13 August 2020

Random observations for August 2020

I always find it a bit presumptuous when some American says "If such-and-such candidate wins, I'm moving to Canada."  Why is he so sure Canada would want him?

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One reason I don't believe alien-abduction stories is that the aliens they describe -- "greys" and suchlike -- are just unimaginative modifications of the human form.  It's very unlikely that evolution on another planet would produce anything so closely resembling us or any other Earthly species.  Aliens with a technological civilization would presumably have sophisticated sense organs and organs of manipulation (like hands or tentacles), but that's all we can assume.

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It's odd that people think of ghosts as being scary.  If ghosts were real, how could they harm you?

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I will never tolerate being lectured on morality by people who eat meat.  That would be absurd.

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If we were able to bring back dinosaurs like in Jurassic Park, they would all have terrible digestive problems.  Dinosaurs were probably dependent on ecosystems of gut bacteria just as modern animals (including ourselves) are, bacteria which are now long extinct, and we have no way of knowing anything about dinosaur gut bacteria, much less bringing them back.

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Not only do I support abortion, in the case of certain people I'd like to see it made retroactive.

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There's nobody more naïve than a cynic.

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There's a saying that taxes are the price we pay for living in a civilized society, and I wouldn't mind paying for a bit higher level of civilization around here.

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The sexual revolution ended the system under which everyone had to fit their lives into a single Procrustean one-size-fits-all pattern (inevitably generating a vast penumbra of hypocrisy), allowing individuals to live according to their own standards as best they could.  When two people are involved, it’s difficult to achieve a good fit, and even more difficult to keep it that way for the long haul.  If you can just stay honest and avoid hurting anybody, you’re doing better than most.

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None of us is strong enough to face the cold and dark of the world alone.

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Blogger Debra She Who Seeks said...

It's not that easy to move to Canada. Most Americans probably wouldn't qualify under our immigration system. It's not like it was in the 1960s when the droves of draft dodgers showed up. We let in everybody then with very few qualifications.

13 August, 2020 07:10  
Blogger Mary Kirkland said...

I can agree with most of your observations.

13 August, 2020 09:42  
Blogger yellowdoggranny said...

I agree with Debra..but I betcha I could get in..I have a ton of canaderian friends that would vouch for me..

13 August, 2020 10:11  
Anonymous Ole Phat Stu said...

I don't like rational numbers; I think they're absurd.

13 August, 2020 11:11  
Blogger Mike said...

I would love to see a ghost. I just don't want to take the kind of drugs that could make it happen.

13 August, 2020 12:19  
Blogger Lady M said...

We were landed immigrants to Canada in 1978 due to my fathers job. It was a lot of paper work and effort for my parents. I am sure Swift and Co. my fathers employer, contributed a great deal of support. So yes, I would agree that there would be some hoops to jump through to go to Canada.

I laughed about retroactive abortions. I can think of a whole host of people in which the world would be a better place had they not been born

13 August, 2020 12:37  
Blogger Annie Asks You said...

Canada: like much of the world, the Canadians have sent us to our rooms for bad behavior. One American with dual citizenship, driving with his American license plates to visit his ailing father across the border, reportedly had a very tough time with several of our customarily kindly neighbors to the north.

Days before the 2016 election, I heard the wonderful Calvin Trillin speak. “Want to know why I’m so calm this close to the election?,” he asked the audience. “It’s because I already have a house in Canada.” A man in the back called out: “How many rooms?”

13 August, 2020 18:32  
Blogger Paul W said...

Regarding the alien/extraterrestrial humanoid argument: some postulate that the ETs are not from other planets but from other dimensions, maybe even the future.

Regarding relocating to Canada: some postulate that the Canadians are not from other countries but from other dimen... okay, I'll stop.

The reason ghosts are scary is that their presence is unnerving. Even non-corporeal spirits can overwhelm a person's senses to where we can panic to a level of self-harm (heart stress, panic seizure, that sort of thing).

Also, the final FINAL season of the X-Files really fcked up the whole William arc. What a disaster. They need to hire Vince Gilligan to take over the reins from Chris Carter and reboot the revival. /cries

14 August, 2020 06:21  
Anonymous Brianna said...

You're a transhumanist?

Is that, like, bionic limbs, and putting brains into new bodies, and things like that?

14 August, 2020 12:26  
Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

As the grandmother of a young man born in Canada to a Canadian father and American mother, I can say with authority that my interactions with Canadians has been positive, polite, and enderaring. If things were different, I would have packed up my bags and moved to Toronto.

14 August, 2020 13:31  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Debra: Can't blame Canada for that, considering the mess our own country has turned into.

Mary K: Thanks.

JackieSue: That could come in handy.

Stu: Then irrational ones must be even more so.

Mike: That's the problem -- no telling what you'd see.

Lady M: I'm sure we can all think of quite a few such people.

Annie: Can't say I'm surprised. A lot of people have had it with the foul-ups here, and in Canada you don't even need to learn a different language (something Americans notoriously think of as impossibly difficult).

Paul: Well, when somebody provides a trace of a scintilla of a hint that these critters actually exist, I'll start thinking seriously about where they might come from.

I suppose an incorporeal spirit of a dead person would be a bit unnerving, but to me it would be far more fascinating. Think what one could learn from it if it were possible to communicate.

Brianna: Quite a bit more than that.

14 August, 2020 13:36  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Shaw: Well, you may yet find that's the best option, if available.

14 August, 2020 14:48  
Anonymous Esme Cloud said...

"I will never tolerate being lectured on morality by people who eat meat. That would be absurd." - You have me at this alone.

The aliens, however many there may be, have erected a huge wall of some kind to hide the rest of the universe from humanity in order to protect everyone else and observe...us. We aren't doing terribly well so far as their reality TV goes it would be fair to say looking around at present, so can hardly blame them. For those who look to a God of sorts I point to the only reasonable possibility being said aliens, some of which may well be fiddling about in a kind of Sims fashion with us.

I may well be an alien mind you - *smiles*, then again I am on a Cloud, so already potentially viable as an inmate of sorts.

- Esme upon the Cloud waving at Infidel

14 August, 2020 15:11  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Esme: Meat-eating is an issue I'll be devoting a lot more blog space to in the future.

I can imagine that if benign aliens existed, they might view us as we view uncontacted tribes like the people of North Sentinel Island, to be kept isolated for our own good. I really don't think there's anybody out there at all, though.

Thanks for visiting.

15 August, 2020 10:53  
Blogger RO said...

Wow! A few of these are great conversation starters!(lol) Hugs, RO

18 August, 2020 08:55  

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