19 November 2019

Blogging notes

From time to time a few people have suggested making the links in the link round-up default to opening in a new tab.  Is there a widespread preference for this?  If there is, I'll try to figure out how to make it do that.  I've never been able to find a setting for it, but it must be possible, seeing how many blogs do have links work that way.

(I prefer to read links that way too, but I'm so used to right-clicking and choosing "open in new tab" that I just do it without thinking now.)

Also, has anybody tried this button which now appears at the bottom left of the dashboard:
I can't find any info about what it does, and since I'm using a very old and basic template (it was the simplest one available when I started on Blogger 13 years ago), I don't want to risk triggering some sort of upgrade that would mess up the sidebar.

Update (Wednesday, late afternoon):  Much thanks to everyone who commented.  In this how-to link given by commenter AZ Guy, I found the following:

At the time this is written, when you open a new page with target="_blank", the site you link to gains access to the window/tab containing your page and is able to change it (in the visitor's browser) to display a different web address.  This not only thwarts your attempt to keep visitors at your site (if that's your purpose), it's also a potential danger to them. For example, if you have a login page, the linked-to site may replace it with one on another site that looks like yours, but actually collects your visitor's login details.  This kind of attack is called "phishing".  Even if your site does not have facilities for visitors to log in, the linked-to site can replace it with a page that delivers malware. This vulnerability is not hypothetical.  The people from the Google Security Team have noted a "significant number of reports" of such "tabnabbing" being used to deliver malware.

Since I don't want to risk that kind of thing happening, and the majority of commenters seem to be OK with the links as they are, I'm just going to leave things that way.


Blogger Martha said...

I do prefer a link opening on another page but I right click, anyway, so it doesn't really matter. Still, if you start posting that way, it would be nice!

19 November, 2019 07:13  
Blogger Debra She Who Seeks said...

I don't care about the links opening in a new tab or not. And I haven't tried "the new Blogger" yet either, for exactly the same reasons that you note!

19 November, 2019 08:03  
Anonymous NickM said...

The right-click thing... I suspect a big deal here is the death of the mouse (for once here George the cat is not in the frame). But... touch screens! We generally don't use computers as much. Yes, this was sent via Kindle.

19 November, 2019 08:47  
Blogger nothoughtsnoprayersnonothing said...

There might be a way to set a new page option in the customization or edit html. I don't think it would be worth it to maybe mess up something. I can easily right click. I vote NO. Leave as is.

I think I wanted to try the New Blogger but didn't go on when it said "Continue." I guess you could start another blog and test it out.

19 November, 2019 12:12  
Blogger Jack said...

Clicking the "Try New Blogger" button won't mess with your template. That said, I don't see much of a difference in any of the new features so you aren't missing much. To make a link open in a new page, write your post in Compose mode. When you highlight the text you want to link and select the "link" button, the pop-up window where you enter the link will have a checkbox called "Open this link in a new window."

19 November, 2019 14:35  
Anonymous AZ Guy said...

Opening a link in a new tab. . .

I'd forgotten about right click - open in new tab. I've been left clicking and thenhitting the back arrow to return me to your blog.. . . What I disliked was that it usually returned me to the top of the page, then I would have to scroll down. Talk about first world problems. . .

Never ever touched a red button. . . or orange. . . Worked in Homer Simpson's industry

19 November, 2019 16:54  
Blogger Mike said...

When you're making a post and you highlight what you want to link, then click the link option at the top, a popup box (edit link) comes up with the place to put the URL. At the bottom of the box is an option 'Open this link in a new window'. Check it and the link will open in a new tab. My 'Open this link in a new window' comes up prechecked. And I can not find the option that set it up. It's driving me nuts.

What I did find was this page, http://www.technotraps.com/open-all-web-links-either-internal-or-external-in-new-tab/ . It has all kinds of suggestions with the main one being...

Steps to Open all External Links in New Tab :
Go to your blogger dashboard
Select your blog >> Template
Backup your template before editing
Click on “Edit HTML”
Find 'head' tag in HTML
Add 'base target=’_blank’ /> code just below the 'head' tag, so that it becomes :
'base target='_blank' />
Save your Template, you are all done !!
Now check, your all links will open in new tab.

I found this on other sites also. But I looked at my HTML and it's not there. (Design; Theme; edit HTML.) (Some HTML tags missing because blogger doesn't like them in comments.) (Go to the URL to see the correct code.)




The only thing I can figure is there used to be an option that 1. is now gone or 2. I can't find.

19 November, 2019 17:39  
Blogger RO said...

I'm okay either way. I just think it's cool that you give us other bloggers to visit with various topics. I saw that new Blogger thing and it made me nervous too, so I haven't clicked on it yet either. I think one of your posters said it would be okay to click on though. Hugs and thanks! RO

20 November, 2019 01:11  
Blogger Mary Kirkland said...

I do what you do and right click and open in a new tab. That's always the easiest for me. I haven't seen anything about the new blogger. I started blogging 13 years ago and haven't changed much on my blog since then.

20 November, 2019 09:35  
Blogger Adam said...

it doesn't change much of things.

20 November, 2019 14:36  
Blogger Victor said...

What RO, above, said!

20 November, 2019 16:54  
Blogger Vixen Strangely said...

I clicked the "New Blogger" thing and all it really did was present Stats in a way I found stupid and less functional. I clicked "back to classic blogger" after wondering in what way the presentation was any kind of upgrade. Not impressed!

24 November, 2019 20:19  

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