08 September 2019

Link round-up for 8 September 2019

Various interesting stuff I ran across on the net over the last week.

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This is the future liberals want.

Have some reptile cartoons.

Jabba the Hutt wants to molest your car.

You know what's going to happen here.

Justine's Halloween is already shopping for decorations.

Well, that's an incentive.

Typo of the week.

"All artists are guilty of the horny."

Where'd it go?

This was Carrie Fisher's house.

Somebody is idiotizing five-dollar bills.

"Jesus lives in my heart....."

Here's a remarkably smart and attentive dog.

This is me, but in the mornings.

RO looks at murder mysteries, car thieves, spiders, underwear, Reno, and a bunch of other stuff.

Whoever programmed this system was an idiot -- read the replies too (found via Miss Cellania).

"Be a freak and love yourself for it."

Pence is the quintessential Republican.

Is shopping for women's clothes really this bad?

See the Northern Lights over Iceland.

There's nothing wrong with "sounding gay" (whatever that even means).

Nine lives.....

The Catholic Church obsessively disapproves of one of the most harmless of all human activities.

Debra She Who Seeks has some reminders for Labor Day.  Here's one more.  Padre Steve looks at history.

Summertime brings assholes.

"In place of the nothing there is me / And always was."  Seriously, read this.

The internet still can't replace libraries.

The ICE raids in Mississippi have had some ripple effects.

This is both-siderism in a nutshell.

Facebook makes you sick.  So does pessimism.

Dorian was God punishing the Bahamas.

The corporate types are starting to believe their own bullshit, apparently.

Trump is scamming his marks with sharpie-gate.  And he's inspiring others.

There's a rich history of freedom from religion among black Americans.

Besides Verizon and its stupid rules, Tumblr has a problem with toxic culture (see last parts of post).

According to Mozilla, the current version of Firefox blocks tracking cookies.

Mall-Wart makes things tougher for poorer gun owners.

This particular scam is hard to avoid.

The blogs I Should Be Laughing and Lo Imprescindible express opposing views on naming-and-shaming Trump donors.

Millions of people believe they're surrounded by warring legions of invisible spooks (read the comments too).

What if Hitler had been assassinated in 1930?

Moscow Mitch is a hypocrite.  But you knew that.  And here's why he hates his new moniker.

Even within the US, supporters of the Beijing regime behave like thugs.

Times have changed.

Trumpanzees fall disgracefully silent about Trump's latest attack on military families.

Keeping teens ignorant about sexuality can only do harm.

Private ISPs had their chance -- it's time to nationalize the internet.

"It's not 'future liberals want' it's 'people conservatives want to eradicate'."  Notice the swastika avatar among the "likes" on the original post.

Fox News tells the truth for once; Trump throws a hissy fit.  His aides are more and more worried about his mental stability.

A bad enough diet can have serious consequences.

Here's a report from that "straight pride parade" in Boston.  Charges against arrested counter-protesters are being upheld.

Professor Chaos reports on that Catholic school which banned Harry Potter because they think it's real witchcraft.  Yes, the Catholic Church still has exorcists and the ritual still exists; exorcists have been ranting against Harry Potter for some time, and He Who Zings Rats has agreed.

A flagrantly anti-Semitic judge cannot give a Jewish defendant a fair trial.

Abuse can happen to anyone.

Privileging religious bigotry against gays opens the door for racism too.  The venue's apology is kind of weird -- generations of slave-owners and segregationists had no difficulty finding justification for their views in the Bible.  I think this person just freaked out at the backlash and wanted a pretext to back down.

No, the Amazon is not "the lungs of the planet", and no, it does not produce 20% of the world's oxygenMore here from an atmospheric scientist.  These fires are a real problem, but talking easily-refuted nonsense isn't helping anything.

India's lunar lander appears to have failed, though the orbiter part of the mission carries on.

Suicide is much more common in regions at high elevation.

Offshore wind farms are enhancing biodiversity.

Brain scans are helping us understand how dogs really think.

There's an art to taking naps.

A minor mystery about T-Rex skulls may have been solved.

The BAT can harvest wind energy from high in the sky.

In the UK, the enemies of democracy and independence have stopped a move to hold a new election.  A new election would likely produce an increased Conservative majority and thus ease the path to Brexit -- but the people must not be heard if they'd vote against what the pro-EU elites want.  Still, Johnson has some options.  His decisiveness after three years of fiddle-faddling around has probably improved the party's chances.  And May's Brexit deal may be back on the table.

At a tense political moment in the UK, a defector from the Conservative party proves toxic.

Iceland greets PenceMore here.

Demographic changes are forcing Hezbollah to be more restrained.

In Beirut, stand-up comedy pushes the envelope.

Call this what it is -- Islamic barbarism.

To handle the Middle East, we need to deal with Iran.

The return of theocracy to Afghanistan would be a disaster for women.

Indian authorities harass journalists as part of their media black-out in Kashmir.

China exports dirty coal power technology that exacerbates global warming.

The Indonesian government is blocking the internet as it tries to crush the independence movement in western Papua.

Days of mob violence and looting against foreigners in South Africa have led to reprisals against South Africans in Nigeria and a widening breach in relations between the two countries.

There are more fires raging in Africa right now than in the Amazon.

Joni Ernst doesn't understand democracy.  I wouldn't trust her with Social Security either.

Trump is the party, the party is Trump.

Here's an overview of Senate races where we have a shot.

Republicans are especially afraid of losing state legislatures next year.

O'Rourke and Abrams need to put ego aside and do the right thing.

Don't be misled by crowd sizes.

Marianne Williamson joins the right-wing "pray away hurricanes" crackpottery.  She deleted that tweet, but has also blamed mass shootings on entertainment media and video games.  Why doesn't this nutjob just run as a Republican?

Trump's response to the slowing economy is to bash the media and Democrats, perhaps laying the groundwork for a Dolchsto├člegende in case he loses next year.

Texas Republicans worry about their grip on the state.  The issue isn't so much Latinos, it's immigration of more liberal voters from other parts of the US.

Tribal leaders are determined to protect the vote in North Carolina next week.

In a milestone, the Democratic party explicitly embraces non-religious Americans.  I guess there are finally too many of us to ignore.

Here's Republican policy, summed up.

Inslee won't be President, but Warren has adopted his climate plan.

More links here.


Blogger Mary Kirkland said...

Reptile cartoons were funny. Jo-Ann's is a great place to shop for holiday decorations. They always have a great selection. I've found myself sewing up one of my dog's toys before and he sits there and looks at me exactly the same way while I'm doing it.

08 September, 2019 08:16  
Anonymous Marc McKenzie said...

Another solid list, as always.

All artists are guilty of the horny.....er, I plead guilty!

"Be a freak and love yourself for it." Very true. It's taken me a long time to just finally accept that I am pretty much living on a different path than many others. And if that makes me a freak, then so be it. It's not like I'm hurting others (thank heavens) and I suspect that being atypical--at least in a good way--is now considered attractive to some members of the opposite sex...at least that's how it seems to me.

(And hopefully I didn't offend anyone with that last statement!)

08 September, 2019 09:31  
Anonymous Pam said...

I'm curious.

When Boris Johnson prorogued Parliament, did you consider that an attack on democracy or not? I never saw your take on it.


Also, I like the links. I agree that O'Rourke should leave the presidential race (where he doesn't seem to have a chance) and run for the Senate.

However, New York Crank is being unfair to Abrams, who specifically ruled out running for president. She is organizing Fair Fight, an organization dedicated to ensuring elections are free and fair. If doing that results in a Senate seat outside of Georgia going to the Dems instead of being stolen by the GOP, it would be an even trade. If it results in multiple seats going to the Dems, she will have done more to help than she would have by winning a single seat.

We need to have people protecting our next election, and I think Abrams would do a very good job there.

08 September, 2019 09:54  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Mary: Surprising that Halloween decorations are already in the stores. I'm seeing them around here myself.

Marc: Sexuality has always been one of the driving forces behind art. And the world would be a much more interesting place if people felt more free to express their individuality. If you live your life the way everybody else thinks is right, you won't get another life to live the way you really wanted to. As for the opposite sex, it's better to find someone who's attracted to the way you really are.

Pam: Suspending Parliament is a bit disturbing, but the overriding imperative right now is to get Britain out of the EU, come hell or high water. So long as Johnson is committed to that, I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. And a lot of Parliament is attacking democracy by trying to stop Brexit.

I've expressed my admiration for Abrams before. NYC may have been harsh, but obviously my inclusion of something in the round-up doesn't mean I agree with it 100%. I thought his viewpoint was worth reading. Whether Abrams can contribute more via Fair Fight or by running for Senate is something people can legitimately disagree about.

08 September, 2019 11:22  
Anonymous nonnie9999 said...

Hi Infidel,

The reptile cartoons alone was worth the click over here.

Are those two geniuses going to recycle that brilliant strategery? Actually, it's a metaphor for the Twitler era. The Rethugs are the ones on the roof. Or are they on the garbage bin? I guess it works either way.

Jesus lives in someone's heart? I thought he was at the wheel? Who's driving?!

That dog is smart and adorable, but I am a little worried about who might have taken that video. It's a Dateline episode waiting to happen.

Sorry, but I can't trust the opnions of anyone who calls Candace Cameron Bure fabulous.

I remember during the Chimpy Bush years, there were a lot of sites that didn't allow anyone to say anything about Cheney, if you included his first name (which was also descriptive). The struggle is real.

Yes, shopping for women's clothing is that bad. I still don't know how anyone shops online for clothes. I would send everything back. What's really impressive on that page is the cup made out of a gum wrapper. I want to see a video.

Time to empty the dog before the links get too serious.

08 September, 2019 17:46  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Nonnie: Yeah, Bluebird of Bitterness has a lot of funny stuff -- well worth following.

I've seen a lot of videos like that "help me down" one and concluded that most people don't realize how heavy they are relative to the supportive strength of common objects. I'm surprised that recycling bin lid held up under the weight of even one person for that long.

I wondered who took the dog video, but I figured it was her boyfriend or something. That dog probably does the same thing fairly often.

I'm afraid I don't know who Candace Cameron Bure even is, but RO apparently considers me pretty fabulous too, so I have to assume her taste in people is impeccable.

"Empty the dog" -- heh.

08 September, 2019 19:19  
Blogger MJ said...

Yes, shopping for women's clothing is that bad. I wear a belt and cannot get more than three belt loops on women's jeans, not even the on brand whose sizing system used to work for me; also the pockets aren't big enough for my cell phone. I haven't even tried to find my size in women's clothes since I grabbed a shirt with fake pockets (I use pockets, too) in size large with sleeves that came just past my elbows. I checked to make sure it wasn't a girl's shirt that had been mis-located and then moved over to the men's section and haven't looked back.

08 September, 2019 19:38  
Blogger Sixpence Notthewiser said...

The cartoons were a hoot.
The Catholic Church never ceases to amaze me. The wrong way, of course.
You made me go to timber for that blog and I was kinda worth it.
Debra is a treasure.


08 September, 2019 19:48  
Blogger RO said...

What in the heck does "sounding gay" even mean? And for a boss to say that in the workplace is simply atrocious! Once again, I thank you for the shout out. You are truly the best! Hugs, RO

09 September, 2019 05:34  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

I'll leave a comment now, before I get interrupted by someone or something, otherwise, when I get back, I'll forget what I was going to comment ... but still going through these ... so much stuff here.

No, I head about Warren's climate plan (The Hill), I had no idea that it came from Inslee though ... Warren has so many bloody damn plans, I would need a directory to keep up with them.

WTF ... Trump stays in the Lincoln Memorial? ... more like a Lincoln Continental luxury car. Maybe they fantasized the word "memorial" for a mausoleum, and wish Trump was in it? ... no, I am confused on what they were thinking.

But, it's messed up about Trump jerry rigging that damn hurricane map, then pretending like he don't know who done it. If "he" didn't do it, he should have immediately, when seeing a mark-a-lot drawn on it, asked "where in Hell did this come from, and what does it mean". This is what I'm talking about ... he is a President, not some average Joe/ Jane spewing off on social media his opinions or whatever ... he does this shit all the time. I still don't trust him though, especially with his spending proposals ... I think another 4 years of this guy, would bring some harm to the economy/ spending as well. I don't know about Biden challenging him though, Biden has a good personality and such, I don't know much about him though, haven't read up on him. I didn't even know he ran for President 3 other times and got such low ratings ... I question, why democrats think he is such a strong contender too (?). I mean, I understand that the establishment likes him, but on the other hand, they say they want a "winnable" candidate. Watching Biden recently in his campaign, he's missing something, I am starting to wonder, if he's enough to stand against Trump? I know if Bernie got the nomination (even though I love Bernie), the media would be saturated with talk about the coming communist state, fear, run for the hills, commit suicide, run to Jesus, etc ... they would go apeshit, in how the corporate media would portray him (Bernie).

Interesting short piece by Caitiff/ Tumblr, as far as nationaizing the internet ... I've heard other stuff about nationalizing utilities too, it interests me, although, the lobbies of corporate America, will fight anything public, tooth and claw ... telling us, it's the end to life, choice, freedom, capitalism, etc, etc. What we see happening, is the exact opposite, and privatization of everything, and they are not going to stop, until they have it all. Funny thing though, as I was explaining to some folks over the weekend, and appeared they never thought this ... the more our public shit get privatized, the more meaningless our Constitution and rights across the board become (with more details of course).

Holes in the T- Rex skull ... makes sense ... I can imagine the heat/ humidity in that era, from what I gathered in read and video.

If you ban Harry Potter from kids, you must logically wonder, why you wouldn't ban the bible? No, I have not read Harry Potter, or viewed any of the films, so you can't say that I just love Harry Potter. I mean, the bible is FULL of the occult, horror, sci- fi, slavery, incest, sexual harrassment,etc

MIT Tech on offshore wind power systems ... interesting read ... I had no idea they were that large ofshore, that's equivalent to 50+ story buildings!

Straight Pride Parade in Boston??? ... I had no idea of it, but I guess, why not? I looked up to see if there was one in Dallas?, it appears we will have one (in the link below), in November ...Dallas City Hall Plazq ... geeezzz 10am to 9pm? ... what the f*ck would you do?, better be some bands and beers, hopefully not hanging out, taking about how happy you are to be straight and married. Well, at least I know if I would like an asswhipping, I could show up, holding a sign that sayz, "straight and married, and like ladyboys".


09 September, 2019 11:10  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

MJ: Yeesh, that sounds annoying. I'm glad I don't have to shop for women's clothes very much.

Sixpence: Even a lot of people who belong to the Catholic Church don't realize how bizarre it is, I think.

RO: Thanks! Yes, that boss was a fool who drove away a real asset. There are fools in management, unfortunately.

Ranch: Some doofus couldn't tell the Lincoln Memorial from the White House, apparently.

We'll have to see how Biden holds up under the stresses of campaigning. That's one benefit of a long primary period -- it shows which candidates have got what it takes.

Good point about the Bible. People don't realize how much weird and gruesome stuff is in there.

Yeah, wind turbines are huge. It turns out they get more efficient as they get bigger. Out at sea you don't get people complaining about them spoiling the view.

In Boston there's apparently some far-right group which keeps holding public rallies under various different guises. The straight pride parade was just the latest incarnation. The irony is that for a "straight pride parade", very few women went to it. We'll see if the Dallas one does any better.

10 September, 2019 02:05  
Blogger RO said...

Wow! I'm totally in love with Justine's pics of Halloween, and thank for sharing. Hugs, RO

10 September, 2019 04:54  
Anonymous Pam said...

"Pam: Suspending Parliament is a bit disturbing, but the overriding imperative right now is to get Britain out of the EU, come hell or high water. So long as Johnson is committed to that, I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. And a lot of Parliament is attacking democracy by trying to stop Brexit."

Wouldn't "suspending Parliament is a bit disturbing" be the same as "suspending Congress is a bit disturbing"? If it is, then why give Johnson the benefit of the doubt? I'm confused.

Also, I've read that Johnson's "no-deal Brexit" would violate the Good Friday agreement, while negotiating with the EU to produce a different type of Brexit could preserve it. One could argue that Johnson's plan would attack democracy by wiping out the Good Friday agreement without a vote. I may be too thick-headed to understand why violating the Northern Ireland Act would be preserving democracy, while ignoring the results of a non-binding referendum would be attacking it. Could you help me understand?

11 September, 2019 15:41  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

The British system is different, and I'm not sure what significance suspending Parliament has, or how unusual it is. As I said, making sure Brexit goes through is the biggest issue here. That's why I'm giving Johnson the benefit of the doubt. The machinations of those who are trying to stop Brexit entirely have to be defeated.

The only deal available is the one negotiated by former Prime Minister May, which Parliament refused to ratify several times while she was in office. She tried to negotiate a better deal, and Johnson would probably prefer to do the same, but the EU oligarchy has refused to negotiate. So unless the oligarchy changes its stance, the only options are a no-deal Brexit or a Brexit with May's deal. As one of the links indicates, there's a slim chance that May's deal could be brought up for a vote again -- and if Parliament approves it this time, that would be better than a no-deal Brexit. That's looking like a slim hope, though.

If the opposition respected democracy, they would (a) respect the people's decision in the 2016 referendum and stop trying to prevent Brexit, and (b) allow a new election, which would probably produce and enlarged Conservative majority and give Johnson a freer hand. Since they refuse to do those things, it's hard to see what other option there is than a no-deal Brexit. I don't think further delay would be a good idea. The political establishment has already had more than three years since the referendum. It's time to stop screwing around and get this done.

11 September, 2019 17:32  

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