23 February 2020

Link round-up for 23 February 2020

Various interesting stuff I ran across on the net over the last week.

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Here's a brief video of milking a cow.

The master relaxes while the servant labors.

Sometimes a dog is in just the right place.

It can be dangerous for a boat to take on extra passengers.

The Daleks had a bit of an attitude.

Is a praying parrot a moral parrot?

Always remember to wash your hands.

Dollhouses can be adorned with chairs, glassware, and of course books.

Debra She Who Seeks finds a new idol from England of 200 years ago.

RO looks at Gwyneth Paltrow, unread books, margarine, and corn insulation.

They don't need religion to be good.

At last, a truly classy-looking cell phone (found via Mike).

This Star Trek engineering deck was actually something rather different.

Can we please just be a normal country?

This anti-eavesdropping device sounds worth checking out.

The Christian god is a jealous god.

It's the modern work environment.

Hysterical Raisins reaches its blog mitzvah.

This guy sounds very insecure about something to me.

Check our the horror-inspired fantasy art of Les Edwards.

Donald Trump, film critic.

It's not "free stuff".

Music doesn't help productivity.  Silence does.

Show some respect for the world's greatest scam.

Pelosi rocks, Trump stinks, and Charlie Sykes gets the last word.

Wingnuts lie about what science said in the past.

Stop tolerating religious harassment.

Giant disease-bearing pests won't go away (how much would it cost to set up a few zillion BB guns hooked up to motion detectors?).

Here's a way to support bookstores in the age of Amazon.

1,100 military veterans condemn Trump's attacks on Vindman.

Burr Deming remembers a heroine of civil rights.

The American workplace enforces mass stupidization.

Does Hell eventually get even worse?

Speaking out about sexual harassment at Uber led to a nightmare of stalking and spying.

The US quality of life now compares poorly even to some developing countries.

States and cities are starting to reconsider the practice of offering hugely expensive tax incentives to wring a meager few jobs out of some giant corporation.

Trumpanzee hatred of the educated echoes an older precedent.

Bruce Gerencser recalls his years of slavish devotion to the God who never helped.

Chameleons go through one last color change after they die.

The coronavirus epidemic is probably only just getting started.

Read the gripping story of John Glenn's ride in Friendship 7 in 1962, the first orbit of the Earth by an American (found via Mendip).

Here's an image of the Sun taken through the Earth (found via Jerry Coyne).

Compare these metro systems.

The UK is about to have its first-ever Muslim gay pride festival.

Sorry, guys, the rules of your little private boy's club have no standing against civil law.

Activists in Argentina renew the push for legal abortion.

China's fascist regime doesn't want independent reporting on its handling of the coronavirus.

South Africa no longer looks like a natural leader for its region.

Trevor Noah and The Hill take closer looks at Bernie Sanders.

Don't repeat the mistakes of the 2012 loser.

For some, it's still not time to pay close attention to politics.

Steve M explains why Trump won't skip the debates.

Nevada showed that Sanders now has diverse support and is building momentum.  If he is our primary voters' choice for the nomination, then all the party must come together and support him in the general.  The establishment must stop playing games here.

The last thing we should be worrying about is whether Buttigieg is "not gay enough".

Bob Felton is disappointed in the candidates.

[1,130 days down, 332 to go until the inauguration of a real President.]


Blogger Mary said...

So many good ones. I signed up to follow a couple.

23 February, 2020 05:44  
Blogger Lady M said...

Thanks for including me in the link ups. I always enjoy reading through them. Some of these bloggers are so clever.

23 February, 2020 06:59  
Blogger Mary Kirkland said...

China is handling the Coronavirus? Yeah, like I'd believe anything their Government said. You know damn well they are lying abut something. They don't want any media there that might see some truth's that they don't want reported.

The dog pictures are entirely too funny.

23 February, 2020 10:10  
Anonymous c u n d gulag 0 said...

Thank you, InfIdel!

I look forward to your Sunday collection the same way my late father and I waited for the NY Times' Sunday Week in Review section!

23 February, 2020 11:03  
Blogger Mike said...

Great read. It sounded like my 31 years at the phone company.

23 February, 2020 13:27  
Blogger Debra She Who Seeks said...

HRH wants to know what's wrong with that cat riding on the labourer's back? Nothing that she can see.

"At least it isn't a drinking fountain" -- hahahahahaha! And I love the concept of a "blog mitzvah!" So great to read about the first Muslim Gay Pride to be held in London in April.

23 February, 2020 15:05  
Blogger RO said...

Always such a fun way to start the week, and meet new friends. I'll never look at washing my hands the same again(lol) Hugs and Happy Monday! RO

24 February, 2020 03:44  
Anonymous nonnie9999 said...

My internets have been totally unreliable lately (thanks, AT&T!), so I will get hopefully be able to get through the links before the next Sunday round-up. I just wanted to thank you for sending people over to the Blog Mitzvah. I saved you an extra matzoball to show my gratitude.

25 February, 2020 15:13  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Mary: There's a lot of good blogs out there.

Lady M: Thanks for the posts!

Mary K: Very wise. I don't believe their economic statistics either, or much of anything else.

Cund: Glad to be of service.....

Mike: Not all companies are that bad, but most of them have elements of such practices, at least.

Debra: She's riding on your back as you blog, isn't she? There has been a gay mosque in Paris for some time, I believe. The Muslims in Europe are mostly becoming quite assimilated to the culture.

RO: Thanks! I do wonder if that fountain might give Trump ideas.....

Nonnie: Well, a blog mitzvah is quite an occasion!

27 February, 2020 04:23  
Blogger Martha said...

Those dog images were hilarious! Talk about perfect timing for those pictures.

28 February, 2020 08:00  

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