02 May 2020

Immortal images of the Very Fine People

This photo seems destined to become a classic, but it also exemplifies the "gibbering barbarian" (as I put it here) in action.  The moment I first saw it, it made me think of a primitive ape-creature engaged in the kind of shrieking intimidation display typical of enraged chimpanzees, at two full-fledged humans who -- luckily for their assailant -- have mastered the stoic self-restraint of civilization.

Then of course there's this one:
.....which, as many have pointed out, looks exactly like a zombie attack in a horror movie.  Well, they may be mindless automatons driven by an all-consuming urge to destroy people who have brains, but they don't have the excuse of being under the control of a virus.  Yet.

And finally:
Unlike some liberals, I have no particular hostility toward mass gun ownership in general.  But this is a threat, not a protest.  It has the feel of a barbarian horde celebrating their overthrow of a civilized city.

But they celebrate too soon.  The cities have not fallen, and will not.


Blogger Leanna said...

I was thinking the same thing in the first and second pictures. But that is Trumpanzee not chimp. In any form, they are still knuckle-dragging mouth breathers. Something tells me that they will never go away after trump in out of office. If he gets away with all this, I have a feeling he will still have his rallies going strong. I just hope the people that own the padded room that he holds them in asks for the room rental upfront.

02 May, 2020 08:42  
Blogger Mary Kirkland said...

These pictures have been making their way around the internet.

02 May, 2020 08:42  
Blogger Debra She Who Seeks said...


02 May, 2020 09:38  
Blogger Mike said...

Many sites have commented that if these people were black, they would be dead. I tend to agree to a point. I can't help but think many of the police are on their side. I think that's how they got as far as they did into the capital building.

02 May, 2020 12:21  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

You know me ... I'm very pro 2nd Amendment, been around guns all my life. But what I wondered when first seeing some of these demonstrations, was so many folks armed as if they thought they were going to go to battle, and the demonstration had nothing to do with arms, it was a protest to go shopping or whatever. What I been seeing online, is a bunch of talk about the government taking us over, locking us down, conspiracies, etc ... Alex Jones is even pushing it big time ... kind of like the Jade Helm 15 gig awhile back. I understand folks frustration, I don't like it myself, but feel that even heavier lockdown is needed. As far as being taken over by big brother or whatever ... shit, we been watched and monitored and regulated for years, all big brother is, is big money, and they too want to get back to business ... wouldn't surprise me, if some folks at the top of wealth are funding some of these demonstrations. Gov Abbott of Texas declared we're open for business yesterday, friday ... here in Dallas it so far has been mixed response ... like myself ... go ahead an open, you ain't gonna find my ass in a movie theatre, even at 25% capacity!They are opened, but with restrictions and steps. Some businesses in Dallas won't even open their doors, and said they are going to wait ... WFAA News in DFW done a survey on their app, on what folks think about the "open for business" ... 90% of folks that took the survey/ poll, said they disagree with the governor, many said there is no way they will go to a movie, a restaurant or whatever, and probably even more, because I didn't take the survey/ poll. I went to a couple places and got them to bring out food to the car, but that was mandatory anywayz, but I still wouldn't have went to dine in, and I sanitized the package with the food. Then you have folks like a neighbour of mine the other day ... she is having a hard time paying her bills, and they cut her hours, she don't get hazard pay ... she thought she and others like her should get more help ... I told her "this is America", because from what I been reading, some EU countries are taking care of their citizens better than here. That neighbour is just one of thousands in a town like this ... one guy told me he didn't even get his stimulus yet, another guy told me he couldn't even get through to the unemployment office, I know another lady who worx at Kroger supremarket, she told me like back a month and a half ago, that they gave employees a $25 gift card for the bloody damn store they work in! I could go on and on ... I don't agree by far with the way our country does things. The corporations and others in businesses that I question, made off like fat cats, with millions to billions, and they're swimming in money ... what did the average person get? ... go figure ... but I actually expected this and more to come. I'm a softy, I feel sorry for so many Americans that are having to slave under these conditions, but don't expect much more from America. Then you have these guys below that are feeding the fire, basically painting this pandemic as blown out of proportion (personally, I don't call 65,000 deaths, and probably more than that, as blown out of whack ... that's too damn many)


02 May, 2020 12:38  
Anonymous nonnie9999 said...

But heaven forbid a football player takes a knee.

02 May, 2020 15:53  
Blogger Martha said...

A bunch of buffoons.

03 May, 2020 08:17  
Blogger Bohemian said...

The Lunatic Fringe immortalized in Images like these is a grim reminder that they live among us... scarier than any Virus.

03 May, 2020 16:32  
Blogger Sixpence Notthewiser said...

A perfect example of white privilege cause by ‘white anxiety’ which seems to be tied to hair salons? Idiots.
The astroturfing is strong with the trumpanzees.


04 May, 2020 13:04  

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