25 March 2018

Link round-up for 25 March 2018

These are the commonest breeds of cat.

People in movies act weird (found via Miss Cellania).

Now this is Lego.

I see a shark.

Albino vampire trees exist.

Jellyfish meets ring bubble, wishes he hadn't (found via TYWKIWDBI).

They're watching you.

Check out these marionettes from Montreal.

The Earth is round, mammoths had shitty genes, feminism is evil -- all in one Tumblr post.

Visit the Seven Wonders!  Ah, Alexandria.....

Curious clouds.

Pamukkale is an exotic-looking spa.

There is now a Satanic tampon prison charity in Arizona.

English has evolved, and continues to do so.

Here comes another godawful fundie movie.

Lived once, buried twice.

Make your ancestors proud by abandoning religion (the point applies just as well to most Christians).

A Christian says Stephen Hawking was a tool of Satan (I like the comment by "Howitis").  Oh, and so are the Girl Scouts.

Change the future.

Planning to fly?  Here's where the germs are.

Let's hope the trade wars don't threaten this vital US export to Brazil (found indirectly via Green Eagle).

How long does a severed head remain conscious?

San Francisco's airport will honor one of the city's martyrs.

Sorry, this stuff is just random gibberish.

What have unions ever done for you?

A Christian extremist group is compiling an enemies list.

There's a difference between racism and cultural influence.

Stop pushing homosexuality in public.

Be honest about what you oppose (found via Perfect Number).

New legislation will endanger sex workers by taking away their safest option for connecting with clients.  As usual, the assholes supporting this law are ignoring the voices of those who will be hurt by it.

Green Eagle has the week in internet wingnuttery, and a painting of Trump that's just bizarre.  Update:  Here's the post on the painter he mentions in the comments.

It's not only gays who can be murdered for their sexuality.

The Tennessee legislature says it lacks the "expertise" to condemn Nazis.  Ohio Republicans have no such qualms about banning abortion.

The Great Mills school attack exemplifies how an armed guard with proper training (not armed teachers) can stop a would-be mass shooter in his tracks.

Court precedent is clear -- religion does not legitimize breaking the law.

The Toys R Us bankruptcy illustrates the nature of capitalism.

The case of Gerald L. K. Smith illustrates how religious intolerance has been part of American conservatism for generations.

Just when sanity was dawning in the War on Drugs, Trump opens a new front with opioids.

Religion isn't morality.

The fossil-fuel industry is about to abandon global-warming denialism, but the damage is already done.

Norwegian scientists claim there's a way to prevent hurricanes.

Stephen Hawking will be buried in Britain's highest place of honor, in Westminster Abbey next to Isaac Newton.

Understand what science is, and what it isn't.

Racism works differently in Europe.

Syria's Kurds put their trust in the US as they fought against Dâ'ish (ISIL).  Now Trump is betraying them.

What can we do about the threat posed by Russia?  International solidarity helps.  And mafia regimes like those of Russia and China are unstable in the long term.

Nobody -- not even the Chinese regime -- really knows what's going on in China.

Sexual initiation camps for girls are a centuries-old tradition in Malawi.

Shower Cap can hardly keep up with Trump's bullshit, but he's inspired by Bolton's second chance.  Bill Maher has some choice words too.

Some Democrats are already hitching their wagons to yesterday's huge gun marches.  However, these people exist.

Here's why Trump hasn't fired Mueller yet.  Here are several views on what the consequences could be.  One option, replacing Sessions with Pruitt, has its own difficulties.  Congressional Republicans' position is ambiguous.

NRO is unhappy with the spending bill passed this week.  So are the religio-nutters.  Some Trumpanzees are turning against their idol.  Democrats got a pretty good deal.  Here are some winners and losers.

Trump isn't funny any more, if he ever was.

The choice is clear, but we came so close to having a better option.

Hillary was right about the Trumpanzees.

Democrats had good reason to block the "right to try" law.

What if Trump's Evangelical supporters had lived at the time of the mythical King David?

A shorter round-up than usual, I know.  For more links, see Perfect Number, Miss Cellania, and Fair and Unbalanced.

[Image at top:  Westminster Abbey, London, built 1245-1517]


Blogger W. Hackwhacker said...

I had to share the link to the "germs on a plane" piece with far-flung family. My personal "technique" is to use my knuckle(s) to touch screens, unlock trays, etc., as much as possible. Otherwise, my wife carries the usual anti-bacterial products and allows me access! Mostly it's just what I would consider normal precautions, not phobic (i.e., I've not reached the point where I wear Kleenex boxes on my feet!).

27 March, 2018 04:49  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

I've used the knuckle technique for years with things like elevator buttons. It's not just airports where germs accumulate.

Doesn't everybody wear Kleenex boxes?

30 March, 2018 06:35  

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