30 September 2018

Link round-up for 30 September 2018

Happy Blasphemy Day!  Celebrate by blaspheming the deity of your choice.

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I'm baffled by this photo -- it looks like either some horrifying alien incubator, or an orange that's somehow being used as a battery (found via Professor Taboo).

Modern girls use old-style phones.

♫♫Walk the dinosaur!♫♫

They can't really be this stupid.  They just can't.

OK, this is even stupider (here's the real explanation).

Different drinks for different folks.

Hysterical Raisins canonizes Saint Brett the Virgin.

This looks cool as hell, but watch out for low bridges.

Try a new baked potato recipe.

Apparently Mormon bubble porn is a thing (but the concept actually comes from -- where else? -- Japan).

Turtle time!

This kind of nuance must drive foreigners nuts when they study English.

Scottie has some more religion imagery.

Professor Chaos has some fun with stupid headlines.

Big things are big.

Don't be a slave to the phone.

Vanilla is good.


See color photos of Paris -- from 1909.

"The things found on the earth are kept by the collector."

Which would you prefer -- being able to see the future or change the past?

Ghosts can indicate a more serious underlying problem.

Christine Ford touched the bell.

Yes, we can afford Medicare for all.

Atheist writer ObstacleChick addresses Evangelical women.

Some Catholic priests in Pennsylvania molested girls, not boys, in some cases impregnating them.

Avenatti is not intimidated at all by Trump.

Pope Francis is a totally irredeemable piece of shit (found via Scottie).

This list reads like it was written by somebody who was guilty of something.

The Kavanaugh fight has become part of the culture war.  The one-week investigation has begun, but we don't know how comprehensive it will be.

Green Eagle looks at some characters at the Kavanaugh hearing (do click on the photo under #3 to see it full-size -- it's revealing).  Here's a round-up of coverage of the hearing.  Shower Cap reviews it, his way.  Even if he's innocent, Kavanaugh may be too dishonest and too volatile for the Supreme Court.

Bryan Fischer says Kavanaugh's accusers are doing the work of Satan (maybe he's following Pope Francis's example).  48% of white Evangelicals say they would support Kavanaugh even if the accusations are true.  Here's some more of the enemy's attitudes, and here's how the QAnon qrackpots are reacting.

Keep track of Republican rape gaffes with this handy chart (found via Crooks and Liars).

Christianity must evolve to fit the time of Trump.

The Carpentariat and Progressive Eruptions observe McConnell's abject hypocrisy.

Galileo tried to play nice with the Church.  It didn't work.

Here's what Finland is like.  It wasn't always so.

A year ago other countries were trying to get along with Trump -- now they're learning to just work around him (found via Mock Paper Scissors).

A democracy should not coddle a theocratic thug (needed:  a "baby Erdoğan blimp").

Russia managed to get through three fake kings in a dozen years.

Google is being evil, and is trying to shut up employees who don't like it.

China is trying to educate Iowa voters about trade wars.

These politicians are dumb.

Trumpanzees just want to "own the libs", but what if McConnell can't deliver?

[619 days down, 843 days to go until the inauguration of a real President!]


Blogger Debra She Who Seeks said...

Lots of good links today but my fave is the t-shirt that says "May contain urine," LOL!

30 September, 2018 07:12  
Blogger Mary Kirkland said...

Texting on an old phone. That was pretty funny.
That baked potato is scary and funny.
I had no idea there were so many different kinds of turtles. My brother has two small pet turtles.

30 September, 2018 08:16  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

The China in Iowa on tariffs thing (Bloomberg) was interesting, because I didnt know China was working them ... makes sense though. I agree with Trump on the trade deficit with China, alwayz did, even before he brought it up ... however, the tariffs thing is going to create more of a mess than we realize. So, we have the trade deficit ... just let it go, that's "business" ... and find other wayz to improve "ourselves" as trading partners ... I'd just let it go.

I had no idea that there was photos going around now with dinosaurs as late as mid 19th century America ... um, um, um ... imagine that! There is a big increase on this uniting dinosaurs with humans thing ... you know religion motivates this shit too. I just look at all this stuff like the Flintstones cartoons that I watched on the tele when I was a kid. .... PROOF!? ... just like these folks that tell me the Earth is flat or whatever ... PROOF!? As far as I'm concerned, I hate to spend much time reading some of this stuff.

Beautiful colour photos of Paris ... some of the colour photoes I first seen of around mid 19th century, did not look as vivid in colour and sharp as those! ... really nice though.

Wow, Piggly Wiggly story, but yeah, someone takes your shit/ money, the response is justified ... wow, because I never heard of Piggly Wiggly in years, decades ... I remember them in the 1970's Atlanta.

So ole Brett is a saint now, eh? ... that sounds likely, since we live in America ... I seen ole Trumpster on the tele news ... talking about how great, marvelous, beautiful, loving, etc, etc (you know how he describes everything to the max) I expect this coming out of Trump, they are alot alike (him and ole Brett) ... maybe they should jump in bed together and suck each others dicks. Actually, you may not believe this, but if I met Trump face to face, I would tell him that too. Trump is more full of shit than a sewage treatment plant. Everything he does is for "his" gain, hasnt a f'n thing to do with love of country. And personally I think he wants Kavanaugh in there for his own reasons, Trump is going to be facing some challenges to come, as far as the court. Kavanaugh dont even have the temperament to be on that court, as some have pointed out after this hearing ... and he dont. Another thing, you get this guy on the court, especially the anger he has openly displayed to democrats, that he said are out to attack him (which I agree there are several that are), he may hold it against liberal folks for years to come, because of what he thought they are doing to him, and it may punish many american women, or rights of others, in his decision making. He is angry, and I feel that, that will affect his judgement in such a position. I'll just leave it there, little burned out on it.

Jake tapper to Alex Cortez, on where will she get $40 trillion for all she wants ... you know, Jake and all those folks up there are paid to do a job, when doing news on "certain" ($$$$) issues, issues that affect there shareholders and sponsors. It's alwayz the same f'n excuse year after year, over and over ... "where will we get the money?" ... it's sickening corporate controlled rubbish! We start by cutting these MF's entitlements, and give ourselves back some of ours, and our own bloody tax dollars! These MF's up there waste our taxes out the ass, and alwayz telling us were broke ... MF's even have a slush fund for when they sexually abuse their employees or whoever, with our f'n money! None of them SOB's alwayz telling us this and alwayz cutting us are broke. We'll never have no f'n money and alwayz be in debt to these bastards, if we keep sucking up their shit. ... I'm outta here ....

30 September, 2018 08:57  
Anonymous NickM said...

Several years ago when my brother lived in Japan there was a brief phone craze for taking an old skool rotary home phone and sticking cellphone guts in it and using it as a mobile. Old skool ringer and everything. People carried them in satchels. Japan. Gotta love the weird.

30 September, 2018 09:37  
Blogger Bruce.desertrat said...

That potato recipe reminds me all too well. We have a combo microwave/convection oven that I often use in convection mode to reheat baked goods.

One time I popped in a large piece of cornbread (in a metal pan, of course) to give it 15 minutes at 250 degrees to reheat properly.

To accomplish this you enter the time: 1-5-0-0 then press the 'Convection' button, then the number key associated with the temperature you want, in this case 5. Press start and go off to the other room.

A while later later I smelled something, go into the kitchen and there are sparks flying inside the microwave and it's full of smoke. Open it up and run the smoking, stinking pan outside to cool. Where there was originally cornbread was this completely (and I mean completely ) carbonized block of charcoal, that looked for all the world like the 'Block of pure evil' from the ending scene of the movie Time Bandits.

And that is what happens when you put a tin pie pan with a large chunk of cornbread in the microwave and because the 'Convection' button didn't register, and the 1 rolled off the end, you microwave it on high for 50:05 minutes. (or actually about 25 minutes when I noticed...)

Took WEEKS to get the stink out of the oven...

30 September, 2018 11:57  
Anonymous nonnie9999 said...

Happy Blasphemy Day, Infidel. Has it really been a year already?

Trying to figure out if the cat with a chipmunk on its back is a metaphor for the GOP not being able to shake Twitler or St. Brett the Virgin not being able to shake his alcoholic past (and present?). You know, come to think of it, I am not being fair to the cat. Or the chipmunk.

When it comes to Deborah Ramirez and Stormy Daniels comparing notes, I doubt that what had been exposed to them could every employ the words "massive" or "enormity." That's like comparing apples and oranges, or maybe mushrooms and pickled beets.

Why can't oranges be used for electricity? Haven't you ever heard of orange "juice?"

Maybe we need to target those who voted for Kim Jong-un, too. (Why is the tune from Love Story playing in my mind right now?)

Dinosaurs were not killed in the Civil War. They populate most of the Rethuglian side of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Were those "may contain urine" t-shirts required uniforms for hookers hired by Twitler in Moscow?

Thank you for the link to The Raisin!

Is that dragon a hood ornament gone awry, or is the car towing an artifact from a Civil War battlefield? (I heard they killed dragons as well as dinosaurs.)

Who hasn't cooked food that way? I almost burn down my kitchen at least once a week.

What happens to Mormons who want to masturbate to Swiss cheese porn but are lactose intolerant? Maybe we should ask Orrin Hatch's office about that kind of "three-ring-fecal-festival." (Did you see that tweet?)

Those turtles are very impressive. Much more impressive than Yertle McConnell.

I think people would read more if the headlines were that honest.

I am feeling very small after seeing those comparisons. I knew traffic lights were a lot bigger than they appear, but I had no idea those road signs were that huge. Twitler is probably wondering why his inauguration crowd wasn't included in that round-up of things that appear to be a lot smaller than we think they are.

Funny how much more real old pictures feel when they are in color. When I was a kid, I always thought the past was in black and white. I couldn't imagine my parents' or grandparents' childhoods in color.

I like that story about the twenty bucks. Maybe St. Brett the Virgin is right. What goes around, comes around. Not exactly judicial, but...

Maybe the question might be: Would you change the past, not knowing what might happen in the future as a result?

This is where I take my break. I'll empty the dog, make something to eat and read some more while I stuff my face.

Thanks for an excellent link selection, Infidel.

30 September, 2018 12:49  
Blogger Martha said...

So many great links this week! Could people be that...um...ignorant? Apparently yes, yes they can :)

P.S - Thanks for adding one of my posts to this list. Very much appreciated :)

30 September, 2018 16:35  
Blogger W. Hackwhacker said...

Infidel - as you probably have guessed, the century-old color photos of Paris link was a knockout for me. Always great links, every week!

01 October, 2018 08:35  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Debra: Well, whatever floats their crank or yanks their boat, or however that goes.....

Mary: I thought the texting thing was funny. And I hadn't heard of most of those turtles either.

Ranch: These morons are so gullible that they easily get fooled by even the most obviously impossible photo. I saw a post on the net one with a photo the guy was claiming was a real dead alien from Roswell. It took me about one minute of searching to find that it was actually a prop from a science-fiction movie.

Kavanaughty is already a saint to the wingnuts, and if he's not confirmed, he'll become a martyr. But the people who will really be remembered are the women who came forward.

This is an old Republican scam -- they give huge tax cuts to the wealthy, which explodes the deficit, and then they announce that the government suddenly "can't afford" entitlement spending and they need to "reform" (cut) Social Security or whatever.

Nick: Oh, I do love the weird from Japan!

Bruce: Gotta watch those microwave ovens. Never know what they'll do when your back is turned.

Nonnie: That chipmunk must have felt pretty smug. Hell of a story to tell his friends, too.

As soon as I saw the blog name "Massive Enormity", I thought I know what it wasn't about. Guess I was wrong, though.

I've often thought most Republicans' brains are so tiny they don't realize they're extinct.

That car dragon photo will probably be picked up by creationists as evidence that dinosaurs are still alive today.

That would be a definite problem with changing the past. Some effects would be unpredictable and that would be more and more the case as time passed.

Martha: There's no limit to the dumbth of the Trumpanzees. Thanks for the post!

Hackwhacker: Glad you found them of interest!

02 October, 2018 04:03  

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