24 June 2018

Link round-up for 24 June 2018

Various interesting stuff I ran across on the net over the last week.

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It's a shitstorm!

Many are looking for love; some may not find it.

Three, two, one, we have liftoff.....

The culture wars are not yet over (but the fun people are on our side).

Some things are unforgivable.

Check out this dichroic glass art (no, I don't know what "dichroic" means either).

Blogger Arkenaten has a good question about the resurrection of Jesus.

Crazy Eddie observes World Giraffe Day.

Calvin does photo captions.

Professor Chaos pulverizes one of those tiresome "we should reach out and be understanding of the Trumpanzees" articles.

Nan has an idea about Melania's jacket.

Scottie collects some cartoons about God and government.

Harry Hamid pwns the madness of Netflix.

Randy Rainbow struggles to keep up with all the WTF (found via Frances Langum).

Here's a good overview of the "Moon landings were faked" nonsense.

One news site has all the best headlines these days.

OK, this is a bad Democrat.

The slogan "America first" has been used before (more here).

How much of the red-letter text in the Bible is really the words of Jesus?

Nevertheless, he persisted.

Here are some thoughts on "cultural appropriation".

The Southern Baptist Convention is pulling away from Trumpism a little (though the headline is a huge exaggeration).

In a time of bullshit, there is plenty of bullshit.

Find this man a job.

The September 11 attack destroyed country music.

Is genocide bad?  For some, it's a gray area.

I like the way this blogger thinks.

Mourn a distant cousin who taught us much about intelligence and communication.

Revitalize your life by pruning away the deadwood.

Native American religion was benign and loving.

It's difficult for collaborators to find romance.  This is not just a difference of opinion.

"Christian patriarchy" brainwashes girls to be submissive, but some don't stay that way.

An ICE raid divided a Tennessee town.

Wingnuts have used porn as a scapegoat for generations.

A pastor ostracized for liberalism calls "MAGA Christians" to account.

The real moral issue in abortion is bodily autonomy.

The "space force" thing is just a distraction.

Jeff Bezos has more money than he knows what to do with.

Here are some myths on the family-separation policy, debunked.  A legion of horror-story monsters has arisen to defend the policy -- and in some cases, to profit from it.  Some people were not happy about Trump's executive order.  About 500 children have allegedly been reunited with their parents, but for many others it won't be easy (found via Scottie).  Even the normally right-leaning redboard world shows signs of unease.

I'm sure they joined because of "economic anxiety".

This is capitalism.

Mars needs women.

Here's everything you need to know about pterosaurs.

Are insect populations crashing?  The evidence is debatable.

An anti-Semitic attack provokes outrage in Germany.

A liberal mosque in Berlin shows the successes -- and failures -- of assimilation.

The Czech Republic will soon be the first ex-Soviet-bloc country to legalize gay marriage.

Trump's family-separation policy is a propaganda bonanza for the Iranian theocracy's anti-American hard-liners.

The Chinese regime is building mass re-education camps in Xinjiang.

If Trump pursues his trade war with China, bet on China.  The Trumplings have no idea what they're doing.

NFL players offered Trump some good advice he won't take.

The Trumplings tried to suppress a UN report on poverty in the US.

Shower Cap struggles with the horrors and takes a stand for civility.

Nebraska Republicans drift from being dull to being dull and evil.

Trump's approval has dropped in every state since the inauguration.  Trudeau is more popular in the US than he is.  Here's one businessman who regrets voting for him.  Booman thinks he's literally going crazy.

Republicans dread self-inflicted wounds this election season.  Maybe it's because they're greedy idiots, or because Trump and Miller believe themselves to be political geniuses.  Charles Pierce thinks the country is finally waking up (found via Progressive Eruptions) because the MSM are finally doing their job.

Remember this when it's time to vote (found via Calvin).  Moderate Republicans haven't stood up to Trump, but Democrats usually have.

For more links, see Perfect Number (lots of family-separation links), Mike the Mad Biologist, Miss Cellania, and Fair and Unbalanced.

[Image at top found via Dr. Theda's Crypt]


Blogger Mary Kirkland said...

I don't know what dichroic glass is either but it sure is pretty. Could you imagine if some of those pieces started breaking though?

Thanks for adding a link to my blog.

24 June, 2018 08:22  
Blogger Debra She Who Seeks said...

Your link roundups always lead me to such interesting places!

24 June, 2018 08:27  
Blogger Green Eagle said...

I want to make a comment here about your remark that "the MSM are finally doing their job," as the article you linked to does not allow comments. I have observed for the last couple of decades that the mainstream press always makes a feint toward the left around June in every national election year, for the purpose of putting together a supposed record of even-handedness that they can cite in the future. That behavior is inevitably abandoned by late August or early September, around the time that anyone but the most politically active people start to take an interest in the forthcoming election, in favor of open collaboration with the Republicans. This has actually gotten worse, not better, as time goes on, so I am confidently predicting that this year will be no different.

24 June, 2018 12:33  
Anonymous nonnie9999 said...

Hiya Infidel!

A poopnado! Either a perfect metaphor for the Twitler administration or a dystopian Wizard of Oz. Hmmm, lack of brains, heart and courage? Maybe they're the same thing.

I don't now what the hell that was that lifted off, but that was friggin' amazing!

I'm also wondering why we have to "reach out" to Twitlerites. Why already do understand them. They're pissed off, they're scared, and they are threatened, because the demographics are changing, and they will no longer have the upper hand. They are spoiled and either uneducated and/or willifully ignorant. They are bigots and racists and narrow-minded. Nope, don't have to reach out to understand them.

I've made my thoughts on Malaria and her jacket clear. She honestly doesn't care. She was raised by a man who was a card-carrying Communist. He and his family lived very well while the vast majority of people in their country were in dire straits. As they say, the turd doesn't fall far from the asshole. She was raised to believe she was privileged, so she sought out privilege here. She married for money and all the comforts, but she didn't count on the fact that, if you marry for money, you will eventually have to earn every cent. She doesn't give a damn about those children. She had to show up, because, just like her sister-wife Ivanka, she is worried about her brand. That's all those people care about. She could walk out on Twitler tomorrow and tell all she knows. She's not worried about a pre-nup, because the fact that he screwed around behind her back is easily provable. It's rumored she screwed around, too. Well, even if she does lose everything if she divorces the shithead, all she has to do is hire a ghostwriter to write a book that spills all the secrets. She'd make a fortune and be set for life. I wouldn't give even two seconds of thought of her staying with him for Barron's sake. She chose to live away from her husband for months (at taxpayers' expense), and she didn't seem to be too worried about the kid not seeing his father then. I've gone on too long, but bottom line, Malaria really doesn't give a shit about anyone other than herself.

Scottie's Toybox cartoons were all funny, but I laughed out loud at that cartoon of poor Joseph! That's hilarious!

Oh, how I wish Randy Rainbow could actually be at a press briefing! Love him!

I remember, not too long ago, when I thought The Onion was hilarious. Now, I think it's prescient. Or, is it possible, that the Twitler White House is using it to get ideas?

This is getting too long. I'll stop and continue reading the rest of the links.

Thanks, Infidel, for all the usual linky goodness.

P.S. Just allow me to add that I think Green Eagle's comment is pretty accurate. I wonder if it will hold true this year after so much Twitler.

24 June, 2018 14:41  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Mary: Hopefully the glass is sturdy. Thanks for posting that video -- it made me laugh.

Debra: Glad to be your safari guide through the wilds of the internet.....

Green: Interesting observation. I'll be watching what they do, as we all should.

Nonnie: The turdnado is a good metaphor for the era of Trump, but if the "Sharknado" movies came true it would be even more apt.

I guess that spinning rocket wheel thing is the beginnings of the Thai space program. They'll be the first country to land ladyboy hookers on the Moon.

The Trumpanzees are mostly hunkered down in monoculture parts of the country. If anything, they're the ones who need to reach out and learn to coexist with people who aren't like them. The rest of the country (and world) isn't going away. Anyway, they've made it clear that they hate us "libturds" and just want Trump to harass us. So to hell with them.

Scottie collects some good stuff. He's one of my regular reads now.

Randy Rainbow would have a lot more integrity than the actual media! Well, if they don't let him in to the press conferences he'll just have to keep making videos.

24 June, 2018 17:01  
Anonymous Marc McKenzie said...

Another jam-packed list for Sunday brunch!

--"Shitstorm"? Made me think of this Chris Rock classic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hm3bedD-XmQ

--John Pavlovitz is worth reading--thank you for the link.

--It's clear that Trump and company--especially that racist Miller--made a major miscalculation in regards to their abhorrent policy in tearing apart families. People are both horrified and angry at what we have seen so far--and yet I'm still seeing the DC media penning hand-wringing editorials about how Democrats must be nice to Trump supporters and how those supporters just love Trump and what he's doing at the border is energizing them.

--Trump's trade war will do far more damage to his supporters--but somehow, for the life of me, I just can't summon up any sympathy for them. They did this to themselves.

--The only "Space Force" I will acknowledge is this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TdYgZov_1uk

Thanks again for the list of links!

24 June, 2018 17:41  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Marc: That "Shitstorm" is an even better metaphor for the Trump administration.

Pavlovitz usually gets a huge amount of pushback from the "God hates fags" types. He must have started moderating comments or something.

Word is that Miller is a complete weirdo who gets off on the thought of crying little kids. No wonder he's not giving Trump good advice on politics.

As I see it, the trade war is between Trumpanzee America and all the other countries. We in Blue America are neutrals. Europe, Canada, etc. seem to realize that and are targeting red states in retaliation. I'm cool with that.

Trump wouldn't want a "Wings of Honneamise" space force since there's not much prospect for his companies to profit from it. (For years my mind read that title as "Wings of Hollandaise" for some reason.) But no matter what he does, he will never be as cool as anime.

24 June, 2018 18:38  
Blogger Martha said...

I, along with all the girls I grew up with, was raised in a Christian patriarchy community. We were meant to be submissive and fulfill certain traditional roles. I personally rebelled against the whole thing with everything I had but some girls didn't. I went on to raise two daughters the way I would have liked to be raised. Some of us do shed that skin, others don't. There is a lot of social pressure and you better have a thick skin and the "I don't give a shit what you think" mentality to fight that force.

I always enjoy your round-ups and take a few days slowly going through the links. What's going on with the children being separated from their parents is horrific. I cannot for the life of me understand how anyone can think this is okay. As a mother, my heart hurts just thinking about what this is doing to those kids, some of which are extremely young.

25 June, 2018 04:33  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

I liked the video with Robin Williams and Koko, I had no idea that Koko died either ... that is love at first sight {:-)

Shitstorm video with portable toilets blowing away was cool, and also the fireworks (whatever) that they set off, that "lifted off" into the sky, largest one I ever seen!

As far as insects perish piece, this is one that I hear quite a bit, as far as mixed explanations and views ... and I dont know how severe it is or the cause, etc. But there is also evidence, that "new" species are alwayz coming up too ... to me it's just how evolution worx ... although I may not blame human activity for all of it, but human activity has done some damage, when it comes to nature, that's for sure. Will we miss certain species? I dont know, some probably will like myself, I enjoy hearing about findings going back to prehistoric times for example. In much of human society, humans may look at themselves as a superior species, all loving, all right, etc ... even the popular religious teachings of christianity, puts humans above all, and we all know the influence religion has had in molding cultures and thinking throughout history.

As far as the loving Aztecs and regional tribes of Native America ... absolutely, human sacrifice was heavy, and the Aztecs are well known in our western culture for it, like Nazi's are well known to us as the superior evil or whatever. However, human sacrifice is NOT exclusive to the Aztecs ... the rituals and practice of human sacrifice covers so many cultures/ religions throughout recorded history, from Africa to Europe, to China, America's, etc. Even the loving Celts and Romans (white folks) had practices in it (it's not just ceremonial ritual, that I define as "human sacrifice" either). At a time, cannibalism was widespread, and as common in human cultures as slavery. Even in contemporary satanism, they alwayz say that human sacrifice never happens, and pointing it out as a christian concept ... but there was also human sacrifice in satanism as well (humans cultures, religious or non, in general, regardless of culture, are part of the same hypocrisy. In my view, we still have widespread human sacrifice, although maybe not done as far as the art of the ritual, in sacrificing our enemies, but I see killing as simply human nature. Of course, the sacrifices now, are not to appease the fictional gods/ deities, but to appease the corporations, banks, shareholders, that want to capitalize off resources, labour, trafficking, territorial takeovers or whatever. But enough on that.

25 June, 2018 07:12  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

As far as this immigration issue and detainment that is going on ... what a political mess this has become ... but I dont blame this all on Trump at all (and I dont even like Trump). Immigration lockups been going on for decades (especially for the private prison industry that runs many of these joints, and funds both parties politically/ campaign wise), and both parties knew goddamn well the way they legislate immigration policy in this country ... and I cant stand Jeff Sessions either ... but when the f*ck are any of this corporate tribe in Washington going to do something to change some of this? Trump is some of the worse that we seen in American history, but the template and ground work has been laid years before these bastards got in power. We should know, that when you have policies the way we do, and if you get folks in power like Sessions or Trump making decisions, how they are going to take it to the next level ... who wrote the laws and policies?. As far as having to hear these left and right corporate politicians whining about this ... in my personal view ... all you MF's are to blame, if you didnt do nothing to change a thing. All these millionaires in congress with their crocodile tears is pathetic ... you MF's are the reason we have an immigration problem ... all these MF's capitalize off the backs of this low budget labour too, either directly or indirectly as shareholders or whatever ... so I dont listen to their twisted political bitch fights. Some of what trump is doing on this or even intervention in countries is unconstitutional as well, as well as even corporations ... when are these people in Washington going to hold any of these folks accountable? All they do is whine like babies, and make ass prints in over priced leather seats. Immigrants are some of the most abused exploited people in this country, by the entire establishment.

25 June, 2018 08:19  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

As far as conservatives whining about porn and the scapegoat trip ... they alwayz done this, even before a hundred years ... that's all they f'n do is whine, and many watch porn themselves. I had some female neighbours recently, that would sit in a group of 3 or 4 on their patio, just to gossip that I had a female friend that visits me alot on weekends, when my wife is out spending the weekends at my daughters places, these women, all I guess to be self righteous, would gossip about me and my company or whatever (I would assume that they have better things to do than watch me and my guests on my patio enjoying a drink ... obviously not ... maybe their husbands dont give them enough). My neighbour Bill comes to me one day, and told me what a few of the ladies been saying about me, actually one calling another to hurry and come over, to watch my friend drink with me on the patio, and saying my friend, was acting sexually loose towards me (which she was NOT), laughing, etc (my patio has a 6'ft fence around it, they get up on a balcony to look into it. But Bill said, "I'll tell you the truth Tommy, the ladies are not very pleased with you and your company ... and said she was dressed very skimpy (she happens to dress very fashionable, and designs some of her clothes), Bill said ... I'm telling you as a friend Tommy" ... I told Bill "why in Hell are they watching me?" ... he said "yu know how women like to gossip, man". I told Bill, I happen to have male and female friends! (Bill's wife Delores filled me in on much of what these ladies talk about how my friend acts with me and dresses, portraying her it seems, as slutty or whatever) ... "if I have my male friends over for a drink, do they say I'm a homosexual? ... they dont say nothing about that, and these same women say hello to me and smile every time they see me". Bottom line, as I told Bill ... I will not stop having my friends over or hide in my house, and let people dictate my morality, they dont pay my bills, and my guests are none of their business, or my relationship with my wife ... I frankly dont give a shit what they think. Long story, but I was very disappointed, I had no idea before Bill told me, that these ladies gossip and watch me and my company ... I was upset about it. NO ONE will dictate my morality, period. When I told my friend, she laughed, and said things that I wont say here about these self righteous puritan type women ... in fact, after that, my frined looked up at them and sneered at them, and asked them what they were looking at? (they probably wish they looked as good as my friend for that matter, especially these women) the ladies turned their head quickly and dispersed.

On the American Airlines giving raises, and shareholders whining ... that's all the f*ck we hear these days ... shareholders, shareholders, shareholders ... whining over and over ... here is the bottom line ... it's the labourers and people vs. the corporations ... and we should fight them back ... it's in order and justified. I'm so sick of this so called "elite", crying like a bunch of f'n babies, every time they have to shell out a buck or two. ... I'm outta here, guy ... Thanx for the reads!

25 June, 2018 08:24  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Martha: I'm very glad you escaped. Raising children to be submissive like that is a stunting and perversion of human dignity. Your daughters are lucky you overcame that conditioning.

The family-separation policy is a horror. The fact that the Trumpanzees can "justify" it or hand-wave away the issue is the best evidence yet that their cultism has eroded their humanity.

Ranch: It's true that new species of insects are emerging all the time, but there's no guarantee that new species would fill the same ecological roles -- necessary to some human interests such as agriculture -- as the disappearing ones. If, indeed, so many are disappearing. I tend toward the more optimistic side of that question. Most insects are pretty resilient and the ecology is actually improving in most of the developed world.

Human sacrifice has been a feature of religions all over the world at various times. The Aztecs did it on a huge scale -- it's been estimated that during their short-lived empire they sacrificed 1.2 million people. My point is that all religions are shit, not just the Abrahamic ones.

The illegal-immigration problem could mostly be solved by making E-Verify mandatory for all employers, with real penalties for employers who don't use it. But Congress won't do that -- too many business interests would object. Taking away children -- in many cases, from people who are actually seeking asylum, not illegals -- is just sadism. There is no problem with migration serious enough to even remotely justify such viciousness. It's happening because Trump and Miller are monsters.

Workers, not shareholders, create value. If capitalism worked as advertised, employees would get the lion's share of the profits their work makes possible. Obviously, that's not what actually happens.

25 June, 2018 16:43  
Blogger Professor Chaos said...

Thanks for including me in your link list. I'm flattered.

26 June, 2018 17:00  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Thanks for the post!

27 June, 2018 03:29  

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