16 May 2021

Link round-up for 16 May 2021

Various interesting stuff I ran across on the net over the last week.

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Some jokes here.

Actually, "tweet" is not the term I'd use for this.

Teh stoopid, it burns.....

A cat expresses an opinion.

Need a pie?  This will satisfy.

Idiotic idiots are idiotic.

Signs remind us of proper library behavior.

Learn history via cartoons.

"Oh shit, what's this?" said the fish.

Really, dogs and parrots don't mix.

Debra She Who Seeks does therapy -- and litigation.

Time for some goofy animals.  Then there's this one.

Great movie scene here based on one person being in accelerated time relative to the rest of the world.  Does anybody know what movie this is from?

Yeah, this would work, but.....

"Dual purpose."

God has spoken.

Dealing with this business would make me a bit nervous.

The end is near!

Today's weather:  cool and clear with a chance of instant cloning.

The express is delayed.

Kids perform Rammstein's "Du Hast" (found via Calvin).

Murrmurrs has the latest QAnon qrackpottery on pedophilia, pizza, cannibalism, and Hillary Clinton.

This person exists.

This person exists, just barely (found via Hackwhackers).

This person exists -- and gets to vote on legislation.

If you do what you love for a living, you may stop loving it.

Read a moving story of an aging patriot.

Trae Crowder pwns Confederate Memorial Day.

This is not learning how to deal with reality.

Fundie views of the role of women are stuck in the 1950s.....BC.

Check out the view from above.

Two mothers find feelings in common.

They don't make 'em like they used to (I have a 1999 Honda and it runs fine).

How do you build something to last ten thousand years?  The biggest problem is water.

Mike has even more tree pictures.

Know your horse history.

A Victorian-era magazine asked women why they stayed single (#7 should have been a poet).

Real change begins when workers start talking back.  Some employers are starting to wise up (found via Mock Paper Scissors).  Some aren't.

Wise words here from Benjamin Franklin.

A blogger confronts the grim possibility of dementia.

There are two kinds of people.

Fiction is a place to explore things you wouldn't want to do in reality.

People only hate Elon Musk because.....

Slut-shaming doesn't become OK just because it's women who are doing it.

Congress needs a bouncer.

In so many cases, religion makes people horrifically cruel even to close family.

Home appraisals are a crooked disgrace (found via Hackwhackers).

My favorite political/social commentator, Bill Maher, has just tested positive for covid-19.  He's fully vaccinated and is asymptomatic, but has canceled the taping of this weekend's show.

Under new management -- the US is starting to catch up with the rest of the world in developing wind power.

There's an alternative to Goodreads you can use to avoid supporting Amazon.

If you're a sane person but still a Republican, it's time to leave.

No, your workers aren't lazy, you just killed too many of them.

Religion is the perfect milieu for con men to find marks to fleece.

There are things nobody needs "awareness" ofThis is getting completely ridiculous.

Yes, people really do learn better from print than from other kinds of media.

The Gosse defense of creationism -- that God created the world 6,000 years ago with evidence of an earlier history that never happened -- doesn't work when examined in detail.

ADHD and autism might be evolutionary adaptations that were beneficial in earlier environments.

Everybody I don't like is possessed by demons.

Is this rapey enough yet?

Use this site to find out whether the people near you (or in any area you're thinking of moving to) are mostly Democrats or Republicans.

Blogger Daedalus Lex has ideas for restoring real radicalism.

Bitcoin "mining" is an incredibly stupid waste.

Research suggests a way to discourage people from spreading misinformation on the internet.

Freedom doesn't include a right to seriously endanger other people.

Moline Skeptics looks at acupuncture.

Ladies and gentlemen, the language police can go fuck themselves.

Darwinfish 2 dissects the latest wingnut baloney.

Here's the full text of Liz Cheney's speech before being condemned by her party.  But Republicans are not having, and will not have, a "civil war" among themselves (I figured that out three months ago).

Use common sense in judging the past.

The long-term equilibrium of the Senate isn't in our favor, but that could change.

Billions are spent world-wide on skin-lightening products, even though they're often dangerous.

Political must-read of the week:  In the UK, more and more women are turning away from the left, a trend that would be disastrous if repeated in the US.  Which could happen, if things get this bad here too.  You can now be "investigated" for the equivalent of saying 2+2=4.

They say the biggest lie is easiest to believe, but it seems that the worst truths are also the hardest to believe.

This French teenager is the latest victim of Islamist bigotry, hatred, and intolerance.

Germany honors Sophie Scholl on what would have been her 100th birthday.

We have a vivid record of life in a Russian penal colony in 1890, thanks to one of the country's greatest writers.

The Russian oligarchy is using SLAPP lawsuits to silence journalists.

The media are, as usual, grossly distorting what's happening in Israel and Gaza (read the comments too), sometimes including flat-out lies.  Rocket attacks have been accompanied by mob violence within the country.  No other nation would have shown the restraint Israel has shown.  More here.

Gay organizing and visibility in India face serious challenges.

China faces economic stagnation due to its collapsing birth rate.

Research is still in early stages, but bioelectricity shows promise in areas as diverse as organ and limb regeneration and fighting cancer.

See technology saving lives in real time.

China has landed a rover on Mars to search for evidence of life.

More links at Fair and Unbalanced.

Reminder to trolls:  read this.

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In case you missed it -- this week I posted on changing political parties, the impact of covid-19 on the class struggle, and empty language.

[Image at top:  The salamander, a vertebrate comparable in complexity to a human, can re-grow lost limbs.  Technology may enable us to do the same.]


Blogger Leanna said...

That movie, you wondered about with Quicksilver rushing around getting everyone out of the school, is called X-Men: Apocolypse. Great round-up.

16 May, 2021 07:41  
Blogger Debra She Who Seeks said...

(1) I love the kid farting over the store sound system, LOL! (2) Oh dear, that cream pie store! (3) Those library signs are hilarious, especially the procrastination and blue cover ones. (4) Toaster for Beagles Only! LOLOL! (5) "And fuck all them statues too" -- I love Trae Crowder! (6) I enjoyed the Victorian era reasons for spinsterhood. But it was still a very hard choice for any woman to make then, because it was incredibly difficult for women to make an adequate living on their own.

16 May, 2021 09:01  
Blogger bluzdude said...

Since you asked, that film clip of the guy with super speed rescuing kids from the exploding building is from one of the X-Men prequel movies, either "First Class," "Days of Future Past," or "Apocalypse." I'm not sure which, they all had similar scenes with that guy.

16 May, 2021 09:01  
Blogger Bruce.desertrat said...

The Florida bathsalts cherry on top of the tale of Forida Man and his crispy Hummer....Florida doesn't get it's gas from the pipeline that was shut down!.

16 May, 2021 09:48  
Blogger Mike said...

I think a person has to get their fortune-telling accreditation before they can become an appraiser. I typically protest my appraisal to get it lower as a lower appraisal means lower property taxes. And since I never plan on moving, lower taxes are a good thing.

I like the article about reading on paper instead of screens. I still get magazines. I like flipping through a magazine because it has a last page and you're done. The internet has no end. ... Yet here I am. I know I know!!

16 May, 2021 10:06  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Leanna: Thanks! I had no idea.

Debra: Thank goodness people are so entertaining. Trae Crowder is always good. I suspect most women who were able to have a decent life staying single back then had some class advantage -- more money than average, or at least more education than average so they had somewhat more options.

Bluzdude: Thanks! I'm not familiar with those movies at all.

Bruce: So, it's Florida Man -- I guess he figured he had a reputation to uphold.

Mike: I'd never be able to read anything book-length on a screen. It needs to be a real book. The house appraisal story was an eye-opener. I suppose you saw the link a few weeks ago about the guy who every so often went out in his back yard and fired a gun, just to create the impression of a "bad area" to keep the property values, and thus the taxes, down.

16 May, 2021 10:34  
Blogger Mary Kirkland said...

You know, my brother just got Tik Tok and has been seeing people using the stores intercom system to do things like fart and now he wants to do something like that too. Good grief.

Ok if I had a parrot that said things to get my dog all riled up it might be funny the first couple of times.

Some of those trees are enormous.

16 May, 2021 11:38  
Blogger F. Andy Seidl said...

Thanks for the shoutout, Infidel!

16 May, 2021 21:57  
Anonymous E Beyer said...

I enjoyed the library signs. As for "Dual Purpose" - well, you might enjoy this thread about a model cucumber.

I have a different view on screens vs. paper. With screens, I can adjust the font size and brightness for greater legibility. On the other hand, newsprint is especially hard on my eyes. It's just the way my body works, I suppose.

16 May, 2021 22:23  
Blogger Sixpence Notthewiser said...

Yes, the guys already identified the movie. That's his mutant super power.
And the idea that anybody we don't like is 'demonic' is so very convenient (also there's a 'premium' version of that site? A fool and his money...
That Frame Shop made me cackle! LMAOOO


17 May, 2021 03:12  
Blogger Martha said...

Trae Crowder! I've subscribed to his YouTube channel and I really enjoy his videos.

And cats have no problem expressing their opinion. HAHA

17 May, 2021 04:43  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Mary K: If your brother does do that, be sure to post a video!

Andy: Thanks for the post!

E: The "cucumber" is indeed highly suspicious. Why would anybody bother to make a model of a vegetable?

Sixpence: The Catholic Church literally still employs exorcists. In the 21st century. They really believe in demons, or at least are willing to profit from those who do.

17 May, 2021 04:54  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Martha: Crowder is always entertaining.....

17 May, 2021 06:21  

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