11 July 2020

Video of the day -- stupidly bigly

Stupidity, ignorance, and superstition have been festering in the bottom third of American society for generations, and they are not harmless.  The mentality that accepts psychics, faith healing, astrology, and a 6,000-year-old Earth makes QAnon, Pizzagate, anti-vaxers, and global-warming denialism inevitable.  Trump as president is simply one more consequence of this, and not even necessarily the most serious one.


Blogger Lady M said...

Well that's a good video. Yes stupid either by choice or by birth has led to most of the catastrophes we are facing. And if anyone thinks we is going back to normal, think again. This is only the beginning.

11 July, 2020 19:03  
Blogger Mike said...

The middle east was once the peak of civilization. Look at it now. Hopefully, we are not headed in that direction.

11 July, 2020 21:29  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Lady M: I think things will improve once we no longer have stupid people running the government. But entrenched stupidity in the population is a long-term problem.

Mike: The Middle East declined because of rising religious fanaticism and environmental degradation. The West is going the opposite direction in both areas, at least for now.

12 July, 2020 01:54  
Blogger Mildred Ratched said...

It's a scary situation this country has been in for that last few years, but hopefully in a few months the people will rise up and vote against Donald Trump in great numbers to show him once and for all that he's a ....I don't even have words that express the amount of loathing I have for the man at this point. He just needs to go away because he is no leader. He is clueless and stupid and ignorant and those are his virtues. I'm going to end this here before I go on a rant because I feel one coming on. Have a nice Sunday and stay safe.

12 July, 2020 09:09  

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