30 April 2020

Video of the day -- Walpurgisnacht

Song "Walpurgisnacht" by the German pagan/folk group Faun.  Worth using fullscreen.

Walpurgisnacht is a day significant to a number of pagan and Satanic traditions.  It falls on April 30 -- the point on the Earth's orbit exactly opposite Samhain (Halloween).  As with Samhain, it's a day on which the barriers between the real world and the "spirit world" supposedly become permeable.  The origins of Walpurgisnacht seem to be rooted in ancient pagan European celebrations of spring.


Blogger Infidel753 said...

A pretty good translation of the song is here, but Geigen is plural ("fiddles") and Zauberweisen would be "magical ways" or "magical wise ones". I would render Und wir treten wild und frei / Diesem alten Zauber bei as "And we, wild and free, join in this old magic".

30 April, 2020 04:37  
Blogger Sixpence Notthewiser said...

I actually like this a lot.
Well, almost all pagan traditions and lore are cool.
I did not know that April 30th was that significant!


30 April, 2020 04:48  
Blogger Lady M said...

Nice - love all the costuming in this video.

30 April, 2020 07:06  
Anonymous Professor Taboo said...

I too liked this song Infidel, especially the historical and spiritual context. Very cool!!! :)

The video and costumes reminded me a lot of another German Alternative Folk/Pagan group "Heilung." Therefore, I had a good feeling I would like this song/video before even listening/watching "Walpurgisnacht." Thanks for sharing!

Also, along the same lines of Faun, being a former drummer/percussionist all through middle and high school with several indigenous drums and instruments, AND owning (back then) a large, multi-piece drumset/kit---the late Neil Peart of Rush was my idol---I am very fond of Mickey Hart's two books and their fascinating historical stories behind each instrument/drum. His first book was "Drumming on the Edge of Magic: A Journey Into the Spirit of Percussion," and his second "Planet Drum" was a book and music album telling the contexts of each indigenous instrument he has collected and played over his lifetime as an accomplished percussionist.

Anyway, being this sort of 'Magical Drummer' I very much gravitate toward this sort of music. When I hear it I am immediately drawn by rhythms, syncopation, and as we drummers sometime call it... become one with the Earth's cyclical rhythms. A quick quote from Hart's first book:

"We live on a planet of rhythm and time. A planet that completes its cycle around the sun every 365 days, with a moon that cycles around us every 28 days, and we rotate around our own axis every 24 hours. These cosmic cycles and our bodily ones, all connected to the circadian dance of day and night. The mystery of rhythm and time found for a moment in the soul’s drum. When it is right, you feel it with all your senses, every thread of your being. It is the ‘sweet spot’ of connection."
--- Micky Hart

30 April, 2020 08:03  
Blogger jono said...

That was fun! Makes me wish I was young and German.

30 April, 2020 10:13  
Anonymous Ole Phat Stu said...

The biggest & best Walpurgisnacht celebrations here in Germany are usually held up in the Harz mountains, at the northern end of the Bode valley. But not this year, as large assemblies are banned due to Corona Virus :-(

30 April, 2020 10:14  
Blogger Debra She Who Seeks said...

In the Celtic pagan tradition, it is Beltane. I'll be having a May Day/Beltane post tomorrow.

30 April, 2020 10:20  
Blogger Leanna said...

I didn't know you were Pagan.

30 April, 2020 11:52  
Blogger Mike said...

Well, I learned some new things today. Walpurga AND Beltane! Time for a nap. Gotta rest up for tonight and tomorrow.

30 April, 2020 12:49  
Blogger Mary said...

I really liked this...too bad we ended up with Christianity

30 April, 2020 15:30  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Sixpence: There's another major reason to celebrate April 30 -- it's the anniversary of Hitler's suicide.

Lady M: They put quite a lot of work into that.

Professor: I think I've heard of Heilung -- have to check them out.

Drums have a very primal sound to them. They're well suited to this kind of music and atmosphere.

Jono: You can always be young (and German) at heart.

Stu: That's unfortunate. But I bet the pagans respect the need, unlike so many of our Christian churches.

Debra: I'll certainly read that.

Leanna: Actually, I'm not. But I do look upon the rising interest in paganism as part of the de-Christianization of Western culture, and as an effort to re-connect with authentic European culture.

Mike: It can get a bit wild, I believe. :-)

Mary: Yes, too bad -- but I'm doing my part to undo that. :-)

30 April, 2020 15:40  

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