23 November 2020

Video of the day -- the monster turns on its creator

Yeah, it's just one guy and one mob, but you know this kind of thing is going to proliferate among Trumpanzees nationwide as more and more Republican leaders accept the reality of Biden's win and urge Trump to do the same.  If forced to choose between Trump and the Republican party, they'll go with Trump every time -- especially if he starts railing against the party for "betraying" him.

Republican leaders, you brought this on yourselves.

You assholes should have read Lovecraft -- "Do not call up that which you cannot put down."  You gloated while Fox News and talk radio brainwashed these herds of morons into a Frankenstein's monster which you hoped would destroy us.  You cultivated their rage and hate, their paranoia, their refusal to listen to reason.  But it's in the nature of monsters that they get out of control, and now your monster is starting to turn against you, as any intelligent person could have predicted it eventually would.  And you have earned every iota of the pain it's going to bring you.


Blogger Mike said...

"these herds of morons" You're being too kind.

23 November, 2020 01:04  
Blogger Debra She Who Seeks said...

You're absolutely right. The Republican Party thought it could play with fire and arrogantly assumed it could stay in control.

23 November, 2020 02:47  
Blogger Martha said...

So true! The Pandora's box has been opened. Things like this always come home to roost.

23 November, 2020 08:42  
Blogger Jimmy T said...

My way or the no way. Be interesting to see if 30% or more of these people just give up on politics. What can be done when sane compassionate people (the rest of us) are in charge. The mind boggles, the possibilities endless...

23 November, 2020 08:53  
Blogger Leanna said...

Personally, I'm enjoying this 100%. It's just all so funny that the child is turning on its creator.

23 November, 2020 11:17  
Blogger Sixpence Notthewiser said...

Oh, the Repugs only thought about power, and the power that Cheeto would allow them to have. Example number one: Moscow Mitch. They're spineless, look at Little Marco and Lady G. Groveling.
What worries me are the minions, the racist, xenophobic drones that saw it was open season when Twitler made it to the White House. They're waiting for the next demagogue to appear. And it's not going to be as stupid as IMPOTUS, that's for sure.


23 November, 2020 14:39  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

one of the ongoing questions for the militia/patriot movement is what they were going to do with their guns. they are sure the guns are the key. Up until now it was unclear.

Sure, the local sheriff/police are sympathetic to the militia but there are limits. Militia types like to talk about skinny purple-haired 17 yo liberals as people they want to dump on. Making fun and beating up probably won't anger local law enforcement too much. But shooting unarmed white liberals will reliably be seen as crossing a line. It may take a while and/or federal intervention but outright murder tends to raise concerns even among the most jaded LEO. Shoot the pencil-neck lib and you still go to jail even as they accomplish nothing.

Of course this latest video provides an answer. The militia will shoot "traitorous" Republicans. We aren't quite there yet but give it time. In the end it will still accomplish nothing but it doesn't ring as entirely useless. Vengeance is a worthy enough goal in most of the right-wing story lines.

It also plays well with history that splitters and traitors are dealt with more harshly than outright ideological opponents.

23 November, 2020 17:25  
Blogger yellowdoggranny said...

the republicans don't care..they'll all retire rich and because of trump all of their agendas were passed.

23 November, 2020 17:27  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Mike: I suppose it's an insult to morons since real morons usually aren't actively malevolent.

Debra: It's incredible that they didn't realize this would eventually happen.

Martha: And it's not even chickens coming home to roost. More like a mutant pterodactyl with rabies.

Jimmy: One can always hope. Our side has chronically suffered from radicals on the fringe refusing to vote because no real-world party could ever meet their hopelessly-unrealistic expectations. It's about time for the Republicans to suffer the same problem.

Leanna: Let's get the popcorn ready.....

Sixpence: It's a concern, given how much damage even the profoundly-stupid and impulsive Trump managed to do. We need to make sure no smarter fascist ever gets into the presidency.

Anon: I could tell them what to do with their guns, but they'd shoot me.:-)

There's a lot of truth in your comment. It's indeed true that extremist movements tend to hate those on their own side who aren't fervent enough even more than they hate the actual enemy.

JackieSue: There's empirical evidence that Republican politicians care a lot about getting re-elected, which will get much tougher if a big chunk of their base turns against them. Besides, see Anon's comment. These mobs are armed and enraged, and wingnut websites are rife with rants about "executing" various people for "treason", which they vaguely define as doing pretty much anything they don't like. If I were a Republican official who had been fingered as not toadying to Trump quite cravenly enough, I'd be scared shitless right now.

24 November, 2020 00:35  
Blogger Daniel Becker said...

As my mom would say: It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt.

Of course, that "someone" she was referring too is "me" in the equation.

24 November, 2020 09:48  

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