17 November 2019

Link round-up for 17 November 2019

Various interesting stuff I ran across on the net over the last week.

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Wag softly and carry a big stick.  More dog humor here.

Bring back LOLcats.  And we have some LOLdogs too.  But how do they compare?  This cat pwned a bear.

Use dumbth to fight dumbth.

Blogger Justine creates a mini-cemetery.

Remember the golden age of SF puppetry (found via Mendip).  Also, "Novena Airport"?  Is that near the Vatican?

Evil and good can be hard to tell apart at a glance.

See the stunning tree of gold.

He came home to Jesus.

Read some handy tips for living.

RO looks at colonoscopies, James Bond, the swinger lifestyle, and a bunch of other stuff.

Twitter has difficulty with the concept of "German".

Here's how the Star Wars franchise went down the tubes.

Unacknowledged twins?

Have some Lovecraft illustrations.

Recognize the atheists in the foxholes.

Don't erase your past -- it's part of the truth.

Americans overwhelmingly support legal marijuana.

Steve Ruis discovers an almost transcendent example of bullshit.

Trumpanzees, here's why we don't like you.

When you ride Uber, you ride with Mohammad Bone Sawman.

Ohio contemplates an incredibly stupid law (but about Biden, see my comment).

Here are some ways to detect hidden cameras.

That sudden realization that the guy you're dating is just slightly nutty.

Don't fetishize getting over it.

Keep moving in until we overwhelm them with numbers, bwa ha ha.

Almost two-thirds of Americans want religion to stay out of politics.

On impeachment, Republicans frantically try to change the subject.  Plus, corruption and Bloomberg.

Don't fall for these myths about progressive taxation.

Is there a connection between religion and morality?

Samantha Bee exposes the truth about Paula White, Trump's "spiritual advisor".

Don Jr's book isn't a legitimate best-seller.

Christianity doesn't work on healthy minds.

You are being spied on (read the whole thing).

The full evil of Stephen Miller is out in the open.

What's a Catholic to do when he's convinced the Pope is a heretic?

There's another truth behind what you see.

Ralph Reed is all-in for Trump.

These people exist.  And they're really like this.

In the pre-civil-rights era, black veterans were feared by segregationists and specially targeted for violence.

The US has a shitload of dangerously under-maintained dams.  Do you live downstream from one?

Expose the cruel fraud of psychic powers.

Evangelical churches grow by cannibalism.

Here's what you need to do before throwing away a computer.

There were once dinosaurs in space, sort of.

A real patriot is one who puts the good of his country ahead of his own ambition.

Berliners troll Trump with the world's most famous failed wall.

Gangster regimes hate it when a small democracy stands up to them.

Ukraine got its aid, but..... (found via I Should Be Laughing).

The world's soon-to-be-biggest trade deal doesn't include the US.

The Hong Kong protests lose legitimacy if they resort to murderous violence.

No, we don't need another giant-ego billionaire pointlessly running for president.

Voting is like catching a bus.

No, holding the Senate impeachment-trial vote by secret ballot will not work to get rid of Trump.

More links here.


Blogger nothoughtsnoprayersnonothing said...

Thanks! Found several referrals to keep me busy on a cold Sunday morning.

17 November, 2019 04:43  
Blogger Tommykey said...

Thanks for sharing my Star Wars rant, Infidel!

I am very sad about what is happening in Hong Kong. I have been there four times, the last in 2015, and it is one of my favorite cities. I don't know what the end game is going to look like there, but I suspect the people of Taiwan are paying close attention to how the PRC handles the situation, given the PRC's covetous gaze towards Taiwan.

17 November, 2019 07:58  
Blogger Debra She Who Seeks said...

My favourite is the Tree of Gold! Just magnificent.

17 November, 2019 09:57  
Blogger Unknown said...

That Popular mmechanics link keeps sending me off to a fake antivirus site..just a heads up...

17 November, 2019 12:42  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

No Thoughts: Glad to help pass the time.....

Tommy: It was a good exposition of the problems with the series, and how the film industry ruins good ideas by over-exploiting them.

It seems that the Hong Kong protests are increasingly turning to violence and harassment of ordinary citizens (by wrecking train stations, for example). At that rate they'll lose popular support and the regime will be able to crush them with far less backlash.

Debra: It's a spectacular image.

Unknown: I tried the link immediately after seeing your comment, and again just now, and it worked normally for me. Unfortunately I have no idea what the problem is. You could try again in a day or two.

17 November, 2019 14:13  
Anonymous nonnie9999 said...

Hi Infidel,

I'm late to the party, as usual. You reeled me in with dogs. I can watch little dogs with big sticks videos for hours on end. I was driving a few months ago, and there was a dog walking up the sidewalk with some people. I think it was some kind of bulldog. He had what looked like half an oak tree in his mouth. It was hilarious. Of course, I had to click on the dog links.

I love the vaccine story. I have a nephew who refuses to vaccinate his baby daughter. It drives me right up the wall. There is no reasoning with him. He buys only organic food and even organic clothing for her, but he won't protect her with a friggin vaccine. Don't get me started.

Was that graveyard for Halloween? It's very cute, but where do you put a miniature cemetery? Do you put it by the front door to greet your guests. I'm a little confused.

The sci-fi marionettes look more like people than some people do these days. Have you seen the weird family living and working in the White House? More plastic than the marionettes, for sure.

The tree of gold is amazing (and I always thought gold leaf looked kinda cheap).

Oh, Jesus, it's a bird.

Tip for living (addendum): Make sure you don't go to a gym where Jim "Gym" Jordan is a member if you plan on taking your showers there (especially if you are eating a banana).

Okay, I have to force myself to stop clicking on links., because it's 4 in the morning. I keep saying just one more and then something catches my eye, and I have to click on it. As Scarlett (the original, not Lindseypoo Graham) said, "Tomorrow is another day."

Thanks for the link to The Raisin. Appreciated, as always.

Dammit! Just clicked on another one. Now I know how to find a hidden camera.

18 November, 2019 01:17  
Blogger Sixpence Notthewiser said...

I went down the rabbit hole there. Thanks for the links.
One that stuck? The one about the hidden cameras. Who knew?? Also, that photo!


18 November, 2019 01:28  
Blogger RO said...

Tree of Gold is quite wonderful, and the good vs evil was intriguing. Kept staring at that for quite some time. As alway, thanks for putting my name in lights, and hope your day is fabulous!! Hugs, RO

18 November, 2019 03:55  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Nonnie: The anti-vaccine thing is madness. The greatest life-saving technology ever, and some people refuse to use it because of religion or misinformation. They're failing their children.

I assume Justine has space in her house for art projects -- it would be kind of a necessity since Halloween unfortunately doesn't last all year. The houses of some of the Halloween bloggers must be pretty interesting.

Better not to go anywhere where Gym Jordan is a member.

You stay up to 4:00 AM? That's later than I get up in the morning.

Sixpence: The fox found the hidden camera -- can we do less?

RO: Funny that the cover art for two such different movies got such a similar design. There will probably be a movie about Trump someday, but I doubt the cover will show him looking thoughtful, if that's even possible.

19 November, 2019 04:43  
Blogger Martha said...

Cats, cats, cats! I always enjoy cat humour :)

And holy moly...the tree of gold. Astonishing!

19 November, 2019 07:25  

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