31 May 2020

Link round-up for 31 May 2020

Various interesting stuff I ran across on the net over the last week.

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Every dog has its dayMore here.

It's a crazy world.

Now this is the way to play basketball.

Consider some enjoyable new words (from 2006).

It's looking like that kind of year.

Go to Hell -- Lego style (found via Mendip).

Some signs just go together.

Let Nancy take care of it.

I see dead people.

Blogger Sixpence Notthewiser gives us a house tour.

An art book of the paintings used in the Night Gallery TV series will soon be published -- perhaps right around Halloween (found via Mendip).

People in the 1950s and earlier also used Lysol in.....questionable ways.

Don't try to learn science from comic books.

There are probably more unbelievers around than you realize.

Artist Jian Guo does the planets, stained-glass style.

Hackwhackers goes Kink-y.

This person exists.

The customer is not always right.

Spot the difference.

Here's some politics as usual, and why Trump stands like that.

The decline of religion can be explained by education, the internet -- and embarrassment.

On June 4, some wingnuts will celebrate "Killdozer Day" -- but the real event was not quite what they think.

Trump shows us what "running the government like a business" actually means.

If you're OK with what happened to George Floyd, you shouldn't be a cop.

Girls' sports are for girls, at least for now.

American fundamentalism is "the Trump University of religions".

Drone video shows the devastation left by the October 2019 tornado in Dallas.

Remember Larry Kramer.

CNN calls out Trump's "vile distraction" and "shameful performance".

"This is not a protest."  Some of the violence and vandalism is being committed by white supremacists.

Instacart shoppers are cruelly exploited.

It's a great success story (have a barf bag ready with this one).

Biden warned us.

Destroying businesses, even chain stores, does real harm to a neighborhood.

Unemployment benefits are high, but.....

A sign of privilege, or of ignorance.

It's not cool.

Summer may bring frequent electrical blackouts.

It's tyranny (found via Octoberfarm).

Safely re-opening schools is basically impossible.

"Back to normal" needs to be normal for the elderly too.

Green Eagle brings back another huge steaming pile of lunacy from the wingnut internet.

If you don't want to go along with rules which are necessary for everyone's safety, there's another option.

There was a covid-19-positive person at that huge Ozarks pool party.

Trump's social-media executive order is pretty much a dead letter.

Republican officials are hiding and distorting data on the pandemic.  Florida is an egregious case.

The human capital stock are restless.

"Exponential" growth has a more specific meaning than just "very fast" -- here's a pretty good explanation.

The economy won't revive as long as most people don't feel safe.

Religionists ghoulishly hope the pandemic will cause a religious revival (but they hope that about every crisis and it never happens).

You're never safe around Republicans.

Kellyanne Conway flounders around trying to discredit voting by mail.

Some make sacrifices, others don't.

Wisconsin begins to see results from re-opening.

The military has to plan for reality, not for Trump's delusions.

"But are we willing to kill people?.....We have to say yes."

Humans take holidays, but the virus never rests.

Honor the dead by not increasing their numbers.

"Because this is how you get a second wave and another lockdown."

Trump thrives on the pleasure of hating.  His followers thrill to his reality-denial.  And the cruelty is the point.

Minnesota bishops declare the Catholic Church to be above the law.  Small wonder when this kind of mentality prevails.  But it turns out churches aren't above the law after all.

The meat industry is a viral disaster area, but officials won't enforce the rules.

"American exceptionalism is killing us."

Republican governors vie to host Trump's big August super-spreader event.

Covid-19 antibody tests are so inaccurate as to be almost useless.

Neanderthal genes help humans reproduce.

Death Valley can and should become a lake.

The US has risen steadily among the ranks of the world's most obese nations.

In Germany, more than 100 covid-19 cases have been traced to one church.  The country is re-opening too fast.

Dr. Christian Drosten, Germany's Fauci, also faces attacks and threats from local wingnuts.

Italy risks a second wave of the pandemic.

Even in strongly-Catholic Poland, the truth about priestly molestation is emerging.

Brazil sinks into disaster under its uncannily Trump-like president.

An honor killing spreads shock and anger across Iran.

Dâ'ish (ISIL) is still around, largely due to Trump's backstabbing of the Kurds who had it beaten before (found via Mock Paper Scissors).

A hero of the fight against Islamic terrorism is the latest target of Mohammad bin Salman's murderous regime.

South Korea isn't messing around -- police have raided the super-spreader Shincheonji cult and charged its leader with homicide.

After a slow start, covid-19 surges in western India.

Interesting view of China's military here, from an Indian YouTuber.

China's new planned "security" law is the beginning of the end of freedom in Hong Kong. Here's one way to punish the regime.  The UK is considering similar action.

Fascists retaliate against those who seek the truth.

Sub-Saharan Africa is highly vulnerable to the pandemic -- though its governments took action faster than most.  But quack cures won't help.

One is a leader, the other is a spoiled brat.

Republican stupidity is partly driven by desperation.

Here's why Tara Reade's lawyer ditched her as a client.

Texas Republicans didn't learn anything from Wisconsin.

There are several possible reasons why Trump is freaking out so much these days.

More links here.

[Image at top found via Hackwhackers.]


Blogger Mary Kirkland said...

Dogs are smarter than we sometimes think.
This years meme's have been pretty funny. "Sounds like thunder outside but with the way 2020 has been going it could be Godzilla" That's my favorite.

We already have blackouts where I live. it happens every year. It's happened twice already this year. NV Energy said they fixed the grid so it wouldn't keep going down but it goes out for a couple of hours at a time several times during the Summer.

31 May, 2020 08:44  
Anonymous nonnie9999 said...

Hi Infidel, I hope you and your readers are all well and safe from the craziness. Thank you for the doggie links. Nothing makes me happier than dogs, even though mine is driving me nuts.

Great humor selections this week. I can't believe you included my old Daily Kos diary. Keep in mind, it was 14 years ago, and I was a mere child then.

Love the Swisher. Amazing what can happen when a male is told to clean out the garage.

I watched the show, Lego Masters. Will Arnett was annoying as the host, the judges were totally unlikable, and the contestants were presented in a way so that most of them were nauseating to listen to. However, they made amazing Lego creations. I had to hold myself back from ordering a shitload of Legos to make that my new hobby. The Nine Levels of Hell are pretty amazing, but I think we can do with a little less Hell these days.

I remember record players, but I don't remember needle service centers, and I certainly don't remember Nancy.

I won't be posting any tours of my place. I'd have to clean it, and I don't see that happening.

Night Gallery was such a spooky show. I wonder how scary the episodes would be now. I did watch one on YouTube. It's titled Midnight Never Ends, and it was pretty good.

Did you read the directions on the back of the Lysol bottle? "DOUCHE: 1 teaspoon of Lysol to each quart of warm water. Mix thoroughly in separate container before pouring into douche bag." I wonder if those are the same directions White House doctors were going to write up for Twitler. Pour some Clorox or disinfectant into that douchebag.

I will leave it on that note. I'll be back tomorrow for more linky goodness. Thanks, as always, for the link to The Raisin.

01 June, 2020 01:10  
Blogger Sixpence Notthewiser said...

You always send me down the rabbit hole!
And I could not get over that first illustration. So true. So sad.
Oh, and yes, the decline of religion can be attributed to more education and more embarrassment. How come the expect a revival with all these deaths? Ugh.
And thanks for the shoutout!


01 June, 2020 03:59  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Thanx for posting the Dallas tornado drone footage, because I haven't seen that ... but that channel has some good drone work, I seen stuff from them in the past, they do good work. Much over here in NW Dallas (where I live) hasn't been cleaned up yet ... most of the clean ups been more active and successful in the higher income areas (of course). I was down on Walnut Hill Ln/ Hines Blvd/ Stemmons area where the tornado started the other day, over here in my part of town. So many businesses/ strip mall/ and warehouses just fenced off, nothing cleaned up, of course, they removed all of any worth from the places. But now they just sit untouched, while homeless, small street level dope dealers, and a few gals that hustle sex on the street that are addicted, cut holes through the fences, and have pretty much used the places as a place to hang out or spend the night or whatever.

The Instacart Verge piece was a good read ... heard about alot of cheating and such going on, I feel sorry for these workers, sadly even more sorry, because they have to do so many things to make a living, and folks like myself don't even use those services, that they need to make a living. The entire way the U.S. handled this crisis, to me, is just plain wrong ... can't help it, that's just the way I see it. Is unemployment too much as some GOP are whining about? ... No, but they will bitch anywayz, and bitch that people won't want to go back to work, etc. Hell ... the fed minimum wage hasn't even seen an increase in over a decade. They just want folks to work, work, work, until they drop, get sick, die, or whatever ... to me, this is not a healthy approach for the near future business, employment, or even society ... we have a neoliberal oligarchy setting the rules basically, and able to hold everyone hostage from the poltician to the poorest of workers, on how they design our economy to work and keep folks desperate for a buck. I feel that everyone, will become more aware in time though.

I noticed when in a store the other day, some employees wearing masks and gloves and others not, in a few places. I asked a guy working in the store who wore protective gear, what wasn't some of his fellow workers not wearing it? He told me that the company had a policy of "choice" for workers, wear if you want or not, in other words ... I don't think that's cool, at all. I believe I just heard on the news this morning, that Texas has it's highest number of new cases this weekend, like 1900 or so. Texas has been slowly loosening up too, phase one, phase two, phase 3 type stuff. Dallas you still see alot of folks masked, but it's mostly by choice, many don't. I still wear masks and keep distance in stores or whatever, and fequently wash hands, disinfect, etc ... I just don't believe it's safe enough to go inprotected, yet ... also this is what doctors and scientists are saying ... who will you believe?, is the question. I don't beleive a thing that Trump sayz, any more than a preacher of a church, other politicians, or any of the largest shareholders of stocks ... that's just me. Need to go to Aldi store in a bit to pick up some stuff.

01 June, 2020 07:36  
Blogger Mike said...

I found too many good things to remember where all I went.

01 June, 2020 10:54  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Here, I wanted to send you this vid below, only a minute long, taken from a plane over Dallas during the last tornado 10/ 2019, of the continuous lightning ....


01 June, 2020 11:16  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Mary K: I'm sure dogs are pretty smart. Sorry to hear about the blackouts -- hope it doesn't get too hot there when you don't have air conditioning.

This is going to be remembered as a crap year, that's for sure.

Nonnie: I always like neologisms. I'm still struggling to fend off maturity in devising my own.

Hell is right. I just wish creatures like Trump and Alex Jones were merely Lego creations.

I know what you mean about the tours. It would just be too much effort to clear up all the clutter.

Hitler, toward the end of his career, got into the hands of a quack doctor whose junk treatments caused a deterioration in his mental state. Trump is just the type to repeat that experience.

Sixpence: Occasionally there's even a rabbit. Religion is getting more embarrassing than ever now that they've embraced Trump and need to resort to ever more ridiculous excuses.

Ranch: I didn't realize the tornado had caused such widespread damage. Dallas isn't an earthquake risk like Portland, but I guess it has its own problems.

That's what the Republicans are about -- they see us regular people as "human capital stock" to be used and used up.

Even in Portland I used to see a lot of people in stores without masks (that's all I can go by -- I never go out except for grocery shopping), but it's a lot rarer now.

Pretty impressive video -- I've never seen lightning from a plane like that.

Mike: I sometimes feel the same way, and I compile them.....

02 June, 2020 06:23  
Blogger Martha said...

A lot of places are rushing to open up. I hate to think what will come of it. People are getting restless...and reckless.

04 June, 2020 16:04  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

People in our culture get impatient quickly. But the virus never quits.

05 June, 2020 04:28  

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