29 April 2018

Link round-up for 29 April 2018

Various interesting stuff I ran across on the net over the last week.

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Hey, you two, there's enough for both.

All these movie triple features have something in common.

Some simple things are hard to do when it's windy.

This sexual overture went slightly awry.

Spelling is important (more here).

Here's an unusual perspective on art.

It's big bird, for real.

Calvin's adores Tinkerbell and Wonder Woman (love the 4th pic).

I hope I never meet a.....whatever the hell this is.

Here's a round-up of cartoons for Earth Day.

It's cold at the beach.

Two commenters provide excellent pwnage of libertarian anti-public-school clich├ęs.  Even in retirement, teachers are devalued.  And some Republicans want to lock them up if they go on strike.  Then there's this.

You can't always tell when somebody isn't lying.

Sometimes there's just no getting back to "normal".

Some Evangelicals are horrified by their movement's support for Trump.  No wonder, when it involves going soft on sexual abusers.

Right-wing attacks on the media are a threat to democracy.

No, Christians in the US are not being persecuted.  Here's a close look at the latest paranoid delusion.

Ajit Pai is mysteriously delaying the official end of net neutrality (found via Alle Tanzten).

God wants you to beat up your kids.

Trumpanzees seem baffled about why people don't like them.

How dreadful that a Christian charity helps even people who don't abide by Christian taboos.  At least this doctor has standards.

So the company you gave your personal data to promised to protect it?  What if they get bought out?

A simple new machine will begin removing plastic garbage from the ocean (found via Hackwhackers).

This video is only one second long, but when you consider where it was filmed, it's an amazing achievement.  More here.

Iranian women protest religious police violence.

Egyptian atheists face bigotry and persecution -- and dismissal by some Westerners.

The Putin regime has long been cozying up to the US Alt-Right, but they don't have much to show for it.

One nation, two systems -- the differences between North and South Korea. Peace in Korea isn't Trump's achievement, or even America's.

Say no to marriage, get burned.

If liberals refuse to talk about this problem, others will shape the discussion.

House Republicans' whitewash of Russiagate won't stop Mueller from closing in on the Trump Tower meeting.

Trumpanzee voters were driven by cultural issues, not economics -- notably fear of a loss of dominance.

Steve King massively bungles an attempt to insult modern young people.

Special elections continue to bring good news for Democrats.  RedState sees little to celebrate in Lesko's Arizona win.  Some Republican voters appear to be wising up, and Devin Nunes himself may not be safe from the blue wave.  Even the firing of Patrick Conroy may shift a few votes.

Trump can count on the support of Christian TV.

Two Texas Republicans compete to out-religious-nut each other.

Why the hell does it take a whole year for election authorities to buy new equipment?

This pretty much sums up Trump.  Or maybe this does.  Calvin's has a collection of images.  Not only is the regime corrupt, it punishes good and rewards evil.  Bill Maher is getting weirded out by all the hand-holding (found via Politics Plus).  Shower Cap's blog struggles to keep up with all the Trumpian madness.

For more link collections, see Perfect Number, Miss Cellania, Love Joy Feminism, Fair and Unbalanced, Curmudgucation (on education), and Mike the Mad Biologist.

[465 days down, 997 days to go until the inauguration of a real President!]


Blogger Mary Kirkland said...

I've only made my way though some of the links. An interesting bunch of insights.

29 April, 2018 10:54  
Blogger Les Carpenter said...

A good line up of links. For me Dave Dubya's Freedom Rants addressed perhaps the single most troubling domestic issue of our time. Republicans and rightwing conservatives are possibly the single greatest threat to our democratic republic.

29 April, 2018 20:48  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

The joke on here about the guy hitting on the kid in the store, and he thought she was a boy ... I used yesterday on a few people (I read some of these links yesterday too), you know, just for a little laugh. One of my favourites I still like to use, I'm not sure if I told you this one, may have ....

Q: Did you know that Michael Jackson shopped all the time at Walmart? (I ask the person) ... Why would a millionaire like Michael Jackson, alwayz be going to Walmart ?

A: ... He was there for the sales on "Boyz Pants Half Off" {:-)

Great vid ... on the comet! ... surreal to my eyes. I was reading your comment on the blog piece "Snowstorm on a comet" ... be cool if folks like Galileo seen this stuff.

Unusual perspective on art, I had to look at several times, I was puzzled on exactly what I was viewing.

Pacific Ocean clean up machine was wild ... I been following the ocean trash thing for years actually. The one mile dust pans is a trip, be cool to see it in action too. Yeah man .... I think we focus much on the air and land, because it is so much "us" as humans ... but the damage to the oceans is so enormous, and it's not just plastic, the environmental damage with excessive CO2 and global warming is hitting the waters too ... it's just really f**ked up. I met so many folks that never even looked at what is happening to our oceans, they just like think about air pollution or whatever. Even land fills is an issue, and getting worse and worse ... but that's a whole story there. But yeah, technologies and science is the only thing we have to try to tackle the challenges to come concerning the environment ... we aint gotta wait another 20 years or whatever for the climate and this to change ... it already has!

Covering the hot tub in the wind ... loved the piano piece in that!

Korea, north and south news, been getting showcased big time (do I trust Slim- Kim as far as nukes or whatever? ... looking at history, theer is no reason to yet) ... of course it's big news, but I'm not really very excited about it ... and I question how much Slim Kim's daddy influenced it ... Slim's daddy being China of course, and ole Slim Kim is hurting too, as far as money ... you have this race for currency and trade dominance going on between the east and west, lots of shit going on ... even with Russia and Syria (and because of Syria's outdated oil infrastructure, Russia is willing to put up like $35 billion or so, to make it produce to capacity ... significant oil for the world markets is being neglected ... but folks are hungry for every barrel they can hustle now. Corporations are on our side, and of course have more sayso in what we do (we depend on them to sort of defend us in these economic and trade, or banking tensions too, against the east), but we kiss up to them more than China, because China's government calls more shots when western multinational business comes in, and has a strong hand on whats going on ... in the U.S. ... like India, the corporations have stronger hand (our government is weak basically, not as bad as India, but pretty much suck ups). But yeah ... I think China had a heavy hand in this too, again, all about China's interests, not just Slim's. In my view, which I wrote plenty about ... you can have leaders and billionaires shaking hands all day and having dinner and drinx together from conflicting sides, whether it is north and south Korea, or between Palestinians and Israelis, or whoever ... if "peace" s NOT in the interests and hearts of the people, it dont mean squat, and you got cultural differences big time. Hell ... look at even our own ... what do we call this place ... "civilised, united" or whatever? heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... we dont even have peace in our own damn country with this polarization, racism, classism, f'n religions, etc.

Cute rats vid ... pushing and shoving over stuffing their faces ... Later Infidel

30 April, 2018 08:18  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Mary: Thanks!

Rational: Their embrace of trump makes that all the more true.

Ranch: To people even a couple of centuries ago, the technology we have now would seem beyond magic. Benjamin Franklin once expressed the wish that he could be put into suspended animation for 200 years to see what the world would be like. If he'd achieved that, he would have been amazed at what he saw.

As for the sudden conciliatory attitude of the North Korean regime, I'm inclined to go with the explanation I linked to last month -- North Korean hackers stole the South's plans for action in the event of a war breaking out, and they realized they were doomed if that happened. So they took advantage of the fact that South Korea's new President also wants a negotiated settlement. Trump, of course, had nothing to do with it, but is trying to hog the credit nevertheless.

30 April, 2018 19:04  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Thank You for the read/ link, interesting, and also another one concerning Thailand I read. My thinking though was totally opposite of any of this. Being that I was looking at the money and trade alliance angles (possibilities), I have a habit of doing that, alwayz looking where the bucks are made ... and bucks are dominant. I was figuring in this east/ west trade, resources, and currency issues, that China (like Russia seems to like to do ... and the U.S. ... all the big daddies), are playing N.Korea, to open it up for business, and to influence the south, to have gained more leverage in the world markets, when it comes to trade, finance, etc .... long story and hard to put in words correctly, as far as my views.

01 May, 2018 04:55  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

I doubt that business considerations play much of a role. North Korea is dirt-poor and thus not of much interest to people trying to sell things. The regime is fanatical, even murderous, in its efforts to keep out foreign products and ideas that would give its people a more realistic idea of what the outside world is like -- and I don't expect that to change, even with peace.

01 May, 2018 05:25  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

I realize how dirt poor North Korea is, that was my whole point, though the way I word things is not clear at times. China for example of the east is in competition with US of the west (examples of 2 major east west powerhouses at this time), China wants to open NK as much as the US, as far as being open for business (whatever potential they can create and find in it that will contribute to global market), China, like US/ EU is looking for as many partners to expand their global reach and dominance ... we opened Vietnam for instance, or other countries, we even played a major role in making China the power they are today, and busted ass to open and align ourselves with Russia for example. Neolibrealism is a global thing, not focused on any specific group of countries, but ALL, and the market controls all. North Korea needs not only money, but to be players in this new 21st system, or it will be non- ending sanctions and obstacles, China wants them to play with too, they are already in alignment, it's just a matter of loosening up the Slim regime. I see the same plays being made in the Middle east, and the reason why to force Iran into regime change ... long story ... but the end goal for a world ran and controlled by markets, is to eventually force them all onboard, we worked on the Saudis nearly a century ago, look at their wealth now, we worked in China a half century ago, look where they are today as far as markets, and we worked on opening USSR/ Russia 3 decades ago, etc, etc. TPP and other trade packages are all designed to contribute to this. All influenced by "western capitalism" of course ... but a country like China, eventually will want to call shots if they are more financially powerful than us. The end goal is a world controlled by markets, end to wars, and to also be controlled by the markets, its technologies, and the wealth/ achievers, than a governing body of peasants and lower achievers, eliminating poverty of course (and those in it) and creating a middle class to replace the lower classes, equal pay across the board, etc ... and "weeding out" all those who dont contribute to them goals. Like I said, long story ... I hope this is more clear though.

02 May, 2018 07:53  

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