05 July 2020

Link round-up for 5 July 2020

Various interesting stuff I ran across on the net over the last week.

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Size matters.

BugsMore bugs.

A kid makes church less dull.  Kids can also improve language.

It really is the year of the rat.

Biggest collection yet of gender-swapped Star Trek characters.

Have some geek cartoons.

But can he shoot a basket?

Meet her mini-shroom.


"If you think artists are useless....."


I didn't know they take passengers.

He has his own conception of reality (found via Questionable Motives).

If 2020 were a piƱata.....

Men's fashion shouldn't be so dull.

Masks protect against more than just disease.

Startling views of animals here.

Don't mess with this bird.

A superior race (found via New Witch).

God gives really good handjobs, apparently.

One Massachusetts town takes a little step forward.

Art anticipates reality.

The internet is full of ghosts.

Leanna at New Witch doesn't much care for the new Blogger interface.

This is real patriotism.

Best pandemic store sign so far.

".....it's a miracle your brain doesn't dynamite its way out of your skull and run screaming into the night."

American culture ruins fun by judging everything by whether it makes money.

If you need somewhere to vent about pandemic precautions, go here.

Trump understands covid-19 better than you think.

Give Russia some credit.

She warned us, too many didn't listen.

For decades, US employers have held wages down and expropriated the fruits of workers' increased productivity.

Read this short post about a Catholic diocese's covid-19 precautions, then read the comments (click on the middle one of the five blue squares at left) -- this is what we're up against.

Listen to Robert Reich.

These people are too stupid to be in college.

No, the economy is not "roaring back".

Republicans give away hundred of billions to corporations, but don't want to give $600 a week to waitresses and store clerks laid off due to the pandemic.

Mississippi is taking the Confederate crap off its flag, but scrubbing it out of the soul is harder.

Victims of CHAZ/CHOP are suing the city of Seattle for allowing the prolonged thug occupation of their neighborhood.  With such a graphic display of government failure to maintain order, is it any wonder that gun sales are at unprecedented highs?  I'm seriously thinking about getting one myself.  If it happened in Seattle, it could happen where I live.

What an asshole.

Greedy, selfish anti-mask types existed during World War II as well.

The temper tantrums of ignorant macho morons are turning Texas into a pandemic hot spot.

The Freethinker File has some suggestions for reading on atheism.

Here are some views on why the pandemic followed this course.

John Roberts is no reliable ally of abortion rights.

It's leadership!

Even some sensible people become anti-vax nuts in this one case.

Move over, Benedict Arnold -- we have a new number-one traitor.

This is what politics as usual now looks like.

A wide range of hard-won women's rights are now under threat (I think this blogger is in Canada, but the same applies in several countries).

Hot weather isn't slowing down covid-19, much to Florida's misfortune.

The Russia bounty scandal inspires cartoonsMore here.  Mothers of US soldiers killed in Afghanistan are demanding an investigation.

If you see one of these, it's fake.

Super-spreader megachurches pose a political problem for Trump.

Green Eagle has another huge collection of insanity from around the wingnutosphere.

Pictures.....sometimes do lie.

Our country has one Confederate monument which can never be torn down.

The problem is Republicans, not just Trump -- a competent Republican president would have been even more dangerous.  They're not just the party of Trump but the party of QAnon as well.

Police in a democracy should not look like military occupiers.

The US must overcome its anti-science mind-set, which benefits only our enemies.

Acceptance of homosexuality is on the rise throughout the West -- as is religionists' bitching about it.

Learn 15 facts about Canada.

Academia now punishes people for dissenting from fashionable ideology.  There's less freedom of thought at some universities than in the broader society.

A Spanish town hall was forced to take down its rainbow Pride flag -- so the townspeople put up 400 of them.

A wedding party goes viral.

A new report details the treatment of ethnic minorities in China -- forced sterilization, forced abortion, huge fines and other punishments for those who have "too many" children.  I'm not going to stop saying it -- China is the new Nazi Germany.

Democrats have a strong hand -- and need to play it more aggressively.

A new blue wave is building in the Texas suburbs.

It takes integrity to admit a mistake.  More of this, please.

Here's how Biden's approach to covid-19 will differ from Trump's.

Do the Democrats have their own tea party?

82% of white evangelicals say they'll vote for Trump again.

More links here.

Reminder:  If my blog ever mysteriously disappears or seems to have been hacked, the reason is probably this (yes, that problem is still ongoing in various forms).

[1,263 days down, 199 to go until the inauguration of a real president.]


Blogger Leanna said...

Thanks for the hits. I always look forward to the round-up. Gives me other blogs to read.

05 July, 2020 07:52  
Blogger Debra She Who Seeks said...

That thrift store's pandemic sign cuts right to the point!

05 July, 2020 09:20  
Blogger Mike said...

Lots of good stuff here today. Going to have to come back to finish it all.

05 July, 2020 12:44  
Anonymous nonnie9999 said...

Hi Infidel! I hope you and your readers are well and safe.

Living in Floriduhhh, one must love bug humor. You never know what horror is going to appear in the house that you will have to chase with a broom.

Kids really do say the darnedest things. There was a little boy living next door to me years ago. His mother told me, when he'd get frustrated, he'd yell out, "Oprah ricecakes!" It took her a while to realize that she and her husband had a habit, when they were in a mood, to yell, "Oh, for chrissake!"

With the lockdown, I see potential for bird ball in the immediate future.

I'm convinced Twitler was referring to the Loan Arranger, the guy from Deutsche Bank who keeps lending him money, even though he never pays it back. (Disclosure: I was once an Installment Loan Secretary, and Loan Arranger is what I called my boss.)

I have dishes to do, so I will be back later. Thanks so much for the link to The Raisin here and at C&L. It's very much appreciated. Until I return, I wish you and all your readers HoloPeve.

05 July, 2020 17:57  
Anonymous Jordan said...

First-time commenter here.

Loved the "Big Cock" story.

Benedict Arnold had ceased to be the number-one traitor by the 1860s. But, until Trump, I never imagined that a President could be more of an anti-American traitor than Jefferson Davis.

There's a category number 4 for people who benefit from American anti-science: people making death bets. In other words, people who have a lot of money and think they'll die before the bill comes due ("Hey, I'll die before this global warming comes, and I want my industrial-strength air conditioning now!"). I don't know how true it is, since many of them fall into the religious category ("No need to worry about global warming, we'll be raptured before then, and those left behind deserve hell.") Jesus was running an apocalyptic death cult.

Now for the serious problem.

I have an autistic tween daughter, who I'll call Ellie here. Like many people with autism, she has hypersensitivity. As a result, she requires short hair and plain, loose clothing, but it's very hard to find girls' clothes which aren't tight or itchy, so it's easier to get her clothes from the boys' department.

I've lost count of how many times she's been yelled at for using the "wrong" restroom. I don't want her to be afraid of avoiding public places because of bathroom drama. The only workaround around this "bathroom panic" is to look like a stereotypical girl. With her hypersensitivity, she will be in constant discomfort. It's the transphobes complaining about "female erasure" who are putting pressure on making her comply with traditional sex roles.

She's not interested in team sports (might be her autism), but she likes running. Arizona HB 2706, which would ban transgender athletes from competing, requires an examination of any athlete in girls' and womans' sports who is called a boy. Competing against transgender girls won't drive her out of sports, but repeated on-the-spot gender testing will.

She prefers middle distances, like the 800. Castor Semenya, the world's best woman in the 800, was driven out of the sport because she wasn't feminine enough. Track has a history of disqualifying women for not being "female enough". For example, it stripped Ewa Klobukowska of a gold medal because testing revealed her to be a male. Less than a year later, she became pregnant.

How many cis girls like my daughter will "gender critical" people throw under the bus?

05 July, 2020 21:22  
Blogger Martha said...

"If you think artists are useless....." Yes! I know I've been keeping busy with the arts.

And that pandemic store's sign! Wow...gets straight to the point. This week our area is going to introduce the mandatory wearing of masks when you enter a business/store/company indoors and a lot of the locals are bent out of shape. The 'don't tell me what to do' bunch is wailing!

06 July, 2020 04:18  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Leanna: Thanks for the posts.

Debra: It confronts the anti-maskers with reality -- that they're endangering other people close to them, not just themselves.

Mike: Take your time.....

Nonnie: Oh, I've heard about Florida's famous bugs. And the snakes and alligators, of course.

I didn't know the "loan arranger" would wear a mask, but I suppose anybody who lends Trump money might want some kind of disguise.

06 July, 2020 05:35  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Jordan: But your daughter is a girl and has every right to be in those places, as I'm sure the feminists concerned about this issue would agree. If her appearance is actually androgynous enough that she can really be mistaken for a male, then it's understandable that it sometimes causes concern, even though that must be frustrating to her. But that problem would be the same even if the whole trans issue and the resulting controversy didn't exist.

None of what you've said justifies giving biological males access to women's bathrooms, shelters, or sporting competitions -- and remember that your daughter, like any other girl, would be among those whose privacy and security would be potentially compromised by doing so. Plenty of girl athletes have indeed found themselves in a hopeless position having to compete against biological males, even if she doesn't think that would be the case with herself.

There have to be ways of accommodating these kinds of very rare special cases without upending life for hundreds of millions of women and girls.

06 July, 2020 05:46  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Martha: It's curious how many of these self-proclaimed super-patriots refuse to tolerate even the tiniest discomfort and inconvenience for the sake of helping out their country in its time of crisis.

06 July, 2020 05:48  
Blogger Sixpence Notthewiser said...

Ohh I love your digests. The one about men's fashion and the one about John Piper made me laugh. Oh dear.


06 July, 2020 06:55  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

I always try to include a few good laughs.....

08 July, 2020 01:59  

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