01 September 2020

January -- back to normal

During the Democratic convention, a number of political bloggers expressed surprise at how much relief they felt to simply hear normal, empathetic, grown-up people like the Bidens, the Obamas, Harris, Warren, etc. speaking out authoritatively about the events of the day.  We've gotten so used to Trump's petulant tantrums, his lying, his self-absorption, his toddler-level name-calling, that we've almost forgotten what normal was like.

I had barely heard of Donald Trump before he started running for president, and will be more than happy, come January 21, to never hear of him or need to think about him again.  His 70-year-old spoiled-brat routine got old really fast, but it was never possible to ignore him due to the immense powers of the office he scammed his way into but never really understood or cared about.

Biden will not spend hours on Twitter whining about poll numbers or people saying mean things about him on TV.  He won't hand-wave away difficult problems by saying they're about to magically disappear.  He won't withhold emergency aid from states that didn't vote for him.  He won't sideline experts in favor of a string of scammers and phonies who tell him what he wants to hear.  He won't swoon over murderous foreign dictators like some teenage groupie in heat, nor pick stupid fights with leaders of other democracies.  He'll listen to experts and think seriously about decisions.  He's a functional adult and will do the job he was elected to do.

And it's not only Trump.  Try to imagine the joy of never, ever having to hear another word about Jared Kushner.  With Trump out of office, nobody will ever again put this demon-possessed Ken doll in charge of anything.  He will vacate at last the unearned space he occupies in the news media and in our thoughts.

Betsy DeVos will retreat to one of her many yachts, out of sight and out of mind, replaced by somebody who actually knows and cares about public education.  Louis DeJoy will sink back into whatever swamp Trump pulled him out of, replaced by someone who will run the Postal Service normally instead of trying to cripple it in order to sabotage voting by mail.

Trump's obnoxious and creepy sons will go back to shooting at animals and dodging subpoenas on their own time.  Ivanka will go on doing whatever the hell it is that Ivanka does, but she won't be a public figure any more and we won't have to keep on hearing about it.  Kimberly Guilfoyle will presumably still be a champion shouter, but she won't be on TV again.

Bill Barr will be replaced by an actual attorney general who knows that the job is not just being the boss-man's fixer.  Stephen Miller will go back to hanging around fringe politicians and movements instead of advising the most powerful man in the world.

The whole screeching menagerie of poo-flinging baboons will just go away and we'll never have to hear about them again.  It will be like the sudden disappearance of a migraine.  That's the future that can be ours -- if we rise up in our millions in November to vote Trump out.


Blogger Mike said...

"screeching menagerie of poo-flinging baboons"
I think you're being too kind.

01 September, 2020 06:22  
Blogger Debra She Who Seeks said...

It will be so good when that whole circus is gone.

01 September, 2020 07:26  
Blogger Sixpence Notthewiser said...

“We've gotten so used to Trump's petulant tantrums, his lying, his self-absorption, his toddler-level name-calling, that we've almost forgotten what normal was like.“
This hell of a Kakistocracy needs to end.


01 September, 2020 08:57  
Blogger The New York Crank said...

I agree with all of you, but let's not get overconfident. In the few swing states where it counts most, only a few points could change history the wrong way, and the swing voters are surely a fickle lot. I keep thinking of David Sedari's description of an undecided voter in this election as an airline passenger who, given a choice between chicken or dog manure laced with shards of broken glass, asks how the chicken is prepared.

Meanwhile, Russia is up to something so nefarious that the Trump-managed intelligence czar refuses to let the Democrats in Congress in on it. And who knows what Mr. DeJoyBoy at the Post Office has up his sleeve?

If we finally rid ourselves of Trump, it will be because we fight like hell for it, stay vigilant, and don't congratulate ourselves until Biden takes the oath of office.

Yours crankily,
The New York Crank

01 September, 2020 14:27  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Mike: Yeah, the baboons will probably sue.

Debra: I'm counting the days.

Sixpence: It will be like a bad dream. People may even begin to wonder if it really happened.

Crank: That's certainly true, and I've warned against overconfidence many times. If anything, I meant this post as an incentive to vote -- a reminder that we can get rid of not only Trump, but this whole pack of toxic mutants.

01 September, 2020 15:54  
Blogger Lady M said...

Yes - vote!

01 September, 2020 21:10  
Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

I've been feeling a bit depressed lately, especially when I read or hear that this coming presidential election will be "close." How is that possible?

Then I came here and read your post and realized that millions of other Americans (and non-citizens), not just me, are thinking about what you wrote.

I look forward to a time when I don't hear that wretched name that begins with "T" and ends with "P." And most ardently look forward to never hearing his childish babblings, grievances, and blame-shifting again.

I'm linking to this very uplifting post.

02 September, 2020 04:34  
Blogger Dervish Z Sanders said...

Bill Barr should be replaced by Glenn Kirschner. #trumpcrimescommission. These people shouldn't go back to their old lives, they should go to prison.

02 September, 2020 07:00  
Blogger Les Carpenter said...

This post is refreshing for me because it gives one positive thoughts that yes, we still have the opportunity and power to right the ship of state following the Disasters of Dotard. However, pinching myself back to reality I was reminded Dotard can never be counted out. His resilience is astounding. And he has 35% of America firmly in his orbit with perhaps another 15%-20% that like his economic policy if not much else (keeping the DOW at or near record levels) and may hold their noses and vote their market investments and 401K's.

The reality likely is it will be a close election and Dotard WILL PROBABLY contest a Biden win. All the way to the SCOTUS if necessary. Dotard may be corrupt and a scoundrel but it remains possible this filthy blight on our democratic republic may very well win reelection. Something that could very well bring this nation to its knees.

Democrats, sane independents, and sane republicans MUST TURN OUT IN FORCE TO CAST THEIR BALLOTS FOR BIDEN/HARRIS. EITHER BY MAIL IN OR IN PERSON AT POLLING PLACES. If they don't this election and country is their's to lose.

Thanks for the great post Infidel. There is indeed strength in numbers. We have the numbers. All that's needed to turn out the worst president in all of modern history is passion, commitment, and effort. Here's to America finding all three in ample measure.

02 September, 2020 09:13  
Blogger Richard said...

Make it so. We can do it.

02 September, 2020 18:00  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Lady M: Yes!

Shaw: Thanks for the link. I think it helps to remind people of what we can look forward to.

Dervish: Certainly many of them deserve prosecution. But whether they're in prison or in private life, we won't need to occupy our minds with them any more.

Rational: Thanks. Trump is indeed doggedly persistent in going for what he wants, but let's not forget that he's also stupid and lacking in foresight. He's had to back down several times and has made a lot of mistakes -- including insulting and alienating people whose help he would need to contest an election.

Richard: Oh, I think we will.

03 September, 2020 03:26  
Blogger Flying Junior said...

It will be like when Dorothy killed the Wicked Witch of the West and the Munchkins came out into the bright sunshine. Or when Narnia was freed from the spell of eternal winter cast by The White Witch. Like the liberation of Paris! There will be dancing and singing. All the church bells will ring. Creation shall be at peace.

You know, what's almost worse than the filth coming from the president is the way that the wingnuts support him and back him up. It's going to take a lot of work to heal. Now that fascism has taken hold, they have only to float another leader.

03 September, 2020 14:53  
Blogger Buttermilk Sky said...

I too would love for "trump" to go back to being British slang for "fart" and nothing more, but as long as there's Twitter he'll never leave us alone, and the media will go on amplifying his garbage because it's good for ratings. I'm rooting for a big beautiful stroke, the best stroke, yuge, a perfect stroke.

Massive heart attack is also fine.

03 September, 2020 15:17  
Anonymous Wordifull Melanie said...

I do so hope you are correct. I'm, sadly, not over confident that we will be rid of the circus. Vote we must!!

03 September, 2020 17:03  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Flying: We will always need to watch out for them, but yes, there must be time to celebrate victories too.

Sky: Yeah, he'll always be on Twitter, but without being president he'll just be one more ranting loony on the internet, as easy to ignore as all the others.

Melanie: That's right, it won't just happen -- we need to get it done.

04 September, 2020 01:41  

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