17 January 2021

Link round-up for 17 January 2021

Various interesting stuff I ran across on the net over the last week.

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Beakers perform a classic.

Getting a bit of a mixed message here.

Let's re-define some words.

Dogs, dogs, dogs.....and a few reptiles.

What's that, up ahead of the train?

He showed us the way.

Amazon's delivery service is awful, apparently.

One works, the other does not.

Observe National Hot Tea Day.

Cas d'intΓ©rΓͺt reviews a massive French cookbook.

What did he want all those shoes for?

Help find a missing person.

You can't trust e-books.

Lies are dangerous.

Republicans can live the good life.

Hallelujah!  Trump is going to win a second term!

No, there isn't a higher purpose behind things.

How do you deal with your inner critic?

Using threats to stop a book from being sold is thuggery crossing the line into fascism.

America's enemies enjoy the show (found via Hackwhackers).

Communists, communists everywhere!

"When President Tiffany activates the Doomsday Machine after misinterpreting a TikTok, all that'll survive is roaches and Rudy, stumbling through the charred remains of Four Seasons Total Landscaping, demanding 20 grand a day from the molten dildos."

This person exists.

Here's a preview of Trump's farewell address.

Yellowdog Granny gives us the (mostly political) week in images.

Gotta catch 'em all!

Name this band.

Actions have consequences even if you whine about it.

Women on dating sites help hunt down the Capitol terrorists.

I Should Be Laughing has a round-up of quotes on the attack.

There's an increase in Republicans leaving the party, though it's not clear how big the trend is nationally.

Green Eagle reviews the madness of the wingnutosphere, with a couple of examples of what passes for right-wing "humor".

"We were just playing, having fun."

They're resorting to animal abuse now.

Many mainstream, "normal" Republicans attended and supported the capitol attack (found via Silverapplequeen).

This is how the terrorists became so gullible.

It was a Christian insurrectionAll the signs were there.

When a Republican says "impeachment is divisive".....

Yes, you can legally be fired for participating in a lynch mob.

The authorities are not open to making deals with the terrorists.

Franklin Graham compares pro-impeachment Republicans to Judas.

The Republicans are now a dangerous cult, not a political party.

Blogger Helen Philpot has a message for Trump.

"It can't just be that you're a willfully ignorant bum with anger management issues. It's always someone else's fault."

The wingnuts are really struggling to avoid seeing how outrageous the Capitol attack was.

Sedition makes a poor investment.

The authorities are finally taking QAnon seriously.

Trump must be prosecuted, whatever the consequences.  Or maybe everything will be fine if he's pardoned.

The Republican civil war is on.  Let's hope both sides lose.

In the Capitol as elsewhere, conservatives are the dirty germ-spreading rats and fleas of the pandemic.

We're starting to understand what went wrong with polling in 2016 and 2020.

Here's why Trumpanzees didn't see many Biden supporters (must-read).

Biden will elevate the position of science adviser to cabinet level.

There's a new fund to protect women's freedom of speech.

Bernie Sanders will have real power in the new Senate.

Biden can increase revenue, even a lot, without raising taxes.

Businesses of every kind are rushing to cut ties with Trump.

Keira Bell speaks for those who regret being drawn into the trans cult.

Want to get the covid-19 vaccination in New York city?  Tough shit.

The consequences of all that holiday travel are starting to hit home.

Disagreeing with my opinion makes you a bigot.

They protected the vote.

Don't use "people of color" when talking about non-Western countries.

It's not only Christian fundies who lie to children.

Standards of consent must be high for use of puberty blockers.

Sorry, religion is a form of ideology.

The truth is coming out about the Catholic Church's atrocities in Ireland.

The Greek Orthodox Church defiantly helps spread the coronavirus.

Iran pushes ahead with military technology in the face of Trump's saber-rattling.

India, the world's largest vaccine manufacturer, will help ensure that poor countries have access to covid-19 vaccines.  Internally, the country has launched a massive vaccination drive.

Wealth can make people less compassionate.

Brown dwarfs are an odd class of object intermediate between stars and planets.

More links here.

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In case you missed it -- this week I posted on technological and cultural power and on the limitations of the wingnut mind (among my better political pieces, if I do say so myself), as well as another Trumpling music video.

To whoever sent what I received on Monday morning -- thank you.  Please get in touch.

[1,459 days down, 3 to go until the inauguration of a real president.  Almost there!]


  1. Great link roundup! πŸ‘πŸ»

    My fave has to be the "monster" with trains. πŸ‘€

    Sooo adorable! πŸ–€πŸ€πŸ–€πŸ€

  2. Lots of new friends to meet and interesting topics! Thanks for shining the light! Hugs, RO

  3. A must read, but possibly not by Steve Schmidt?:

  4. Bruce Gerencser's bit about higher purposes made me laugh. Not his text. His included Maxine cartoon about everything happening for a reason.

    We need to prosecute Trump for insurrection. Section 3 of the 14th amendment would keep him from becoming the next Grover Cleveland.

    Someone told me about a weird thing called 5-alphareductase deficiency. Would puberty blockers be acceptable there? Would making them mandatory be acceptable?

    Good Job today.

  5. Hot: Not as terrifying as the typical giant monster, certainly.

    Debra: It's great that people are coming up with imaginative ways to help the FBI catch these guys.

    RO: Thanks! I always hope I can help people discover a few new blogs of interest.

    Stony: That could well be. Authorship on the internet sometimes gets misattributed.

  6. Jane: Gerencser is an insightful writer. I hadn't noticed the cartoon, but it is true in many cases.

    I don't know anything about 5-alphareductase deficiency or what the standard treatment for it is. Given that puberty blockers are so dangerous and disrupt normal development, obviously they should only be used for extremely serious conditions where there's no alternative treatment. It's hard for me to imagine any situation where they'd be appropriate.

  7. Infidel: That cartoon character is Maxine. I like her.

    It's also Ben Franklin's birthday today. It makes this cartoon relevant.

    Maxine .

  8. Oh gosh! Three more days to go and I'm really worried.

  9. I actually like the funny memes I post better than the political ones..thanks for the shout out.

  10. What a great round-up this week! I LOVED the dating app. How can you not get a kick out of that?

  11. (PT.1) First of all ... I never would have expected Bernie to be chosen to Chair the Senate Budget Committee, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {:-) ... see that ... Biden hasn't even been officially in office yet, and has already made a good pick! {:-) For weeks I heard of MSM that "Biden's been silent" ... "Biden's been silent" ... probably because he's been busy actually WORKING, not tweeting, scamming, and playing golf. Yeah, we have a truckbed load of problems, and it's going to take some effort to deal with them. Actually Biden has a big task, even more than Obama had when he first came into office, with the financial crisis of 08. I was glad to see how he immediately has been jumping on this pandemic, because it's been really a mess as far as getting it organized somewhat, from what it's been. He really seemed focused the other night when I caught his speech, as far as what American's have been going through and what needs to be immediately addressed, and focusing on the real economy needs as well, not just the financial economy, which makes sense, long story, but importante as first needs ... and as he said, even economic advisors agree 110%, we need to look at our real economy as well. Which has also another stimulus check of $1400 planned ... Dems now have a slight advantage, having a majority, Office, House and Senate, but "slight" ... because all it takes is a couple Dems to buck the rest, such as a Joe Manchin type or two, otherwise, besides the usual deficit hawks of the GOP, who will of course, bitch, moan, and bellyache ... we should be able to get something out of this.

    As far as this muzzling of Trump by all these mega platforms/ social networx or whatever they're called ... I was very hesitant to agree with, I was also against trying to silent Alex Jones. I guess I just don't like the idea of the power of some of these giants, and weakening our Constitution, on how that will/ may play out down the road as far as censoring folks speech. As far as I'm concerned, let him rant, bitch, bellyache, whatever ... and the rest of them ... otherwise I feel they will take everything underground, and we'll know less of what their agenda is. Plus the continuous media attacks on Trumpsters, and rightfully so in some cases, will only make these folks more angry. I myself don't think all Trump supporters are just rural rednecks drinking Pabst and dumb as a doorknob. In fact I think many rural Americans feel entirely let down by gvmnt in general, and in some cases, rightfully so to think that ... and have been fed so much with conspiracy theories and lies from folks like Trump, that don't know what is real and not. I think that Biden can try to regain some trust in folks, because alot of these folks are mislead by media, propaganda, including their churches. Alot of folks, left and right are frankly disgusted with gvmnt in general, and that amount has been growing.

  12. (PT.2) Back awhile ago, I was in another local area gun shop (Mesquite), and this gal at the counter who was helping me, was wearing her Trump 2020 tee shirt. So I asked her what she thought about Trump ... she was happy with his Presidency, she said. She mentioned in particular how he helped small businesses, reduced taxes, brought back jobs from China, etc, etc (which he didn't do what she thought). I didn't want to argue with her, because I could tell what type media she been following. She did ask me the same, what I thought about him ... I was honest, and told her I thought he was a terrible President, in particular how he hadn't warned us about the COVID when he knew how deadly it was ... I told her I can't forgive on things like that ... but she told me, it was because he didn't want to scare people, etc ... and I should still support him. I told her I never supported him, just gave him the benefit of doubt, and I didn't vote for him, but Clinton. She told me, that I'm a conservative though, if I'm buying ammo for guns ... I told her, don't mix me in with that bunch, and I'm not Christain either ... my support for the right to defend myself, I consider as part of being liberal, and I'm a Constitutionalist.

    As far as this COVID is concerned, I feel that this may go on for quite awhile, with the gathering, and travel, etc, etc. I also noticed online, that there is a strong skepticism about this vaccine, even. Plus, you still have alot of folks (too many) that don't think it is what it is ... it just takes one person and/ or event to spread to many, and there is also people that think because they took the COVID test, whatever kind it may be, they're good to go gather the next day, not thinking about the possibility of a false positive, incubation period, srains, or anything else. I can't believe some of the things I read ... from not needing masks or vaccines because Jesus saving you from getting it (I'm not joking) ... to Microsoft or whoever planting things in our DNA. So this will take constant awareness. I myself have already got my COVID vaccine, I got the Pfizer ... but a buddy asked me the other day, how long will I continue to wear my mask? I told him I expect to be wearing it throughout 2021, at least. He asked what about the vaccine I took, being it should have me covered or whatever (he didn't get one yet, as some I know that had a problem getting it), so I don't need to worry, etc ... I told him it's extra protection, but there is still alot of this going on, the vaccines are only 95% sure so far. According to doctors/ science, there is still issues and questions, and only so far a small number had the vaccine, and folks are still ignoring much. When I feel more confident that I can't give to someone, or others can't spread it easily, and most are vaccined, etc ... I will slack up some, but not until then. Again, glad to see Biden and crew making a quick move on this issue. I also been asked about side effects of the vaccine a few times, I myself had none ... my neighbours daughter (she's about 17 or so) asked me if it hurt ... I told her no ... but I suddenly had an urge to buy Microsoft products ... she said something like "That's so weird ... really?" ...of course I told her I was kidding, it was stuff I read online {:-)

  13. Correction ... my mistake as far as stating Biden picking Sanders to head Senate Budget Committee

  14. Follow up to "Lies are dangerous" -
    TL;DR version - T.F. is fucked over again

  15. I always laugh and cry with your links. Life, amiright?
    And call me petty, but the comeuppance the MAGAts are getting is so delicious! They literally live streamed their misdemeanor and now are panicking. So sweet.
    Cheeto is going to hand pardons left and right but I read they're two mil. a pop. The grift is not going to pay itself!


  16. Anon: Thanks.

    Kay: So far so good.....

    JackieSue: Thanks for the post.

    Martha: Another example of our side outsmarting the enemy.

    Ranch: After Trump's constant yammering and tweeting, it's going to be a bit of an adjustment having a president who spends his time doing his job instead. I'm hoping that Manchin or other potential negativists can be bought off with stuff for their home states, at least on the really important matters.

    The Trumpanzees have managed to keep their forums online to an extent, such as by moving Parler to Russia-based servers (which, however, don't have the legal protections against monitoring by US intelligence that US-based servers do). Making actual threats or organizing violent crimes are not legitimate exercises of free speech (nor are the kinds of harassment Alex Jones specializes in). The possibility that all this could serve as a precedent for more general censorship down the road, similar to Europe's "hate speech" laws, is a concern -- but I think that at least for bloggers, technology would enable us to circumvent such infringements.

    The anti-vax nuts will certainly keep covid-19 going longer than it otherwise would, just as they help spread other diseases. However, at least it will increasingly be just they and their own communities that suffer, and frankly I'm pretty much OK with that, considering their behavior.

    Darms: That's unfortunate but not surprising. Making false accusations needs to be treated as a real crime in itself.

    Sixpence: It's incredibly stupid, to post pictures of oneself committing a crime on the internet. Well, we're not dealing with smart people here.


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