Remote-working computer engineer is living the dream.

Even animals feel the heat.

Last week it was the gals -- this week Debra She Who Seeks focuses on the guys for Pride Month.

In fact, this vegetable was put to an even nobler use.

Get the correct freezer here.

It actually means "we're looking for you".

Our anti-missile defenses will protect us.

Not such a good deal from God, really.


Her boyfriend is faithful.

Sometimes you make a typo that will live forever.

Fish be high.

"Are you two friends?"

Australian newsreaders find Jeff Bezos's rocket curiously amusing.

It's not polite to interrupt an ogre at teatime.

Here are the most popular baby names of the last two years.

Self-serving blogger at work.

He couldn't visit Santorini, so he built it.

Refrigerators don't need philosophy.

This definitely sounds like a beneficial mutation.

Studio Ghibli is making 1,178 images from its classic movies freely available.

We just have to take it.

Colorful trees hereCool storm pictures here.

Buy real books.  You'll be able to keep them.

This is the East Frisian Islands.

It's only a lie if they have a right to know.

You go girl!💜

Some ancient Greeks buried their dogs with honor.

"Children have a vivid inner world that they do not have the vocabulary to explain to adults."

An author remembers the libraries of her life, with photos (found via By Hook or by Book).

His house is now cat-friendly.

Whatever this is, I hope I never meet one.

Not everybody should have kids.

We mustn't let the end of the pandemic suck us back into the cult of busyness.

Art remembers autistic people who fell victim to violence.

Ken Ham is seriously unhappy about younger Americans' indifference to religion (link from reader NickM), but he can't think of anything to do about it except the usual Bible blather.

Oh FFS, how do they explain ancient Greece then?

Don't do business with a company that charges you $1,200 to dump them.

Speculation here about Trump's alleged upcoming book.

There's one group that everybody is OK with oppressing.

Carol Seidl describes how a family member's mental illness (and abusive "treatment") devastated her father's family.  It's a harrowing story.

Make up your $%#@!# minds, wingnuts (found via Mike).

This has nothing to do with capitalism.

Pull yourself up, don't push others down -- wise words which can apply in many situations.

Travel broadens the mind, at least in some cases.

Arguing rarely serves any practical purpose and it's bad for your blood pressure.

Billionaire philanthropy is no substitute for equitable taxation.

Don't let the bad guys be the only ones armed.

Are humans naturally scavengers or herbivores?

"It didn't begin at Stonewall."

Hey Texans -- Big Brother is roasting you.

Baltimoreans need to make up their minds about the police.  Also, God destroyed Jesus in Ohio eleven years ago (more here).

Your entire economic ecosystem is a lie.

Karen Karen Karen!

Proud Boys?  More like whimpering little brats.

Octopuses and lobsters are self-aware too, and some governments are recognizing it.

Yes, cancel culture exists and is dangerous.  Any claim to the contrary is just willful ignorance at this point.  Read this too.  Disgusting.😬

Biden's success abroad suggests some tactics for dealing with the Republicans.  Is he senile?  Putin doesn't think so.

Even during droughts, California has plenty of water.  They're just using it wrong.

Must-read of the week -- if you spend any time on Tumblr, you know she's right.

Remember the victims of the Emanuel AME church shooting.

Nan's Notebook raises the idea of splitting the US into autonomous red and blue sub-nations -- discussion in the comments.

Dr Harriet Hall's review of Abigail Shirer's recent book Irreversible Damage, abruptly deleted from SBM, is now re-posted at Skeptic.

Cartoonists look at Obamacare repeal efforts.

Know the enemy -- you'll make more sense talking about them.

"What's bullshit is issuing death threats because you don't care for someone's point of view."

US Catholic bishops wallow in their usual hypocrisy with their condemnation of Biden.💩

When you know your life is coming to an end, you and only you have the right to say how you will feel and react.

Texas has peculiar priorities.  Such as protecting the "right" of churches to spread covid-19.

What's the right term for people who call gay men "faggots" and want them to be exterminated and go to Hell?

Support your local news media -- they do valuable work.

California's county-by-county vaccination rates highlight the toxic nature of modern US wingnuttery.

Religious nonsense is still being allowed to distort science.

"Get back to the office or else" -- fuck you.  Wall Street's obsession with this risks driving its best employees away to more flexible venues like Silicon Valley.

Electoral-Vote has more analysis on Manchin's game.

Sometimes an asshole gets what he deserves.

Accept reality.  The alternative doesn't work.

Texas is facing another electricity disaster this summer.

Here's some valuable advice from rapists (yes, really).

The right-wing internet is still full of conspiracy rubbish.

Don't call people "cis".

The EU parliament has voted to prohibit caged animal farming.

Despite variants, the UK is well on the way to beating covid-19 due to vaccines.

Remember the Dutch freedom fighters Willem Arondeus (found via Yellowdog Granny) and Hannie Schaft.

The German army needs to get its act together (found via Earth-Bound Misfit).

Estonia's early embrace of the internet, and the Putin regime's threats, have made it a leader in cybersecurity expertise.

The entire blue region has fewer homicides than the red region.

Saudi Arabia takes a small step out of the Dark Ages.

Many Chinese young people are trying to drop out of the country's intense work culture.  Here is what "996" refers to.

As the US reclaims its place among the world's democracies, the Chinese regime starts feeling the heat.

Hello from Porto Novo! (scroll down).

Dietary change can fight diabetes and multiple sclerosis.

Bacteriological warfare shows success in defeating disease-spreading mosquitos.

Jupiter's biggest moon looks rather like ours.

The proposed NEO Surveyor telescope would be a major addition to Earth's anti-meteor defenses.

More links (mostly politics) at Fair and Unbalanced and Off the Kuff.

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In case you missed it -- this week I posted a set of humorous images and a debunking of the claim that the US will become "majority-minority" in a few decades.


Anonymous Johnny Profane said...

Thank you, Infidel753,as always for including my art.

I've been listening closely to you. I'm making some changes based things I've learned from you. More posts to come this week.

Thank you.


20 June, 2021 04:06  
Blogger Debra She Who Seeks said...

Love the Nazi-fighting soldiers in drag! And the "Totino" ad -- that's how all lesbians watch sports! Laughed at all your NSFW links too! Bucky the little cat is one lucky feline!

20 June, 2021 08:29  
Anonymous nonnie9999 said...

Was that a Crisco disco?
I love the Campbell's Soup Customer Service response to the bigot, but sadly, it wasn't really from Campbell's. It was from an account run by 2 comedians. Oh, what the hell, I still love it!

Poor veggie. Maybe he can join a support group. I hear there's one for all the veggies illustrated on ads for cures for Peyronie's disease.

That sign at Lowe's is very helpful, but it doesn't say how small you have to cut up the people.

If that hamburger is really looking for people, it wasn't cooked nearly enough.

Toot canal!! Now I am thinking that veggie above might be a toot vegetable.

Is that a "viewing tower" to the fish or to the people observing them? Whichever it is, it's very cool.

I had better post this before the power goes off or the internets go down. It just started pouring, and it looks like it's the middle of the night instead of late afternoon. Floriduhh!

20 June, 2021 13:39  
Blogger Lady M said...

I got two things to say - Ken Ham is an asshole and I love the missile defense news story from the onion - too funny!

20 June, 2021 15:00  
Blogger Paul W said...

Infidel, thank you again for the link!

Wait, is someone getting rain in Florida today???

20 June, 2021 18:46  
Blogger Mike said...

Pat Grant and his circle of life... interesting.

20 June, 2021 20:00  
Blogger SickoRicko said...

So much stuff; so little time.

21 June, 2021 14:50  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Johnny: Thanks for posting the art. It's impressive and moving. I continue to watch, as always, for new posts on your blog.

Debra: The Totino ad was funny -- and I think plenty of guys would really be that oblivious. Can't blame the lady of the house for wanting something better.

Nonnie: I thought that reply was a bit sassy for a corporate account. Still worthwhile.

Now I know what Peyronie's disease is, and I'd really prefer not to.

I think the hamburger is just bait. Or the slogan is.

I guess the fish tower serves both purposes, but it's interesting that the fish seem to like them. Maybe they're more self-aware than people think.

What is it about Republican states and electricity? It rains all the time here and our power almost never goes off.

Lady M: Ham's hammy fake boat isn't going to improve his religion's reputation, that's for sure. And it's nice to know our defenses are ready to fend off the End of Days.

Paul: Thanks for the post. Doesn't it rain a lot in Florida? You guys certainly have plenty of wetlands.

Mike: A sad story, but all too easy to imagine, including the end.

Ricko: Hey, there's a full week until the next round-up.....

22 June, 2021 00:46  
Blogger Martha said...

I enjoyed so many of your links but that Santorini model really blew me away! Unbelievable.

22 June, 2021 05:24  
Blogger RO said...

My goodness, the "Loyalty" one had me laughing out loud, and the diabetes video and corresponding comments wee quite interesting. You continue to find the most amazing stuff. Hope you're doing well, and sending lots and lots of hugs, RO

23 June, 2021 02:30  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Martha: The guy obviously loves the place. Maybe he'll move there after the pandemic. I could see the model itself becoming something of a tourist attraction.

RO: She is lucky to have such a trustworthy guy. And I spend a lot of time these days finding out about nutrition and health, so it's only fair to spread some of it around.

24 June, 2021 03:27  

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