17 June 2018

Link round-up for 17 June 2018

Various interesting stuff I ran across on the net over the last week.

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Go into the port-a-potty, come out into the Twilight Zone.

The chili comes with the usual extra.

She easily beat three strong men in a tug-of-war (found via Hackwhackers).

Best church sign ever.

Here are some real musical chairs.

Artificial intelligence may know us better than we know ourselves.

How big is the frog going to be?

Old family recipes often have interesting origins.

Here kitty kitty.....

Bluebird of Bitterness finds some perfectionists at work.

She Who Seeks speculates on the sexuality of superheroes.

Professor Chaos fisks Megan McArdle's incoherent attack on the NFL kneeling protests.

Calvin rounds up some Trump images (don't miss the collection of epithets).

Crazy Eddie looks at the decline of shopping malls and department stores across the US.

Murrmurrs tries to reason with the Trumpanzees.

The enemy is bizarrely freaking out about The Shape of Water.

Some people really are this ignorant.

You can print a lion.

Non-native speakers enrich the language.

The younger generation leads the way.

This should be the poster for the future movie about Trump's regime.

Acceptance of homosexuality is increasing in every religious group, though atheists and agnostics are still the best and the more nutball Christian sects are the worst.  Even US Muslims are much more accepting than Evangelicals, an indicator of secularization progressing among the former.  Here's one surprising case of enlightenment -- but more is needed than just a change of heart.

Don't hurt the Trumpanzees' feelings (found via Hackwhackers).  Update: the account is suspended -- it was the last one here.

Yew goan BARN in HAIL, sinnuh!

No, the calendar does not prove Jesus existed.

Weirdo!  (found via Scottie)

What if Trump had brought up human rights with Kim?

"Homophobia simply does not exist."  Thanks for clearing that up.

Sorry, I don't give a shit.

A Dominionist pastor applauds Trump's "stealth theocracy".  Part of the reason for Christianity's decline in the US is its tightening links with disgusting politics.  And fundie doctrine is a profound problem.

No, California is not going to split into three states (anyway, those proposed borders are stupid).

Romance is healthy for teens -- some teens.

Woman who not know fake Chinese proverb from real one should not quote them.

Fundies gonna party like it's 1399.

A homophobic Uber driver gets a reminder of what century this is.  Hopefully, so will this taxi driver.

Religious schools in Florida get state money to spread garbage about science and history.

A few Democrats are finally starting to defend sex workers.  Suraj Patel especially has given the issue a high profile.

The SPLC backs down a little from its stupidest mistake ever.

Fascism rides the bus.

The ACLU now realizes that defending the First Amendment in the age of Trump requires a partisan stance.

Trump is considering putting abducted migrant children in a tent city in the Texas desert.  Here's what's currently going onThis cartoon was too perfect for the cartoonist's Trumpanzee boss (more on his work here).

I dissect how anti-Semites post with plausible deniability (see comments).

Olivia Broustra raises some issues with transsexualism -- worth reading even if you don't agree.  It's disquieting that the original of this post was apparently censored.  See also this disturbing art exhibit (all links found via Aunt Polly's Rants).

There's a reason why the environment is in so much better shape now than in 1960.

Biologists have discovered an octopus town (found via Calvin, who loathes octopuses for some reason).

Life expectancy in the US is falling.

You're way better off getting your protein from plants -- and you'll be helping to make agriculture more efficient.

Immunotherapy shows great promise against cancer (found via Mike the Mad Biologist).

The rate of Antarctic ice loss has tripled since 2012.

Remember the first woman in space.

Even before the G7 summit, Canada was starting to push back against Trump's trade idiocy.  A trade war would be madness, and many Americans aren't signing up, though Trump and his toadies are sounding unhingedNewspapers respond to Trump's summit antics.  Canadian blogger Calvin has a message for Americans and some words on Kudlow's insults, while Canadian motorcycle guards offer a gesture.

Catholic clergy in Australia are bitching about a law that would force them to report child molesters to the cops.

France and Italy are far ahead of the US in high-speed train technology (I found the speeds cited here almost unbelievable, but I did some checking and they're accurate).

French police foil an anti-gay terrorist plot.

Dutch survivors of cult slave-labor camps demand compensation.

Japanese truck garden landscaping is now a thing.  Russian vehicle design is considerably less aesthetic.

Arvind Rao suggests five interesting places to visit in Europe which you may not be familiar with.

Argentina takes a step toward legal abortion.

Chilean authorities raid several compounds of a huge child-molestation ring.

The World Cup leads to a minor kerfluffle over "race-mixing" in Russia.  There are more serious issues as well -- as with big sport in general.

Homosexuality was widely accepted in the Middle East until a few centuries ago, but today brutal persecution is widespread.  There's only one country in the region where it's generally safe to be openly gay.

This takes toughness (found via Scottie).

The Iranian theocracy is one of the few regimes that executes minors.

Indian chess champion Soumya Swaminathan takes a stand against misogyny.

Trump imposes tariffs -- stupid ones -- on China.  But China has the upper hand in this kind of fight.

Kim Jong-un is not the sort of person Trump's base would normally approve of.  A Christian effort to downplay his evil is already apparent.  Electoral-Vote and Hackwhackers have reactions to the summit.  South Korea is not happy.

A British newsman comments on Trump's foreign-policy antics.

Burn their lifeboats!  Don't let Republicans escape guilt for their embrace of Trump -- they truly are his party nowThere is no making nice with these people.

Trump's position on Manafort betrays inconsistency.

Vote as if people's lives depended on it, because they do.  The enemy relishes every chance to take the vote away, but people are learning to fight back.  Here's how to register in every state and territory (found via Tell Me a Story).

Apparently the Trumplings thought family separation at the border (now with extra evil) would be a winning election issue.  But even some of the fundies can't swallow this one.  It's also energizing opposition, and Republicans know itThe victims will not forget.

You vill support the glorious leader!

Shower Cap blog reviews Trumpian assholery in MontrĂ©al, Singapore -- and Washington.  More infuriating madness here.

The DNC has banned donations from the fossil-fuel industry (both-siderists -- just imagine the RNC ever doing that).

Would Trumpanzees erupt in violence if Trump were removed from office?  (Green Eagle's comment makes a good point.)

For more links, see Fair and Unbalanced.

[514 days down, 948 days to go until the inauguration of a real President!]


Blogger Debra She Who Seeks said...

I cannot believe that church sign is real. No one is THAT naive, not even Anglicans.

17 June, 2018 08:22  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Debra: I think it's just about possible. I've seen comments on Christian sites now and then suggesting that some people are amazingly ignorant of even commonplace sexual references.

If they did post it knowing the double entendre, they must be really desperate to attract attention. The lord moves in mysterious ways, I guess.

17 June, 2018 08:57  
Blogger Mary Kirkland said...

"Free gas with bowl of chili" now that's a good sign.
That church sign though. Just wow. Who comes up with this stuff. lol
I think a lot of people not just our children are a lot less religious than the older people are. I know I'm less religious than my parents and so is my daughter. But I actually don't know anyone right now that regularly goes to church.

17 June, 2018 09:06  
Blogger Tommykey said...

I believe malls can be saved if they make a shift from retail stores to entertainment and experience attractions.

17 June, 2018 09:57  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Mary: Churches generally do suffer from declining attendance these days. Maybe the sign was meant to give the impression that this church's ceremonies are more, er, intriguing than they really are?

Tommy: So malls would reinvent themselves as movie theaters or theme parks? I'm having a hard time picturing how that would work.

17 June, 2018 11:33  
Anonymous nonnie9999 said...

Hi Infidel!

Nice to finally be able to relax and check out all the linky goodness.

Thank your for drawing attention to one of the most epic practical jokes of all time. There should be awards for things like that.

Is there anyone who ever doubted that 3 men could never stand up to one strong female?

I'm sitting here in my computer (a/k/a techno) chair enjoying the other musical chairs.

Love the A.I. story. I think I heard it before, but it is worth rehearing. If I found a tadpole like that, I would move to the desert where there is no water around. That saber-tooth was amazing. I honestly thought it was real and wondering where they found it.

I take my hat off to the perfectionists, but the blue ribbon goes to the T-shirt folder who really put in the extra effort. It makes me sad to know that the slobs will soon be there to mess everything up. I guess it's the OCD in me.

Gotta love the Hulk princess cake. I love that it was for twins. Two little girls wanted it, not just one! Plus, just due to size, there will be a lot more cake than those anorexic Barbie Doll princess cakes.

Amazing how the only people who need to be defended are the snowflakes who are offended by a football player protesting police violence and rich owners and commissioners who think nothing of spending public money on their stadiums but are not required to have any civic conscience. Profits are all that matter, so what if people are getting killed by cops and football players, most of whom are not millionaires, are being permanently damaged right before our eyes? P.S. Megan McArdle is an idiot.

Those Twitler images and nicknames are golden (like in showers)!

I wish the Trumpanzees would listen to logic, but they won't. Look at what's happening with the kids being ripped from their parents at the border. The Trumpanzees counter that they shouldn't be coming if they know they might lose their kids. Try to put them in the shoes of people fleeing violence and poverty, and they refuse to "get it" only because they don't want to get it. Can anyone blame a parent for throwing a kid out of a burning building, even if they can't be sure someone is there to catch them?

I want a 3-D printer so bad, and I dearly wish I had made that Jaws poster.

Like Billy Joel said, "I'd rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints, The sinners are much more fun."

Okay, I have to stop commenting, because there are too many more links to get to. Just one more thing after scanning the comments. I am hoping malls are turned into living spaces for low income folks, whether they be the elderly or college kids who need a place or just people who need assistance. The food courts can serve as cafeterias, and the individual stores can be turned into suites. A lot of them already have outdoor spaces and theaters for entertainment. I think communal living would do this society a lot of good.

Thanks for making my Sunday a bit more fun and/or informative.

17 June, 2018 13:03  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Nonnie: That port-a-potty guy must have thought he'd slipped into an alternate universe or something.

Megan McArdle is an idiot.

Republicans always seem to worry about the big guys being treated unfairly. We worry about the little guys being treated unfairly.

I recognize some of those Trump epithets from Scottish Twitter. They've blasted him pretty thoroughly a few times.

You can do some amazing things with a home 3-D printer these days.

Oh, and welcome back!

18 June, 2018 06:06  
Blogger Martha said...

Another interesting collection. I really enjoyed reading the post from Murrmurrs!

18 June, 2018 06:35  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Martha: It's too bad few Trumpanzees will ever read it.

18 June, 2018 14:49  
Blogger Tommykey said...

Infidel, what I meant was that malls could have a mix of entertainment and retail establishments. If you put up something like an iFly indoor skydiving place or a virtual reality gaming experience in a mall, the people who go to them, after they're finished, might then decide to shop or eat at some of the stores and restaurants in the mall because they're already there. Granted, this is probably not feasible for all malls, but the larger ones have more space to add experience oriented attractions to replace abandoned retail space and thereby give people reasons to go to a mall that don't just involve shopping.

24 June, 2018 07:47  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Tommykey: That's an interesting idea, but I wonder if even things like VR gaming are moving to be more and more home-based as computers improve.

The whole concept of central points where people gather together, for shopping or entertainment or anything else, may simply be becoming obsolete.

24 June, 2018 10:33  

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