26 April 2020

Link round-up for 26 April 2020

Various interesting stuff I ran across on the net over the last week.

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As some grow weary of quarantine, beasts roam the streets (skip the lamps, though).

Really?  To all a them?  What is it about wingnuts and spelling?

Disaster has a downside.

McDonald's offers a startling new option.

Twitter reacts to labradoodlegate.

Books tell a story.

Gou Tanabe produced a manga-style adaptation of Lovecraft's At the Mountains of Madness (link from Marc McKenzie).  It's for sale here; so is another Lovecraft adaptation.  Here are samples of the art.

This was Halloween a century ago.

Oregon businesses get creative.

See how the relative importance of things has changed.

Strangers' names keep appearing in front of these people (found via Mendip).

A dog demonstrates the fluid dynamics of sheep

"Ghost crashes" look unsettlingly spooky.

Brass is better than steel for heavily-touched surfaces.

Here's how we know that Trump is a stable genius.

Crows are assholes.

An open mic proved a tad embarrassing for the archbishop of New York.

Bruce Gerencser explains how to expose the truth about "nice" Evangelicalism, and gives sixteen reasons why he's not a Christian.

Here's why video calls are exhausting.

Not all older people are Trumpanzees (found via Lo Imprescindible, which also recommends five gay movies to pass the time in quarantine).

Trump casts himself as the villain of Mutiny on the Bounty.

Here's what living by Biblical values would actually look like.

Jim Bakker whines and begs for money.

"You will burn in Hell for ever and ever and ever!"

There are people out there who really believe this stuff.

Trump is animated by the spirit of Norman Vincent Peale.

Rudy Giuliani is stupid.

When this is reality, there's no room for satire.

Losing the Postal Service would hurt the Republican base the most.

CNN answers your questions about face masks.

Americans married to foreigners won't get stimulus checks (update:  this does not apply in all cases).

If your landlord does this, it's illegal.

Here's an open letter to the anti-lockdown protesters.  And here's one addressed to Trump.

The US is awash in stupidity and it's the Republicans' fault.

A church goes to court to defend its right to spread the virus.  This fundie nutjob thinks that stopping churches from doing so is like the Holocaust.

Green Eagle plunges into the world of pandemic denialism.

Fatalism isn't just un-American, it's dangerous.

Cleaning-product manufacturers now need to issue warnings against Trump's stupidity.  There's been a spike in numbers of people ingesting them.

The backwardness of the US relative to other advanced countries means the pandemic could permanently damage our global standing.

Faith healing doesn't work.

If we're willing to sacrifice human life to help the economy.....

What is a "shithole country"?

Fundie leader Albert Mohler didn't support Trump in 2016, but after seeing his performance in office, he's now on board.

The coronavirus infestation in meat-packing plants is even worse than we thought.  This one in Iowa resisted closing until it was too late to avoid the damage.

Only 12% of Americans believe covid-19 restrictions have gone too far.

Trump is "the president of the Confederate States of MAGA".

Give your money to this bozo and receive magical protection from covid-19.

Wingnuts freak out as Cuomo affirms that human action, not God, is curbing the pandemic.

The South is vulnerable (Mississippi's rural infection rates are already higher than urban).  The virus is now spreading fastest there and in the Midwest.  And this is not helping.

Trump ignores science and acts on wishful thinking.  A strong leader can recognize a weak one.

A fundie pastor proclaims the good side of the pandemic.

Foot lesions could be a symptom of covid-19 (found via Billions of Versions of Normal).

Las Vegas's deranged mayor decrees the most reckless "re-opening" of all.

As if the pandemic weren't a big enough problem, religious taboos create ridiculous extra complications.

The 1918 flu disaster offers lessons about abandoning social distancing too early.

Even if you survive covid-19, it can cause several kinds of lasting damage.

Raw data from New York debunk the Santa Clara antibody study.

In Seattle, testing of a possible covid-19 vaccine shows encouraging signsMore vaccine trials are starting in the UK.

Friday was the 30th anniversary of the Hubble telescope.

Many of the countries handling the pandemic the best have something in common.

Medical workers in Mexico suffer violent attacks.

Under quarantine, Latin America is seeing a surge in domestic violence.

Egypt sends medical aid to the US.

Japan's northernmost island lifted its lockdown too early, and the resulting second wave of infections has now forced it to reinstate it.

The Beijing regime claims life in China is getting back to normal.  It isn't.  And the regime's totalitarian nature has only been strengthened.

Polling shows Trump slipping in the swing states.  Even Utah may be closer than you think.

"Are you better off than you were four years ago?"

As Trump flounders, Republicans ramp up efforts to steal the election.

More links here.

[1,193 days down, 269 to go until the inauguration of a real president.]


Blogger Geo. said...

My dear Infidel, I very much like your opening photo! It depicts a baptismal technique I'd not considered before. Yes, I'm an old man, but only a young student of religion.

26 April, 2020 02:44  
Blogger RO said...

Happy Sunday to you! I checked out a few this morning that were all quite good, but the McDonald's one really had me giggling.(lol) Hope your day is wonderful! Hugs, RO

26 April, 2020 02:49  
Anonymous NickM said...

Jim Bakker is still going? I am amazed. I hadn't heard anything about the bugger for years. I thought he'd long ago joined the choir invisible - where he'd have his hand in the poor-box no doubt.

26 April, 2020 04:56  
Blogger Mary Kirkland said...

Our Mayor here in Las Vegas is an idiot.
McDonald's sure has changed what's on the menu. lol

26 April, 2020 07:32  
Blogger Debra She Who Seeks said...

Athetits! That fluid dynamics of sheep video is cool.

26 April, 2020 07:36  
Blogger Miss Cellania said...

I read the line that citizens won't get a check if they are married to a foreigner and sat up straight. My daughter is married to a foreigner. But not an immigrant, and they've never filed taxes together. Unfortunately he's stuck on his side of the pond and she's stuck here until this is all over.

26 April, 2020 16:42  
Blogger Lady M said...

Athetits, Libe race, drive through stripper, and that depressed pigeon. I am laughing my ass off. But really the rallying Trumpaneze just don't get it and their grasp on reality is so precarious, there is no hope. I hate to sound isolationist but do what you can to take care of yourself. Covid 19 is here to stay.

27 April, 2020 06:49  
Anonymous nonnie9999 said...

D'oh! I had a feeling I had forgotten to hit submit after I cut and pasted my comment. I really need to stop trying to make sense at 5 in the morning. I won't try to recreate my original comment (there were no moments of brilliance in it), so I will just say that crows really are assholes. Corvids, COVID—coincidence? I think not. Anyway, thanks for the much needed laughs and interesting links. I'll try to get here earlier next week.

P.S. Hope you and all of your readers are safe and well.

27 April, 2020 15:57  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Geo: I think it sums up the attitude a lot of these churches have toward the rest of us.

RO: I wonder how they provide that while observing social distancing.....

Nick: Oh, he has a lower profile these days, but there are still enough suckers out there for him to make a decent living.

Mary: Your mayor is an idiot. The whole country has been astonished at her bullshit.

Debra: Fascinating how different animal behavior looks from a different perspective.

Miss C: My summary descriptions of the links are necessarily a bit short and lacking in detail, given how many there are. I added a bit of clarification to that one.

Lady M: We don't need stupid pigeons to shit on us, the even stupider Trumpanzees are doing it. Maybe when enough of them get sick, they'll get it.

Nonnie: Dang! Commenting systems are getting too good at disappearing stuff these days. I tend to highlight the whole text and Ctrl-C before clicking "publish", just in case.

I hope we never get corvid-19. That would be murder.

28 April, 2020 01:40  
Blogger Martha said...

Athetits! HAHAHAHA Doesn't that say it all :) And what a laugh I got out of the grandma going off on Trump. Tell us how you really feel! HAHAHA

29 April, 2020 06:27  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

She speaks for many.....

02 May, 2020 08:14  

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