10 June 2018

Link round-up for 10 June 2018

Various interesting stuff I ran across on the net over the last week.

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Who will win the noodle race?

This is a book about religion, apparently.

I can't imagine what problem could be solved by shoving a giant eggplant up one's ass (found via Mendip).

Is it possible to write a completely un-likeable tweet?

I really think he's dancing.

Have some Slavic catposting.

Calvin has found the ultimate sombrero.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who's the dumbest of us all?

Trumpanzees will not enjoy this comic book.

What if Star Wars had never been made?  Well, we wouldn't have the dedicated fandom.

This ad is appalling and offensive and sends a bad message.

Roosterville has a great image round-up.


Shocking photos prove Canada is a land of horrors (found via Miss Cellania).

Here's a very badly-written story.

A visit to a gay bar prompts some worthy insights about straight men.

Oh, for %^$#@!# sake.  And you just know there are people who will believe this.

Keep your audience in mind.

Miracles aren't what they used to be.

Harry Hamid has had it with the Green party.

I would have had a lot of questions for these three people.

Here's a simple memory trick to help Trump get through his meeting with Mueller.

A gym canceled a gay event for religious reasons, and members and employees started bailing.  Now the enemy is in a snit because the management of the chain came down hard on the miscreants.

Time magazine isn't pulling punches (found via Hackwhackers).

The long history of persecution of left-handed people shows how taboo can demonize the most innocuous differences.

"Keep children away from religion, and the gods will starve to death."

The "Melania mystery" has served to distract the media from the real news about Puerto Rico's massive suffering.

You can't reason with people like this.  But they believe they should rule us all.

Trump's family-separation policy is the biggest disgrace of his administration (so far).  It repeats a common thread running through the worst of US history.  And this is still going on with American Indians (found via Donna's post).

Don't talk about being sexually abused -- it makes the church look bad.  If the pastor didn't see it, it didn't happen.

29 states are now fighting back to preserve net neutrality.

The next godawful Christian movie looks like a doozy.

I participate in discussions of libertarian fallacies on discrimination and inequality (see comments).  These are the assholes libertarians view as benefactors.

It took an "inter-denominational" Christian group five years to agree on a rather bland list of rules for pestering people.

Anti-Semites are trying to twist the Trump-Russia scandal for their own purposes.

Ireland's abortion referendum could be a harbinger for the US, but only if we can boost voting turnout among young people.

Bill Maher has some wise words about taking offense and hollow victories (but sorry, Franken had to go).

Yes, the enemy is this deranged.

Whose agenda benefits from the nuclear family?

NRO's Andrew McCarthy isn't celebrating the Masterpiece Cakeshop ruling.  Even so, bigots are being emboldened.

Let's make it a month to offend this guy.

"Yes, Donald Trump finally has the Evangelical crowd hissing and spitting at actual Christians in the act of prayer. Surprised?"

Time for Pruitt to put up or shut up.

Are appeals to tribal identity the best way to promote science?  The evidence says no.  Here's why the so-called "other ways of knowing" don't actually work (found via Nan's Notebook).

High heels carry risks.

The reason why you have a big brain is basically a copying error.

Mexico and Canada will fight back against Trump on trade (both found via Shower Cap).  The trade war is already doing damage.  Other countries need to play hardball.

Yes!  Canada is legalizing recreational marijuana.

The drive to legalize abortion in Northern Ireland may fall victim to coalition politics.

Christianists freak out over a Satanic festival in New Zealand.

At the G7, Trump continued to embarrass the US and isolate it from other democracies.  Here are his "best" lines from his press conference there (found via Nan's Notebook).  Can you caption the iconic photo?  But Trudeau respects the business heritage of Trump's family.

Denmark has banned the burqa, joining France, Germany, Belgium, and Austria in doing so.

Germany's Kaiser Wilhelm II (ruled 1888-1918) will seem strangely familiar to Americans today.

The Indian subcontinent needs #MeToo too.

"While Government Cheese Goebbels wields the power of the Presidency with all the skill of a heroin-addicted gerbil, he's been more successful at reshaping segments of American culture in his own scowling, racist-as-fuck image."

The Republican party now functions as a cult and is strengthening racist, anti-democracy attitudes among its supporters.  Hackwhackers has a round-up of responses to Trump's claim of lawless power; here's a solid rebuttal (found via Fair and Unbalanced).  Calvin has a collection of images.

Reminder:  teabaggers never took the high road with Obama.

If Trump isn't a Russian agent, he's doing a splendid imitation of one.

Republicans are trying to destroy city-level democracy in Texas.

Trump's pardon power is less of a factor than it appears to be.

Republican leaders believe wishful thinking over real data.  They're getting more confident about holding the Senate -- we'll need high turnout in November to prove them wrong.  Generic-ballot polling still looks good (found via Shower Cap), we've got tested issues to run on, and the enemy has just handed us another.  And that's not only an election issue, it's an attack on the rule of law.

Don't believe Jeff Flake's posturing as the Republican anti-Trump for 2020.

Romney gets it wrong, again.

The Alt-Right is using the Republican party as a vehicle to attain power.

Hackwhackers posts some inspirational essays on Trump.

Added (couldn't resist):  These people are stupid!

For more link round-ups, see Perfect Number, Fair and Unbalanced, and Mike the Mad Biologist.

[Image at top found via Scottie's Toy Box]


Blogger Martha said...

I always enjoy these posts! I know the links are just a drop in the bucket of what's going on out there but they're quite informative. And some of them make my head hurt. The amount of irrationality, nastiness, racism and...stupidity...is mind boggling!

10 June, 2018 07:44  
Blogger Tommykey said...

What's baffling about Trump's trade spats with our allies is that he is simultaneously bragging that the US economy has never been better. Record low unemployment, stock market is highest ever, etc. If the economy is doing so great, then why the need to slap tariffs on goods from allied countries who then slap retaliatory tariffs on our goods? Being a NYer, I have been familiar with Donald Trump since the early 80s. It seems that he can't help but get into constant fights, presumably to stroke his ego that he is always winning something.

10 June, 2018 09:02  
Blogger Debra She Who Seeks said...

No one does a link roundup like you! And thanks for the shout-out!

10 June, 2018 09:40  
Anonymous purplehead said...

'Grain sent me! Thank you for the compilations. It must be so painful to find and read all this never-ending crap.

11 June, 2018 07:00  
Blogger Mary Kirkland said...

That guy eating noodles with his dog was cute.

So that guy really likes eggplant, eh? LOL Omg that thing was huge. I am still wondering if he just wanted to shove it up there and it had nothing to do with constipation.

When someone tells people not to do something, like hit the like button on a Tweet, they are more likely to do it.

11 June, 2018 10:12  
Anonymous Another Kiwi said...

'Grain sent me. So much linky goodness!

11 June, 2018 14:21  
Blogger Adam said...

Damn I thought we all believed in the separation of church and treadmills

11 June, 2018 15:40  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Martha: Thanks: yes, there's a lot of bad out there, and some of these links are meant to remind people of that -- but there's a lot of good as well.

Tommykey: I really don't think Trump thinks analytically enough to notice such inconsistencies. And he is quarrelsome by nature. He probably decided his base wanted a "get-tough-with foreigners" gesture.

Debra: Thanks for the posts!

Purplehead: Well, the funny ones help me survive the crappy ones.....

Mary: Very likely. I suspect it's not the first misuse of vegetables he's indulged in, just the first to have serious consequences.

Kiwi: Thanks!

Adam: These people don't believe in separation of church and anything.

12 June, 2018 05:59  

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