06 December 2020

Link round-up for 6 December 2020

Please consider donating or otherwise helping the Georgia runoff effort at these links -- Fair Fight, Jon Ossoff, Raphael Warnock.

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Use wrapping paper carefully.

Oh, what fun, if life were a video game.

Dogs anticipate Christmas.

Porn is unrealistic.

Happy Krampusnacht!

Observe the fiftieth anniversary of Oregon's famous exploding whale.

This parrot isn't so smart.

"Alpha male."

Hey, it's a pretty decent photo.

Try fancy cooking the simple way.

Cats have attitude.

Melania must be an alien.

In a job interview, be honest.

Have more fun with Trump's tiny desk (found via The Arm Chair Pontificator).

A singer finds an artificial aid a little too effective.

Celebrate a pagan Christmas.

Stop mooning the Sun.

Esme's Cloud presents teapots from Hell.

A dong disappears in Deutschland.

Here's your planning calendar for December.

Don't be negative, go out and enjoy life.


Nobody in Boston was ready for a 25-foot-high wave of molasses (can you blame them?).

I choose to read this little story as a metaphor for retirement.

Learn all about It's a Wonderful Life.

There is now such a thing as vegan milk chocolate.

The 1973 "sex raft" experiment was less fun than it sounded (dial ad-blocker up to 11 for that site, sorry).

Read a few observations from Steven Wright.

The newly-accessible city of Hegra offers superb architectural remains of the Nabataean kingdom, an Arabic-speaking civilization centuries before Islam.

"Baikal Zen" produces strange rock-and-ice effects.

Diderot's Encyclopédie was a massive project aiming to catalog all of 18th-century human knowledge.

Did the Portuguese discover South America before Columbus?  Probably not.

Flagrant Christian bullying:  this person was apparently fired for refusing to participate in an employer-mandated prayer.

Ellen Abbott recommends some novels, since we're going to be quarantining a while longer.

A librarian contemplates the Trump presidential library.  Joann Williams can already imagine it.

Best church sign ever, maybe.

Big Bad Bald Bastard remembers David Prowse.

Here's some kraken news, with a special bonus fart from Rudy Giuliani.

Caesar anticipated Trump's fate.

Southeastern Portland is the scene of a raging toilet war.

The omniscience of God creates certain logical problems.

Trumpism is a death cult.

Avoid church dinners, and not just because of covid-19.

Arguing on the internet is pointless.

Yellowdog Granny has another huge round-up of imagesThis one should be thrown in the faces of all wingnuts as long as the pandemic lasts.

No, having the ability to figure out whether claims are true or not isn't "fascism".  Idiots.

News humorists look at presidential pardons.  Trump might be increasing his legal troubles by handing them out.

"Joe diGenova, the attorney for the Turdmaggot Campaign who handles the tasks that don’t involve self-immolating in front of dildo shops....."

Experience can be more valuable than youth.

The wingnuts are beginning to devour one another.

Conspiratards aren't good at spotting logical contradictions.

The US was not founded as a Christian nation.

Pardoning Nixon helped create the current mess.

The E Jean Carroll defamation case hasn't gone away.

The House has passed a bill federally decriminalizing marijuana, though for now it has no chance in the Senate.

Annie Asks You celebrates Biden's monstrous regiment of women.

Iowa's government Trumpishly fiddle-faddles while the pandemic burns through the state.

Companies keep coming up with new ways to make the work environment even more miserable.  It's already malignant enough.

The post-election violence we feared hasn't erupted -- yet.

Trumpanzee self-delusion is the fulfillment of Christianity.

Here's how to recognize a modern witch-hunt.

The wingnut capture of the Supreme Court sets it at odds with an ever-more-secular society.

No healing without prosecution.  Don't let "never-Trump" Republicans evade responsibility.

Use of puberty blockers for "gender dysphoria" isn't comparable to using them for precocious puberty.

A megachurch pastor who defied covid-19 precautions has now died of the disease.

Darwinfish 2 dissects a Republican whine-fest.  The party is purging the non-deranged from its ranks (found via Hackwhackers).

Not everyone is happy with Bruce Gerencser's well-informed exposure of the IFB cult.

A wingnut-infested Kansas town abused its doctor for months as she tried to fight covid-19; now the disease is running rampant there.

Biden prepares to work around Moscow Mitch if needed.

Willie Simmons has been in prison since 1982 for stealing $9.

Watch Gabriel Sterling's vigorous denunciation of the threats engulfing the election process.  But don't expect Trump to pay heed.

Trump provided a battle plan for future election-stealers, but it's still not likely to actually happen.  Our democracy turned out to be pretty robust.

Belief in meritocracy will make you a worse human being.

Sotomayor was the voice of reason in the Supreme Court church super-spreader ruling.

Republican leaders grovel before Trump in disgraceful cowardice (found via Hackwhackers).

Only certain people are allowed to say no.

Here's why Democrats did badly in the House races.  But hopes of winning over rural America may be a pipe dream.

Stop pretending Trump's nonsense is plausible.

This video shows, or purports to show, effects of radiation mutation in children born after the Chernobyl disaster (disturbing imagery).

Alberta, too, has its anti-mask wingnuts.

Here's a close look at the landmark Tavistock ruling in the UK (found via Dead Wild Roses).  More here.

See a few vignettes from France under lockdown.

Belarus's security forces become increasingly brutal against pro-democracy demonstrations.

There are vast lakes in which no human will ever swim (found via Miss Cellania).

Aging-reversal technology has succeeded in restoring vision in mice blinded by glaucoma (found via Cop Car).  The same techniques may well work on other organs.

They reproduce by looking like shit.

Watch the tragic collapse of the Arecibo radio telescope.

More links here.

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In case you missed it -- last week I posted a 70s pop song with a difference, the tale of an ancient con man, and a poetic journey to enlightenment.


Blogger Paul said...

Thank ye, Infidel, for the links. Io Saturnalia to ye!

06 December, 2020 04:55  
Blogger Tommykey said...

Wow. Links to two of my posts! Many thanks! After a long dormancy, I finally am finding the time and the inspiration to get back into this. We'll see how long it lasts.

06 December, 2020 06:02  
Blogger RO said...

Always a great way to get Sunday started and I thank you so very much! Hugs, RO

06 December, 2020 06:37  
Blogger Leanna said...

This is a wonderful way to spend my Sunday mornings. Also, thanks for posting links to two of my posts.

06 December, 2020 08:15  
Blogger Dave Dubya said...

If you’re like me, you’ve been waiting four long years for this exciting, informative and hilarious preview and virtual tour of the Donald J. Trump Presidential Library :

Happy browsing.

06 December, 2020 09:02  
Blogger Debra She Who Seeks said...

Oh Linus, you dog! I like the framed mugshot too. LOVE the "Bottled Opera" animation! Vegan milk chocolate? What next?

Oh yes, anti-masker wingnuts in Alberta, we've got 'em! They're a not insignificant part of Premier Jason Kenney's political base, so while he "implores" them to abide by the rules, he caters to them by not imposing any serious lock-down measures. That's why Alberta is one of Canada's main covid hot spots right now. Jackasses, each and every one of them.

06 December, 2020 09:43  
Blogger yellowdoggranny said...

thanks for the shout out..ydg..

06 December, 2020 11:26  
Blogger Martha said...

Especially enjoyed all the links to humour. We really need that! Sadly, we have anti-masker wingnuts in Canada with a good bunch of them in Alberta right now. But I see some here, too, in Ontario. I shudder to think what will happen over the holiday season as more and more people thumb their noses at health guidelines.

07 December, 2020 06:36  
Blogger Sixpence Notthewiser said...

Loved the links!
That doctor in Kansas, though. Ugh. Dealing with the MAGAts is really a full-time job!And Debra and Krampus!
I could not agree more about the IMPOTUS 'library'. Who would like to work there?!


07 December, 2020 08:23  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Paul: Oh, yes, the reason for the season!

Tommykey: I hope you will. I know it takes energy.

RO: Thanks!

Leanna: Thanks for the posts! Glad you decided to stick around on the net.

Dave: That's a good site. I actually linked to it a couple of round-ups ago.

Debra: That animation was clever. I've heard Alberta called the Texas of Canada -- maybe it's accurate. Hope you're managing to stay away from the anti-maskers.

JackieSue: Thanks for assembling all those items.

Martha: I like the humor items too, and we do all need the relief.

I guess there are anti-mask nuts everywhere. Covid-19 is already exploding with the holidays. I'm working harder than ever on avoiding contact with people, I can tell you.

Sixpence: I've heard more and more doctors are quitting their jobs in frustration since so many people just refuse to take precautions or even accept that covid-19 is real. It's incredible that they stay on in places like that.

07 December, 2020 12:20  
Anonymous Marc McKenzie said...

"Experience can be more valuable than youth."

Heh! That's the idea behind John Scalzi's first published SF novel, OLD MAN'S WAR, in which a 75 year-old man joins the military to keep Earth's colonies secure. How? Well, I'm not going to spoil it! I do recommend the book, though.

--Biden preparing to work around McConnell? Good. Once again, experience is more valuable here; Biden being nearly fifty years in DC has obviously learned a few tricks.

"The wingnut capture of the Supreme Court sets it at odds with an ever-more-secular society."

...Which is why the Court is so important, and why even religious candidates like Al Gore, Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Joe Biden were talking about that, pleading with people that the SC mattered (of course, none of these candidates shoved their religious beliefs in everyone's faces; they're not Republicans, after all). But...the purists dismissed such concerns as "Democratic scare tactics" and in one of the worst political essays ever written, "A Liberal Case For Trump", Walker Bragman argued that the SC wasn't that big a deal, because Trump would not have been able to make any appointments...but Hillary would appoint "corporatist" judges.

I wish I were kidding about that.

The loss of the Arecibo radio telescope will be felt for a long time. Not only was it a major force in astronomy, but it also sent out our first deliberate message into space back in 1974. Unfortunately, we'll have to wait until the year 61,975 to see if we get a reply....

07 December, 2020 16:22  
Anonymous Marc McKenzie said...

@Martha: Sadly Martha, the anti-maskers are also in Europe as well. I'm worried that they are in Ontario, since I have family there.

Then again, one hundred years ago during the Spanish Flu pandemic, there were those who refused to wear masks as well. SSDD, I suppose.

07 December, 2020 16:24  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


You might be interested in this webpage , but I think the price is a bit much.

The Old State House in Hartford, Connecticut, has one that's still in its original package.

08 December, 2020 13:07  
Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

Ah, the Great Molasses Flood of 1919!

I live down the street where it happened. The locals claim they can still smell molasses on a hot day in July.

Can't say I have.

09 December, 2020 08:51  

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