18 June 2018

How to comment on Blogger blogs if you don't have a Blogger account

This seems fairly straightforward to me, but perhaps it doesn't seem that way to people who aren't familiar with Blogger.  Over the years a number of people have told me they tried to comment here, but were not able to.  Perhaps they were confused because the interface looks different from those of other platforms such as WordPress, Disqus, or Tumblr, or perhaps they thought their accounts on those systems would work for commenting on Blogger (they don't).  So here's how to do it:

At the bottom of the post, click on the link that says "comments" or "post a comment" -- if you're looking at just one post rather than the blog home page, it will be at the very bottom, after all the comments which are already there.  It will take you to a screen which looks like this (click picture for larger version):

Choose the "Name/URL" option by clicking on the button to the left of it.  That will open up two boxes which look like this:

Type your internet name of choice in the top one.  If you want your name to link to your blog, type your blog URL in the bottom box -- you can still post a comment without entering an URL, however.  It will also work with the URL of any other kind of website you have, such as a DeviantArt page.  Then type the text of your comment in the large rectangular area above and click the orange "Publish your comment" button at the bottom.  If you're on a blog which uses moderation, as mine does, the comment won't actually appear until it's approved.

Note that this doesn't log you into anything.  It's just a way to comment for people who don't have Blogger accounts.


Anonymous Donald Trump said...

Thank you. I have been waiting to comment on your loser blog for a very long time but could not figure out how.

Everybody knows you are very unfair to me.

The American people are behind me and you should be too.

18 June, 2018 19:09  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

:-) See? If he can figure it out, you sure can!

19 June, 2018 10:03  
Anonymous Jonathan said...

Nice. Please is the a way I can follow this blog

Must I have a blogger's account to do so

23 June, 2018 15:02  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Jonathan: Unfortunately I don't think so, not in the sense of getting e-mails whenever there's a post. Blogger may have such a system, but if so it doesn't seem to be available with the template I'm using.

23 June, 2018 16:51  
Anonymous da-AL said...

but wait - ack! - I lost my comment on your transgender post. & how is it that I can sign into my wordpress via google but not into blogger? but o-m-g, if The Donald comments here, then definitely I must too!

23 May, 2021 23:34  

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