16 June 2019

Link round-up for 16 June 2019

Various interesting stuff I ran across on the net over the last week.

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A con man meets his (more than) match.

Step up and take your pun-ishment.

Fonts matter.

".....until she succumbed."

Time for some bookish cartoons.

Use the Oxford comma.

Take the grand tour of Britain.

Have some baby owls.

This is not the future of men's fashion (I hope) (found via Mock Paper Scissors).

He really did meet the prince (found via Kiko's House).

Orangey the cat was one of the most prolific actors of the mid-twentieth century.

Debra She Who Seeks presents rainbow houses and first gay books.

Life at this school sounds more exciting than most.

Obama comments on a turban.

Where was this person shopping?

Miniaturopolis is an offbeat photo blog of "little people in the big world" (see a few posts and you'll get the idea).

Read a love story from the 1940s.

Trump already has a Presidential library, sort of.

The deli where the iconic scene from When Harry Met Sally was filmed will soon hold a commemorative fake orgasm contest (I wonder if having a real orgasm will be considered cheating).

This is the al-Kâzimiyyah Mosque in Baghdad.

Tell Me a Story has some good words for a bad man.

"There needs to be a gay ram sanctuary."

This product needs a different name.

What if you found yourself in an alternate world where the Beatles never existed?

He's the oldest gay in the village.

Dallas just had a hell of a storm.

Moline Skeptics looks at Tarot cards.

The creator of Pepe the Frog finally gets some justice.

This is the future conservatives want.

There's much to celebrate for Pride month, even in the time of Trump.  So celebrate by pwning some fundies.

This law needs to be stopped.

Whenever she so much as mentions politics, it moves the needle a bit.

Christian schools rely heavily on bullshitting.

The New York Times makes a bad decision.

Here's why conspiracy nuts have no credibility.

This Trumpanzee should have listened to his wife.

The Bible's incompetent storytelling gives it away as fake history.

Arrogant college administrators tried to bully a small business after three students were arrested for shoplifting.  It backfired, big time.

Most of the Pacific garbage patch isn't what you think.

Amid a major measles outbreak, New York has finally eliminated religious exemptions from vaccination.

Amazon's drive for shipping dominance is grinding its workers down more than ever.

"Community is not a spectator sport."

Atheism comes in many varieties.

Stop climbing Mount Everest (and shitting on it).

The Catholic Church once had two rival Popes -- maybe that could work today.

Here's the ugly reason why some people vote Republican.

Stagnant incomes and rising costs have made half of Americans effectively poor, while the richest 1% have accumulated staggering wealth.  In most countries this would be a formula for revolution.

Squirm and dodge as they may, Christians can't escape the plain meaning of Matthew 5:17-20.

Trump is pissed that the media are exposing his spin lies about Mexico and tariffs.  The reality is, he backed down.

Half of all US Catholics under 30 have left the Church, and for every person who joins it, more than six leave.

Yes, it makes sense to judge people by how they vote.

Alabama's new abortion law might best be called the Rapists' Reproductive Rights Act.

Some of the US right wing is openly proposing to abandon pluralism and democracy in favor of theocracy (read the links too).

Guys like this are, at least, sincere and open enemies.

"Atheism is not a philosophy.....it is simply an admission of the obvious."

They are listening -- to your children.

As the Trump administration fails us on climate change, state governments are taking action.

Do not tell me I shouldn't call these people "the enemy".

Printers will always be bad, because that's how the free market works.

Modern life is changing the human skeleton.

A potential vaccine against Alzheimer's shows promise, though testing and approval in the US will be glacially slow.

US embassies abroad defy Trump's ban on gay pride flags.

Here's what refugees from Honduras are running from.

Ecuador just legalized gay marriage.

Balloon Juice and Stonekettle Station examine the highly-suspicious Gulf of Tonkin Oman incident.

Never forget Tiananmen.

After massive protests, Hong Kong's government has "suspended" a bill to allow extradition of prisoners into the clutches of the murderous mainland-China gangster state.

Botswana takes a step forward.  Mali is a bit of a mess, largely due to religion.  And the Congo's Ebola outbreak has jumped the border into Uganda.

Buttigieg sets out his foreign policy plans.

Biden continues to focus on TrumpHe knows better than to seriously embrace bipartisanship.

Warren explains how she'd get it all done.  Her plans are economic patriotism.  And her campaign is gaining strength.  She reminds some people of Hillary, but there are important differences.

Here's an analysis of how socially and economically liberal the various candidates are.

This flagrantly-corrupt Jim Crow law could determine Mississippi's next Governor.

We need fewer Presidential candidates and more Senate candidates.

By large margins, voters in Texas support Roe v Wade and oppose anti-gay discrimination.

If Warren is the nominee, will Schultz sabotage her, or will Amash sabotage Trump?

It's nice to see some fragmentation on the right instead of just among ourselves.

Shower Cap tries to keep up with the Trump atrocity carnival.

More links here.

[878 days down, 584 to go until the inauguration of a real President!]


Blogger Debra She Who Seeks said...

Oh, those font ones, LOL! Personally, I am opposed to use of the Oxford Comma generally, but even I admit that sometimes it IS absolutely necessary.

Love the Grand Tour of Britain! But, you know, in Canada we have place names like Dildo, Newfoundland and Climax, Saskatchewan so we're no slouches in the naming department either.

So WHERE is Orangey's Oscar, huh? HUH?

Tove and Vivica, a great love story! And I'm glad Pepe the Frog's creator got a big lawsuit win!

16 June, 2019 19:10  
Anonymous nonnie9999 said...

Hi Infidel,

I enjoyed the email exchange. I've been aggravated by all the telemarketing phone calls I've been getting on my home phone, so lately, I use my cellphone and call them back (with my number blocked, of course). If someone answers (it's a toss-up at best), I wasted as much of their time as possible before I let loose with the 4-letter words.

i love puns, fonts, cartoons, miniatures, and the Oxford comma, so my day is made!

I thought Pennsylvania had the best place names, but it has nothing on the Brits! Can I be a pit critical and point out that Cock Bridge, Dick Place and Cock Alley would have been even funnier if they were located on the Isle of Man.

I remember Orangey. What an actor!

I love passive aggression. I would totally love to help painting houses like that or putting up rainbow lights (even if I am relentlessly straight).

A Twitler liberry should have rows of toilets to commemorate the fact that Twitler only reads when he's on his toilet, and no work displayed should have more than 280 characters.

A fake orgasm contest? Why would men even bother to compete when women have had decades and decades of practice?

That mosque is amazingly beautiful, I love the good words for the bad man, but I would add 'dotard,' mostly for the historical significance. Remember how few people ever heard the word before Little Rocketman revived it.

We get some nasty rainstorms down here in Floriduhhh (got stuck in one just the other day), but that one in Dallas is scary!

I celebrate every time Alex Jones and his ilk get their asses served to them on a platter. Know what that means? I'm going to get some ice cream, and I'm gonna eat it as I click on the rest of the links. I'll just add, shame on the New York Times. They are cowards. All they have to do is hire a decent editor.

16 June, 2019 19:49  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Still scanning through these, but a few words since I'm here.

I was a bit surprised, as far as some looking at Warren as like Clinton or whatever ...I have no idea what they see to compare the 2 even slightly as being alike ... but that's just me. I didn't even know about this S.2080 bill of Warren's, I have to read into it, I'll probably not be for it, but I don't expect to agree with warren on everything. I'm a big fan of Warren, been for years, and would just love to see a debate between her and Trump! {:-)

An interesting read for me was from Sainato on Amazon ... I read bits and pieces here and there on Bezos and his crew and vision. But I wonder just how big they plan on getting? ... then of course, you promote the need for even more acquisitions and mergers from these giants, because they all complain that they need to get bigger to compete, so not just Amazon, but a shitload of others, to me it's just a mess. Connects to what Grey- Haired Geekgirl sayz about community not being a spectator sport ... but that IS EXACTLY what we are being programmed to become. Was with my granddaughter, Sharmain, over the weekend. Sharmain is in her freshman year in high school, for the last couple years, her dream has been to go to work for NASA, and she has so far, the type of grades to get a scholarship too. But I was joking with her over the weekend, saying, I hope we still have NASA in the near future, because she may have to go to work for Bezos, if he takes over that too. I did promise her, I will rent a car this year though, and take her to spend a day with me at NASA/ Houston ... because she never been there. Yes, the contractors are responsible for everything, and the wear and tear on your vehicle means alot when it needs to go to the shop. I've known contractors for years, and that is what they are trying to turn our workforces into, believe it, Texas is a has been a contractor heaven before it was even popular. They want to even do it to our Post Office. I know a guy here in my neighbourhood, he's 25, single, has a newer car ... he worx for like 3 or 4 places doing deliveries (can't remember their names off hand, but they're popular), he also worked before that for Uber. He likes that he can work his own hours, but is young, and hasn't yet had to experience much car repairs ... he left Uber, because he said it was going downhill on pay. But the other day he was telling me ... he just don't pick up and deliver for restaurants and grocers ... much of the time, he has to go into the grocery store and also do the shopping, and he strongly depends on tops. Of course he can take off whatever dayz he needs or work whenever he feels, he likes that part.

West African kidder and NY Crank story was amazing ... unbelievable how many people actually does fall for some of this stuff online though. I mean like, you don't even need to be an experienced hustler, to stop and think twice about some of this rubbish. But, I guess folks are alwayz looking and expecting on getting something for nothing ... that a rule I taught myself at a young age, to watch for what looks to good to be true.

Never even realized how bad the plastic net thing was in the oceans, but makes sense ... I guess, next time I'm in a place of business and they give me a straw, I should tell them to not give me something so evil {:-)

Gay Rams, aren't bringing in enough money? ... I mean, WTF? ... I Never even thought of gay rams {:-) ... ram that booty, Rudy!

Unbelievable, yesterday as I'm responding to your comment on my blog about the storm, exactly one week after the one I wrote about (how likely is that to happen?), we get hit again ... within 30 minutes, over 100,000 blacked out of power yesterday ... this time, I got lucky .... geeezzz, at least it wasn't as bad as last weeks, but yes, alot of new damage yesterday. And we have rain in the forecast all week still. .... Laterz

17 June, 2019 07:37  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

BTW, I read the love story too, it was interesting, and it's fact, that I do like romance stories and even movies ... some of my buddies find that hard to believe, but I really do. One lady asked me if I'm gay, because I like Mini Cooper cars, and like the movie Titanic. But I have alwayz been in love at one time or another my whole life, so I love seeing young couples in love and the ups and downs of the relationships, as far as story lines. Call me queer, that's fine {:-) Interesting, I have my grandma's diary, from the 1920's, I enjoy reading it, and trying to picture back in the day, and her love of 20's and 30's swing music etc. It's amazing just how liberated women seemed back then, at least, she certainly seemed like it.

17 June, 2019 07:46  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Debra: It's amazing that the owners of those businesses could put those signs up and not notice.

In Portland we have an intersection called Wanker's Corner. Never been there.

It must have been maddening for the Pepe guy for all these years, seeing something he created turned into a Nazi symbol. It can never be detoxed, really.

Nonnie: It's very satisfying when one of these con men gets a dose of his own medicine.

Britain is full of odd place names. The Isle of Man does have villages called Ballabeg and Ballasalla. There's also a Bride there, and something called The Cronk.

If Twitler ever gets a lie-brary, it should be spelled thus.

It's funny about "dotard". I didn't realize that was a rare word until it came up that Kim had used it, and even that was presumably a translation of something he said in Korean.

It's great to see Alex Jones finally paying a price after all the horrible things he's done to people.

Ranch: Clinton and Warren are both older women with a lot of policy ideas. For some people, that's enough to consider them practically the same.

These giant entities like Amazon tend to just keep growing and growing with no natural end-point. They'll consume everything if they're allowed to. I hear Facebook is thinking of starting its own currency. We need someone like Warren in power to cut them down to size.

Last I heard, homosexuality has been observed in about 450 animal species. My guess is, it exists in pretty much all mammals on some level.

I'm afraid the storms will just get worse and more frequent, with climate change. It's happening everywhere.

18 June, 2019 07:47  
Blogger RO said...

Love that you share all the neat things that are out there on the web, and the bookish one really hit home, and had me laughing out loud. Hope your day is amazing! Hugs...RO

20 June, 2019 03:22  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Glad you find it interesting!

20 June, 2019 05:52  
Blogger Martha said...

These posts are always fun. And somehow I'm always trying to catch up...haha... I use the Oxford Comma whenever I think it's fitting. And thanks for mentioning my Miniaturopolis blog. It's my fun place!

24 June, 2019 18:13  

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