16 June 2020

The fury of wingnuts scorned

In politics, losing a battle tends to provoke internal division, infighting, and recriminations.  The Supreme Court ruling on gay employment protections is a case in point.

When asked how they can support Trump despite his many repulsive traits, conservatives often point to the courts.  Trump has delivered a legion of right-wing judges, including two on the Supreme Court itself, who in turn will deliver the kinds of rulings his base wants.  In this context, Gorsuch's concurrence with yesterday's ruling is being denounced across the wingnutosphere as an epic betrayal.  Here are a few examples.  Pundit Varad Mehta opines:

The whole point of the Federalist Society judicial project, the whole point of electing Trump to implement it, was to deliver Supreme Court victories to social conservatives.  If they can't deliver anything that basic, there's no point for either.  The damage is incalculable..... This is also the end of the Federalist Society judicial project.  Gorsuch was grown in the Federalist Society lab and did this.  The whole thing just imploded.  It's all finished.

And Erick Erickson:

All those evangelicals who sided with Trump in 2016 to protect them from the cultural currents, just found their excuse to stay home in 2020 thank to Trump’s Supreme Court picks.

One can hope.  On LifeSite News at least, Trump's statement that he would "live with" the decision is being reported primarily as a signal that he will fail to "challenge or mitigate" it, a further betrayal.  Further inflaming the situation, religio-wingnut sites are claiming that the decision will not merely protect people from being fired for being gay or transgender, but may force employers and other venues to give biological males access to women's restrooms and changing rooms and allow them to compete in women's sports (claims I haven't seen on any non-wingnut site), or would even force churches to recognize gay marriage (something the First Amendment would seem to rule out).  Many of their readers will likely believe such claims -- they're largely the same people who believe in Pizzagate, QAnon, and that the success of the gay-rights movement is the work of Satan.  To them this ruling is the Apocalypse -- the Apocalypse of the month, at least -- and Trump is getting much of the blame.

While I relish this kind of collective freak-out among the enemy as much as anyone, there's a warning here as well.  Even if everything these people are saying were true, their response would still be irrational and self-defeating.  The only effect of refusing to vote for Trump would be to make a Biden presidency more likely, and his judicial nominations would be far less favorable to a wide range of right-wing causes than Trump's.  Similarly, while some people on the left are unhappy with Biden for various reasons, the only practical effect of failing to support him would be to make Trump's re-election more likely -- something far worse for the causes they care about than anything Biden might do.  We've had ample evidence for this principle since 2016.  While Gorsuch may have deviated from wingnut orthodoxy in this one case -- and Kavanaugh didn't -- I'd still rather have two Hillary Clinton nominees on the Court in their place.

Will Trumpanzees actually stay home on election day because of this?  Probably not many.  In four and a half months other issues will eclipse the ruling in their minds, and most will realize Trump is still a better fit for their twisted agenda than Biden is.  But insofar as any do stay home, it will benefit Democrats.  Ideological purism is poison to whichever side it erupts on; it disempowers those possessed by it, laying them open to their own defeat.


Blogger Sixpence Notthewiser said...

Oh, you know the Talibangelicals will still vote for Twitler. Along with the other trumpanzees, they believe their bigoted, racist ways will be curtailed by a more progressive administration and they're right. They want to stack SCOTUS the same way they have stacked the lower courts: with lifetime appointments to judges that spouse their hatred and bigotry. That cannot happen. It's more than just a Biden presidency what's a stake here: it's a matter of life or death to many, many people, not just LGBTQ folks...


16 June, 2020 03:13  
Blogger yellowdoggranny said...

judas fucking priest..people are so stupid and some are just damn evil..I'm going to go lock myself in my bedroom with one of the gg's dolls.

16 June, 2020 07:40  
Blogger Debra She Who Seeks said...

It's a great victory for the LGBTQ+ community and a long time coming.

16 June, 2020 07:52  
Blogger Mike said...

At least one good thing came out of that appointment. Maybe he will be the new swing vote.

16 June, 2020 14:10  
Blogger Green Eagle said...


I hope you will forgive me for using your comment section to go on a bit of a rant.

When we hear talk of judicial appointments, the choice is always presented as liberal judges versus conservative judges. This is a false characterization which works to the Republicans' advantage. In fact, the real choice is between honest judges appointed by Democrats and corrupt judges appointed by Republicans.

Of course, these judges know what is necessary to keep the rubes on the bus, so they will make some largely irrelevant (to them) decisions on abortion, or the right of Christians to discriminate against other religions, or confronting racism. But the people who really control the Republican party don't care about all of that; do you think that Donald Trump or George W. Bush really gave a damn about abortion? What those judges are really there for is to pave the way for the rich sociopaths who finance the Republican party to loot the country in any way they please. And as I said, that is not Conservatism, it is corruption, and it is time that people on our side of the fence make that clear.

16 June, 2020 18:00  
Blogger DracoSolon said...

I've made this point to people so many times about Biden and Bernie supporters. I understand that it would be nice to be validated and have your candidate "win" I personally feel Elizabeth Warren would be by far the best president we could have at this time, but that isn't going to stop me from voting for Biden. When I encounter people who say that there's no difference between Democrats or Republicans or that Biden is exactly the same as Trump just without mean tweets I just can't comprehend the denial of reality such statements require. Green party voters are the same. How can you possibly vote for a party that has no chance of winning when the Democratic party accepts you entire agenda and only just disagrees on the speed needed vs a party that literally wants to get rid of the EPA?

17 June, 2020 05:26  
Blogger Glen Tomkins said...

Disappointment over this court ruling will tend to make True Believer homophobes even more likely to vote, and to vote R. To them, this ruling was a great victory for Gay Satan, and puts the Camp of the Saints that much more in immediate peril. The motivation to put more Rs, and better, more homophobic Rs, in office will be even greater, because the victory of homosexuality is that much closer now since the ruling.

And no, this will not make them question their loyalty to the Rs as God's instrument. They have a rich tradition of explaining away any and all dissonance between their supposedly Biblical ideals and the actual politicians and political organizations they have to support in order to win God's battles here on earth. The Republican Party is, of course, a Kingdom of this Earth, so of course it's kings and princes are not even remotely expected to be anything but worldly sinners and trimmers. If any of them are godly people in their personal lives, so much the better, but they pull the lever with as clear a conscience for the damnable sinners, as long as that R is behind their names. So, of course they vote for pussy-grabbing Trump, and obvious closeted gay Graham, because these worldly sinners can be used and manipulated to help them win the war against godlessness.

17 June, 2020 06:58  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Sixpence: Of course a second Trump term would bring a lot of evil. But the hard-line wingnuts now fear it might not be evil enough.

Jackie: It really pains them to not see people getting hurt.

Debra: Certainly true.

Mike: One can hope. I don't want to assume too much based on one decision.

Green: I don't disagree with anything you say. The problem, from the Republican leaders' perspective, is that rank-and-file religio-wingnuts do care about abortion and hating on gays -- that's why those issues succeed in winning their votes. So when they see those obsessions slighted by a ruling like this, it undermines their willingness to keep voting for the party.

Draco: Warren would probably have been my own first choice too. But I have the same viewpoint. Anybody who can look at the last three years -- or the last two decades -- and think the two parties are even remotely alike, is utterly beyond the reach of rational argument.

Glen: That may be the case with some of them. Some others may conclude that the Republicans just don't meet their evilness requirements. We'll see.

17 June, 2020 17:35  

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