23 September 2018

Link round-up for 23 September 2018

Various interesting stuff I ran across on the net over the last week.

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Here's a fashion show with.....something missing.

I'm usually the cat.  Or this one (found via Calvin).  But this is just moggy abuse (found via She Who Seeks).

You'll never actually see a pink elephant, but this is the next best thing.

You just know who this person voted for.

It's happened to me more times than I can count.

Cat time!

Looking for a religion to join?  Consider theirs.

This is what happens when you put the burden of proof on the one who challenges the claim rather than on the one who makes it.

Ranch Chimp looks at America's hottest gay celebrity couple.

What you have seen and known, you cannot unsee or unknow.

Well, this is an attention-getting way to display cacti.

Wear your literacy on your chest (over at the site they have shirts for Heart of Darkness and The Origin of Species too).

In the unlikely event that you want to cosplay Donald Trump Jr, this is now available.

Donna of Tell Me a Story blog just visited Oregon -- the Badlands, the Bend area, Bend itself, the Painted Hills, Multnomah Falls, and Portland.

That rusty sword has a history.

Enough with the so-called brutal honesty.

This library has no windows, for good reason.

Some relationships aren't worth keeping.

Solve the problem of sex abuse by talking to a cookie.

I don't get this mentality at all.  Surely an intelligent and thoughtful person is more interesting to be around?

"Women for Kavanaugh" has a shortage of.....women.

The wingnuts have a new gross and disgusting fad (found via Mike the Mad Biologist).

Americans support college diversity, but not racial preferences.

Pope Francis again compares the accusers of molester-protecting bishops to Satan, and even seems to be comparing the bishops and himself to Jesus.

The excuse-making for Kavanaugh reveals the hypocrisy of "purity culture".

Some Trumpanzees may seem to be nice as people, but certain beliefs put an individual beyond the pale.

Yeah, Michele Bachmann is still around.

The cowards will be remembered.

As anticipated, hurricane Florence's flood waters are full of toxic pig shit and coal ash -- and floating masses of stinging ants.  The filth gushing out into the Atlantic is visible from space.  But hey, God devastated the Carolinas to save Pat Robertson!

Kavanaugh's career has been a trail of political slime.

Hayabusa-2 has landed two rovers on Ryugu, the first time rovers have ever been placed on an asteroid.

A new book discusses how religion doomed a whole country to generations of pointless conflict.

An open-air book market illustrates how Mosul is recovering from the horrors of Dâ'ish (ISIL).

The US is betraying Kurdish hopes for independence in favor of meddling in the morass of Iraqi politics.

The Chinese regime exploits technology to create a totalitarian nightmare.

Green Eagle speculates on what Republicans might do if we win this November.

Calvin has a new round-up of Trump images.

Shower Cap reviews the news.

A bit of psychological projection here, I think.

Primary turnout has been a positive sign.

Attempted rape is no big deal, especially if it doesn't succeed -- the spirit of Akin lives!

Remember Merrick Garland, and let the anger fuel you.

The timeline of Republican defenses of Kavanaugh suggest that they know he's guilty.

Texas Republicans tried to appeal to a non-Christian religion.  It didn't go well.

[Image at top from JAXA]


Blogger Ten Bears said...

Were anyone to ask, Restless Northwest, A Geological Story, by Hill Williams.

Ninety million years of history packed into a hundred and sixty pages. I highly recommend it to anyone with an interest in Cascadia, in the Pacific Northwest.

Actually, I just highly recommend it.

23 September, 2018 10:00  
Blogger Scottie said...

Another great set of eye opening posts. Thanks. Hugs

23 September, 2018 10:23  
Blogger Mary Kirkland said...

The fashion show without models is actually kinda sad.
I'm surprised they got that cat and dog to sit int he bike basket together without killing each other. lol
I love that people are painting the ivory on animals that pink color so it can't be sold or eaten. Killing an animal for their tusks is disgusting.
I think I'm gonna tweet some of those book related pictures on Twitter. They're so true.

Thank you for adding a link from my blog to your links. I'm glad you enjoyed the post.

23 September, 2018 11:23  
Blogger Adam said...

Bachmann needs an involuntary stay at the crazy house.

23 September, 2018 16:21  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Just a few comments here while I'm going through these. I was watching the Cowboys up in Seattle, and Seattle is walking all over Dallas like red- headed step children! No excuse either, Dallas just sucks this year! Even the weather in Seattle is perfect, 60's, sunny etc {:-(

Oh yeah ... ole Rosa Rubicondior wrote a book on religion and Ireland, as far as f*cking it up ... cool. There are a slew of countries she could have picked, but yeah, Ireland, considering being a European country, is a good choice, that place been through Hell ... weird what Hell all these Heavenly religious havens have to go through,eh? {:-)

I have been following Hurricane Flo too. I heard Trump was there the other day ... I think he said something like, "there is alot of water" ... of course, he said he is sending a bunch of money and of course "PRAYERS". ... um, um, um ... you would figure with all the high dollar education his parents paid for, that he would have some more input ... guess his parents got ripped off. You know, I think all these pop- culture ministers like Robertson and the gang, love these disasters too ... they alwayz paint these as "signs of what's to come or whatever" ... you know ... end days, revelations, etc. These folks are miserable, and we all know that misery loves company ... and it makes money. I alwayz like to hear Paul Begley on YouTube ... this dude is hilarious ... like everything is the end dayz ... wonder if their shows are included to have an end?, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {:-)

Cool piece on the rovers on the asteroids now.

Real nice photos on that person's visit to Oregon too. I was talking to this feller the other day, he was wanting to visit Seattle, he never been in the Pacific Northwest. I was telling him (even though I havent been to Seattle), that he should definitely go to Portland. I havent been there in a decade ... but it is really a cool town, people are friendly, nice laid back atmosphere, cool for arts, music and inde business not totally taken over by banks and corporations (yet), etc. It's unique, trust me, I been to alot of towns across this country ... and Portland is really cool!

The posting you linked in here from my blog about Bert and Ernie, was not to insult gay folks, (I'm about as pro- LGBT as you can get) as one guy thought who was viewing it over at my house. It was (as I explained to him), an insult, as the whole series is, as to some American's thoughts and hysteria. My daughter thought it was funny as Hell, reading the cartoons, and several of her closest friends are LGBT.

Pink dye on the tusks to make it so they cant sell ivory? ... never heard that one, need to look into it ... but if so, that's cool. I mean, I shouldnt bitch, I done quite a bit of hunting when I was younger, but it wasnt to sell animals ... I did eat several though ... I changed in some areas over the years.

I'm just so happy, that there has been some attempt to stop Kavanaugh, even if he had a spit and polish record, I would feel the same way (it's like the whole f'n court is turning right wing, with no balance). The picks for SCOTUS really bother me more than elections in a way, we cant vote these SOB's out every 2 to four years, eh?

Laterz Infidel ....

23 September, 2018 16:45  
Anonymous nonnie9999 said...

Hi Infidel,

I got here late today. I only clicked on the first link so far, but I am wondering if there is any difference in having clothes whoosh by on a hanger and having them whoosh by on an anorexic wraith that most runway models are?

23 September, 2018 19:32  
Blogger Rosa Rubicondior said...

Thanks for the shout for my new book, A History of Ireland: How Religion Poisoned Everything.

23 September, 2018 23:59  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Thomas: Thanks for the recommendation.

Scottie: Thanks!

Mary: We can always count on Saudi Arabia for puritanical weirdness. About the animal photos, they're actually "enhanced" a bit -- the dye isn't really that vivid in color. But it's enough to give them some protection.

Adam: Bachmann is pretty wacky. I sometimes think they keep her around to make other Republicans look sane by comparison.

Ranch: Ireland is a good example because religion is the only dividing line. If it weren't for religion there wouldn't even be two distinct groups.

Trump actually said Florence was "one of the wettest we've ever seen, from the standpoint of water." Frankly he's the dumbest President we've ever had, from the standpoint of dumbth.

A lot of those blog reports on Oregon were new to me, too. I live in Portland but there's a lot of the rest of the state I've never been to.

Nonnie: I've never seen a model who looked anorexic.

Bill: Glad to see you're still writing.

24 September, 2018 04:41  
Blogger Professor Chaos said...

"Carnivorism." Clogging your arteries and courting heart disease to own the libs. This is definitely the best idea Jordan Peterson has ever had.

24 September, 2018 12:58  
Blogger jono said...

And Michelle "Crazy Eyes" Bachman is still living on another planet. She makes it hard to admit that I live in Minnesota.

24 September, 2018 13:22  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Professor: They all still think "carbs" are the problem. I guess apples and oranges make people sick, not fat-clotted chunks of animal corpses.

Jono: I think the Republicans must be from that evil mirror universe in Star Trek.

25 September, 2018 04:37  
Blogger Martha said...

That Hindu-Themed Campaign Ad... Just when I think people can't sink to a lower level of ignorance, they surprise me!

25 September, 2018 16:18  

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