26 June 2020

Stupidity and failure

Despite a highly-developed health-care system and medical workers who have driven themselves to exhaustion at great personal risk, the response of the US as a nation to covid-19 has been a disaster.  We are now the global center of the pandemic, and the situation is rapidly getting even worse as state governments relax lockdown policies and infections take off again.  It's no wonder European countries are considering restrictions on visitors from the US.

This is not all Trump's fault, though he deserves a hefty share of the blame.

It is not "our" fault in the sense of Americans generally (and never forget that "we" did not elect Trump -- the majority voted for Hillary, and without vote suppression it would have been even more so).

No, the greater part of the blame goes to a large minority within the US population which is militantly stupid and, in many cases, consumed with hate and otherwise emotionally stunted.

You know the kind of people I'm talking about.

The macho-moron BFYTW snowflake subculture that refuses to wear masks or observe social distancing for the same reasons they drive drunk or use illegal fireworks or smoke around other people -- they can't tolerate rules which impose even the tiniest discomfort or compromise the immediate gratification of their childish desires, even when it's a matter of endangering other people, not just themselves.

The determinedly-oblivious idiots who disdain science and instead choose to believe wishful thinking and superstition and random nonsense, listening to pastors or gurus or celebrities or some nutcase with a podcast instead of to people who actually know things (and not all of these types are of the right wing, please note).

The solipsists who act as if their own feelings and wishes somehow shape reality -- "I'm just tired of all these rules and I'm tired of hearing about the virus and I want it to be over so I can move on to something else, therefore it is".  Objective reality doesn't give a shit about your toddler-like short attention span, and while we're on the subject, Santa Claus doesn't exist either, boo-hoo.

If Hillary were president as the majority of us wanted, the official response to the pandemic would have been far better and many lives would have been saved -- but there are enough of these arrested-development idiot types that things would still be far worse here than in other developed countries where such people are much fewer and the public has more respect for science and understanding of it.  There are enough of them to keep this pandemic raging more or less out of control even if better policies are put in place (which would help, but not get our curve on that graph anywhere near the others) until their betters, the scientists, develop a vaccine which will at least protect us of the non-stupid majority from the consequences of their behavior.

We are going to end up with a million dead and an economy wrecked beyond anything we've seen yet, and stand revealed as a pitiful embarrassment to the rest of the Western world, because at least a third of our population is stupid, infantile, and utterly lacking in self-discipline.  It's as simple as that.

Biden will have one hell of a gargantuan mess to clean up.  Be ready to give him all the support you can, for the country's sake.  Because he's going to be hated and opposed at every step by the vast herd of morons he's trying to save.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent post. Perfectly describes many of the people (and relatives) who live in rural northwest Ohio. Quite depressing, and no amount of facts will change their minds.

26 June, 2020 03:42  
Blogger Sixpence Notthewiser said...

"No, the greater part of the blame goes to a large minority within the US population which is militantly stupid and, in many cases, consumed with hate and otherwise emotionally stunted."

But I do blame COVFEFE-19 and his kakistocracy for this disaster. And I blame the Repugs who have been 'concerned' and done squat because Cheeto has been destroying Obama's legacy and years of progress in the name of stupidity.

Uncle Joe is gonna have a hell of time cleaning up this mess. And you are right, the Repugs will fight him every step of the way, the same way they fought Obama, who cleaned after W. Ugh. I want to bitchslap each and every one of those idiots.


26 June, 2020 04:22  
Blogger bluzdude said...

Good luck with getting the morons and anti-science crowd to adopt the vaccine. I'm sure the anti-vaxxers will be all over this, and for once they may have a point.

I'm afraid that after the first brief glimpse of good news, a vaccine will be rushed out for distribution (especially if that glimpse happens before Election Day). I will get a vaccine but probably not right away. I'll need to hear more about testing and see a demonstration of effectiveness.

26 June, 2020 05:34  
Blogger One Fly said...

Exactly! There will be absolutely nothing positive coming until 1/20/21 and until then only more of the same except much worse with the whole worlds safety in more jeapordy.

I don't give a shit. At this time I hate this place and half of the fucking people who live here.

There is a difference and important one that is going to be faced eventually.

My feelings are strong and many on my side will dislike me and disagree. Fine. Really why be nice about this shit?

However - never has the thought of hurting those I despise crossed my mind - never.
(except for wanting to pull the trip rope on W and the rest of his treasonous bunch)

The other side fantasizes just the opposite. The want to hurt us and are trying very hard to make that opportunity happen.

Fuck everyone of these sonsofbitches.

I don't see how this can end well.

The rein of this country has been over and that position in the world is gone forever and will continue to decline for all the reasons you just stated.

26 June, 2020 05:41  
Blogger Debra She Who Seeks said...

Militant, toxic stupidity will destroy the USA if you let it.

26 June, 2020 09:01  
Anonymous Rancid said...

Santa Claus does exist. It's a town in Indiana and home to Holiday World amusement park.

26 June, 2020 10:27  
Anonymous Marc McKenzie said...

"Biden will have one hell of a gargantuan mess to clean up."

Yep. If there is some reason for hope though, it's this--Biden's already faced a task similar to this when he was VP to President Obama; when those two began back in 2009 the country was facing the Great Recession as well as serious damage to the government courtesy of G.W. Bush and crew.

Of course, what Trump will leave behind is much greater.

The best thing that Biden has said that he will make mistakes; no "I alone can fix it!" crap from him. He is going to surround himself with real experts who will know what they hell they are doing, but expect to see that a lot of hard calls will have to be made.

And you better damned well believe that I'm going to give that man my support--but yes, expect opposition not just from the right-wing/GOP morons but from some on the Left who will always find fault in anything Biden does because somehow he's not bringing about the revolution.

Stay healthy and safe, Infidel.

26 June, 2020 11:04  
Blogger Mike said...

You would think the 25th amendment would be more of a savior. Turns out it's not. Hence, here we are.

26 June, 2020 12:32  
Blogger Lady M said...

Sigh - Republicans always make a huge mess that the Democrats have to clean it up.

26 June, 2020 13:00  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Bruce: Thanks! I continue to be amazed that you can stand living in that area.

Sixpence: Oh, he deserves a hefty share of the blame, as I said. but the rank-and-file morons are the real problem. Without them, he wouldn't be president in the first place. With them, even the best leader would be very constrained in what he or she could do.

Bluzdude: Oh, I fully expect the Trumpanzees and New Age dingbats will reject the vaccine. That's why I said I only expect it to protect the non-stupid majority. But if we do get the vaccine, at least the idiots' self-destructive behavior won't impact us much.

And good point about being cautious. If it seems that a vaccine was rushed through approvals here by a corrupted process, I'll wait to see whether it's approved by health authorities in other advanced countries. If it's approved in Germany or the UK or similar places, it's safe to assume it's OK.

One Fly: They certainly do hate us. And I'm no Christian, the believe in the love-your-enemies horseshit.

26 June, 2020 16:01  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Debra: We're working on it. Wait for November.

Rancid: Not the North Pole?

Marc: Yes, his experience working with Obama will be vital. And he'll be able to call on Obama for advice, as well.

I thought GWB was terrible at the time, but Trump is like a whole other dimension of disastrous. Having this pandemic on his watch is a nightmare. I'm amazed Biden even wants the job of cleaning up this mess. But yes, he will listen to the experts and that will make a huge difference. It's almost going to seem weird having competent people in charge again.

Always glad to hear from you.

Mike: Unfortunately removing a president via the 25th Amendment is even harder than by impeachment -- you need a 2/3 majority of both houses, not only the Senate, and the process has to be initiated by the cabinet Trump himself selected.

Lady M: Yes, always -- and this particular mess is as vast and bottomless as the ocean.

26 June, 2020 16:11  
Blogger yellowdoggranny said...

I don't think uncle joe can live long enough to clean up this cluster fuck...

27 June, 2020 18:38  
Blogger Annie Asks You said...

It’s astonishing to me that we’ve reached such depths that Biden’s appearing in public wearing a mask is an unvarnished demonstration of rationality, accepting scientific findings, and courageous leadership.

28 June, 2020 04:12  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

JackieSue: I think he's got a few miles left in him yet. But he'd better choose a good VP.

Annie: The bar has been lowered to Marianas Trench levels, all right.

28 June, 2020 04:29  
Blogger Annie Asks You said...

But I think he (Biden) is doing quite well. His speech this week was good—sounded all the right notes. Now my worry is about the shenanigans to suppress turnout and “lose” mailed ballots. Barr’s statement about the alleged counterfeiters from abroad (“no evidence, but it’s obvious”) committing vote by mail fraud was Scary Item #4136.

28 June, 2020 13:58  
Blogger Martha said...

True! It only takes a small group to spread this virus like wildfire.

29 June, 2020 08:22  
Blogger RO said...

We're half-way through, and 2020 sure isn't what I or most people expected. Hugs, RO

02 July, 2020 02:08  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Annie: Mail-in ballots are actually more secure against cheating -- the process is almost all paper, not electronic.

Martha: And we've got quite a bit more than a small group.

RO: It sure isn't. At least the giant murder hornets seem to have faded.

02 July, 2020 05:19  

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