18 June 2019

Quote for the day -- liberal yes, PC no

"The majority of America is with the Democrats on the issues.  They just find the 'woke' people irritating as hell.  In a new poll, 80% of Americans find political correctness to be a problem, including 75% of African-Americans, 74% of Americans under thirty, 82% of Asians, 87% of Hispanics, 88% of Native Americans.  If you're not a statistician, let me break those numbers down for you.  NOBODY LIKES YOU.  Including the so-called marginalized groups whose feelings you've decided need protecting..... When did liberals become the fun police?  Does anyone remember when conservatives were the ones with the sticks up their asses?"

Bill Maher (see also here)


Blogger Mary said...

Ok call me stupid, but I don’t get this post...can you explain it . Maybe it’s late and I’ll try it again the morning

18 June, 2019 20:14  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Mary: Maybe you're not familiar with the concept of political correctness. It covers a whole galaxy of things that the so-called "woke" people (self-appointed monitors of everyone else's speech and behavior) consider offensive for trivial or absurd reasons -- so called "cultural appropriation", ethnic Halloween costumes, actors of one race playing characters of another, any questioning of the ever-multiplying newly-made-up fake "sexual identities" and fake pronouns you see in certain areas of Tumblr, that sort of thing. They claim they're protecting minorities from being offended, but even most minorities apparently find political correctness to be just annoying. It's probably clearer if you watch the video the quote came from.

18 June, 2019 20:43  
Blogger Mary said...

Ok thanks...I get it now and agree...funny video!

19 June, 2019 03:42  
Blogger Dave Dubya said...

I get it. There are some over-sensitive people who take and see offense where none is intended.

So annoying.

Yet political correctness never took food from the poor, locked kids in cages, denied health care to the sick, lied incessantly, started wars, polluted the air and water, denied climate change, supported Trump, embraced white nationalism, obstructed justice, etc.but conservatism never gets blamed.

That would be politically incorrect, it seems.

19 June, 2019 07:37  
Blogger Sixpence Notthewiser said...

Ah! Woke. People who are:
Not racist
Not xenophobic
Not homophobic
Not misogynistic.

Got it.


19 June, 2019 08:22  
Blogger dellgirl said...

Just saying “Hi”, stopping in to see what's new with you and to show my face. Between your post and Mary’s comments, I don’t have any relevance to add to the conversation. I don’t have a “political” bone in my body, except to be sure to VOTE. And, I will be voting!

I hope you had a nice week so far. Wishing you a wonderful Thursday!

19 June, 2019 17:04  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Mary: Maher's a funny guy -- I don't always agree with him but he's always worth watching.

Dellgirl: Thanks! And to vote is the most important thing!

19 June, 2019 18:07  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Dave: Political correctness is nowhere near being the biggest problem out there, but it is annoying (and snotty and obnoxious), and it does need to be called out sometimes. And people (rightly) blame conservatism for all those things all the time.

Sixpence: No, read the quote and my response to Mary. The "woke" types define all those things in such a ridiculously broad way that they constantly take offense at things which any sane person can see are harmless, to the extent that they antagonize even most people on the left. They make anti-racism, etc. look ridiculous by association and give the right-wingers a line of attack to use against us all.

19 June, 2019 18:10  
Blogger Mary said...

I do feel it’s better to err on too much political correctness than become like trump and cult with crass and crude remarks and denigrating everyone but themselves.

20 June, 2019 05:44  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

It's true that it's not as bad, but those aren't the only options. Political correctness has evolved into a culture of scolding that constantly tries to regulate everyone else's behavior to an absurd degree. It deserves to be ridiculed without mercy. That doesn't mean becoming like Trump. If anything, the Trumpanzees have their own chip-on-the-shoulder attitudes (about different things) that make them more similar to the "woke" nuts than either of them are to normal people.

20 June, 2019 05:52  

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