04 February 2018

Link round-up for 4 February 2018

What if Harry Potter had had a different adoptive family?

Consider buying a compact VCR.

Stop the zombie apocalypse before it starts.

This one guy can't park properly, so.....

View the horrors of Hell itself as imagined in 1929.

Who ordered an operating system cake?

Guillermo del Toro once saw an alien spaceship -- a clich├ęd, crappy, horribly-designed one.

Flying reptilian predatory giraffes once existed.

Which way is north?

Seven German words describe life in the time of Trump.

I have the right to read a story even if someone else doesn't like it

This actor is enthusiastic about his upcoming zombie movie.

A compromising photo of Trump has surfaced (found via Yellowdog Granny).

Here's a good response to outrageous nagging.

Forget The Ring, this book could actually kill you if you "read" it (found via Mendip).

Bill Maher is doing his thing.

Don't ask your girlfriend to the prom.

The slogan "America first" has been used before (found via Miss Cellania).

This is unconstrained capitalism.  And this is.....I don't think there's a word (found via Earth-Bound Misfit).

Apparently this is what passes for writing among wingnuts (found via Fair and Unbalanced).

This hard-line Catholic news site is unoffended by Courtland Sykes's vulgar and contemptuous remarks about women, but the commenters object to his "living in sin".

As American society rebels against coddling sex abusers, the churches are lagging behind.

These are some good tips for escaping an abusive relationship.

Kushner Companies treats its tenants like shit.  Trump wants to treat waiters like shit.

The Satanic Temple has tips on effective protesting.  Meet the civic-minded Satanists of Texas (from a comment by Ranch Chimp).

Here's a report from the heart of the real America (found via Hackwhackers).

Nasty prigs get a bunch of women fired from their jobs.  More here.

The Bible is so badly written that in many places it's almost impossible to figure out what it means.

Trump's administration abandons Puerto Rico, then thinks better of it.  Incredible that after four months, 35% of Puerto Ricans still don't have electricity back.  Crazy Eddie has an in-depth look at the issue of Puerto Rican statehood.

More and more younger Americans have no interest in religious nonsense.  The hard-core believers, while few in number, are holding steady for now.

You may not want to know what's underneath this parking lot in Baltimore (found via Miss Cellania).

Fitness trackers are creating a national security problem.

Republicans have exploded the deficit -- as usual.

Black Americans had to fight hard for the vote, and the fight continues.

Christian love:  A woman threatens her own daughter in church for daring to speak out about being raped, and -- well, just read this one for yourself.

He'd probably be welcome in Saudi Arabia.

Vagabond Scholar has a gripping post on the casual inhumanity of the Holocaust. Our own education on the subject is incomplete.  Remember those whom the US turned away.

2017 was the second-hottest year in 137 years of scientific record-keeping.  The American Meteorological Society is trying to educate Trump about global warming.

Technology is replacing jobs fast -- making universal basic income a necessity.

A shithole by any other name..... (found via Crooks and Liars).

British efforts to use AI for censorship have encountered a problem.

Scotland has its priorities.

Ireland will hold a referendum on legalizing abortion.

In Germany, a fervently anti-Muslim politician has converted to Islam.

People in Latin America are abandoning religion in droves (and not only Protestants, despite the headline).

Kurdish forces are holding back Turkey's invasion of their territory, but bombing and shelling have displaced 15,000 people.

A South Korean newspaper reports an ominous remark.

A picture is worth a thousand words, but it may not be the truth.

The discovery of fraudulent bank reporting casts new doubt on whether China's economy is really as strong as we're told.

Memo-mania!  Vox says the Nunes memo is a dud.  A national security lawyer finds it a "pathetic joke".  Rick Wilson entertainingly ties it to the general lunacy of Trumpism.  Hackwhackers has some Twitter responses and more from dissenting Republicans (don't miss the gif link!).  Electoral-Vote.com details its flaws.  Green Eagle says it's a molehill waiting to be made into a mountain (and has the full text); here are reactions from around the wingnutosphere.  The Mahablog cites more sober views.  Even RedState is dubious.  Republicans have just been acting randomly paranoid.

Ending the shutdown was not a "cave".

Trump is very unwise to fight the FBI.

Be in the right room.

Dan McLaughlin at NRO is gloomy about the course Trump is setting (I hope he's right about point 4).  The right wing is right to be worried.

Michele Bachmann was waiting for a sign from God about running for Senate -- and she got it.

Modern Bizarro-world Republicans hate law enforcement.

Read media reactions to the SOTU at Hackwhackers and No More Mister Nice Blog.  Here's a Dutch view.

Impeaching Trump wouldn't require all Republicans in Congress to go along, just some of them.  In any case, there may be another option.  62% of Americans want a law to protect Mueller.

Want more links?  Miss Cellania and Fair and Unbalanced have some.

[381 days down, 1,081 days to go until the inauguration of a real President!]


Blogger W. Hackwhacker said...

Great links, as usual. The seven German words describing life in the times of Trump was wonderful. It brought to mind a few Yiddish words (a language derived from German dialects) that describe Trump himself, like "shmendrik" (a stupid jerk) and the ever- popular "schmuck." Of course, we would experience the ultimate schadenfreude should Trump get his just deserts (and not two scoops!).

04 February, 2018 14:18  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

As far as how the bible is written, how to interpret it or whatever. You now ... it's so many different writings from so many different folks, etc You can make it mean whatever you want I guess. I see nothing in common, except they seem to believe in the same deity. I've read it, but over a few year period, not all at once. There are many things I didnt understand, or seen connections or whatever ... nor tried to figure it out or understand some of it. It's not something I would read like a good science read piece (of fact finding), that I would actually read it a couple time to try to understand it, or a good story by one author, this stuff was way before my time, and my way of interpreting words, sentences and meaning (I'm culturally out of touch with much, and very selective about what interests me). But I find also some good stories in it, but it's not like reading a book from one author, point of view, so it lacks much too. I think there is fact and fiction, mixed in, cultural hangups, tribal and familia feuds, familia tree stuff, half assed science (more like alchemy), and I also think there was drug usage from folks recording stuff (I mean I myself have used drugs that alter the mind in ritual) ... ancient use of drugs was common ... as common as LSD or Peyote has been whether it was today with intentions of opening the mind, or the ancient rituals of Indian tribes. Long story, and I talk too much. Taking long enough for me to write these comments, because I keep getting interrupted {:-(

VCR? ... I have a VCR and bunch of VHS ... I even converted several older VHS's to DVD's. I collect shit, video, music, literature, letters, or whatever.

Antarctica ... confusing continent? ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {:-) ... dont ask me to explain. But that's what I would call "down under" ... sorry, wrong continent ... wonder what Noah would do if his arc ended up there, eh? ... CRASH LANDING MAN!!

You know, I had no idea that Ireland was still battling the abortion thing ... I mean ... WTF is up with these folks? I sometimes ask myself ... WHY do people even seek approval from politicians or church clergy, corporations or whoever, to decide what is right for them, if they are harming no one else ... I never cared if these folks approve or disapprove of what I do. But I understand the law/ legality factor, rights, etc, on the other hand ... all I have to say, is that it's a sad condition and state of mind of humanity.

05 February, 2018 06:47  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Michele Bachmann for the Senate, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... no wonder so many go for a "career" in politics, great long job and benefits, eh? Michele likes to convert gay guys to straight, and I guess devil worshippers too. Wouldnt mind her teaching me anything first hand to convert me, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh, save me Mistress Michele, show me how to serve! {:-) ... bet it would be a wild and crazy experience ... my kind of gal {:-)

I have missed so much on what's going on in politics though. A friend over the weekend (Tess) asked if I could explain to her, what is this Mueller thing happening and what's going to happen. I told her I didnt know, havent followed it, or even want to hear about politics on this weekend. But no ... I have no idea what is going on with that stuff, I tried reading an article about it a week ago, and got as confusing as some bible stories, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... I just said "f*ck it" {:-) To be honest Infidel, I just been getting tired I guess of hearing about these folks up there in Washington, or their tweets, bitch fights, or whatever ... a bunch of f'n overpaid losers to me, or overvalued like stocks {:-) and much a waste of my time. Of course I'll go vote in a couple weeks, is about it. It would be cool, if something actually was done to these people up there, fired, impeachment, criminal charges or anything ... but they bitch, attack, and whine like f'n babies over everything ... and no one is hardly held accountable for a goddamn thing ... it's ALL showbiz. ... I'm outta here.

05 February, 2018 06:47  
Blogger W. Hackwhacker said...

"desserts" :-(

05 February, 2018 07:05  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Hackwhacker: Other languages often have interestingly useful expressions. In Japanese there's a term for a toady or yes-man, kingyo no kuso, which literally translates as "goldfish shit", because of the way goldfish shit tends to follow the goldfish around inside the fishbowl. That fits Trump's enablers in Congress very well.

Ranch: The Bible is just a collection of mythology like ancient Greek or Egyptian myths. It was mostly compiled and edited based on the demands of late Roman political circumstances which are far from relevant to us today. It's no wonder it doesn't make much sense.

Ireland was totally under the thumb of the Catholic Church until the mid-1990s and is still struggling to cast off those influences. Abortion has felt less urgent because it's so easy for women who need abortions to go to the UK and get them, but inevitably the Irish are increasingly tired of such hypocrisy.

I'm getting pretty weary of politics myself. Keeping up with Trump's outrages and the Republicans' floundering and cowardice is exhausting. Hopefully Mueller will bring this malignant clown show to an end in due time; it's hard to see what else can.

05 February, 2018 17:52  

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