09 April 2017

Link round-up for 9 April 2017

Treat your capybaras to a hot bath and some music.

Don't ever be ashamed (found via Yellowdog Granny).

What really went on in the Star Trek universe?

So that's what that thing is for.

With some ads, location matters.

Sometimes, a book's very title tells you it's a classic of literature.

Here's how to park a car in Finland.

For the music for your next horror film, all you need is this instrument.  Maybe you can set the film at Wendy's.

If you don't have a record player, improvise.

How big was all that stuff in Star Wars?

It's man vs. tyrannosaurus in Jurassic Parkour!

Maybe God didn't want it to be there (found via Yellowdog Granny).

This was 1969.

A useful new invention -- the anti-paparazzi scarf.

This professor pranks his students with visual aids.

If you are on LiveJournal, you need to get off it.  I've seen Dreamwidth suggested as an alternative.

Artist Jeff Hong puts Disney characters in real-world settings.

Growing up in more traditional times, blogger Donna found Mae West an inspiration.

Why do women put up with this crap?

See color photos -- from 1903.

Boston's Museum of Science explores the history of chocolate.

"Unclear passages" should not be used to dodge the nasty implications of the Bible.

Republicans are desperately trying to stop the green-energy revolution, but they can't succeed. Even the Kentucky Coal Museum is switching to solar power to save money.

Alex Jones loses it -- did he ever really have it?  Bryan Fischer has lost it, and he wants it back.

Mastodon is a Nazi-free alternative to Twitter, but it's having some trouble catching on.

Fundie nutters are in a snit about the new chief of the Air Force Academy (comments on the first article are worth a look too).

Fundies may no longer care about the poor, but others do care.

No, Obamacare is not "collapsing".

Trumpism is the logical culmination of the cult of ignorance (found via Mendip).

Abuse did not shape you.

The "cultural appropriation" nonsense is getting completely insane.

Noah Smith's post on attitudes toward "rationals" is worth reading on its own terms, but also reminded me of why I avoid associating with "communities".

American society is becoming not just polarized, but tribalized.

This is the far north.

75% of Germans support gay marriage (Germany is one of the few west European countries that doesn't have it yet).

Here's an unusual bridge in Uruguay.

This Presidential candidate would make a great Republican.

See what the Asad regime is doing to its own people.

The Putin regime collaborates with Islamists to oppress and kill gays, and other news.

The spirit of chabuduo keeps China backward and unsafe (and I still worry about this).

Trump has already normalized the outrageous.

This is the most amateurish government in US history, and the fault lies mostly at the top.

Women are the backbone of the resistance.

Another Trumpanzee wises up too late.

My state's Senator Merkley sums up the case against Gorsuch.  But the enemy doesn't fully accept him as one of themselves.

These days, the goal of Republicanism is to be the worst asshole possible.

Maybe Susan Sarandon was right (though we don't know how bad things are going to get).

Keith Olbermann looks at the possibility, and risks, of re-doing the 2016 election (found via Politics Plus).

Trump's missile strike must be judged a failure since the airbase he hit is still operational (found via Progressive Eruptions).  But he's still trying to make money off of it (found via Hackwhackers).  Kevin Robbins's Congressperson exemplifies Republican hypocrisy on Syria.

Bannon may be on the way out, and for the Alt-Right, it has all the makings of an epic Dolchsto├člegende.

[79 days down, 1,382 days to go until the inauguration of a real President!]


Blogger Kevin Robbins said...

Maybe you can set the film at Wendy's.

I've been waiting since I saw the movie for soylent green to be on the menu. Ummmm, to serve man.

09 April, 2017 10:55  
Blogger Pinku-Sensei said...

I basically gave up on LiveJournal years ago, when the company was bought by a Russian company and the site began to be subject to DDOS attacks to shut it down as a site for Russian critics of the Putin regime. I still have an account there, but thanks to news like this, I am no longer going to blog there. As for Dreamwidth, I might resume using it, but my my main blogging home will still be on Blogger, just like you.

09 April, 2017 15:53  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Kevin: Yum! Carnivorism at its finest.

Pinku: I'm not familiar with LiveJournal or what it's used for -- just felt compelled to pass along the warning. If it's just a blogging platform, I suspect the user base will migrate elsewhere quite rapidly.

As for Blogger, I think they've already gotten the message about censorship.

09 April, 2017 16:18  
Anonymous Zosimus the Heathen said...

Those 1969 high school fashions were pretty awesome, though it was a little disappointing to see only girls featured in the pictures of them (then again, I have a depressing feeling that that was because the stuff the boys were wearing back then was a lot more conservative). Hard to believe that those photos were taken nearly 50 years ago, and a bit sobering to reflect that their subjects would be in their sixties by now - here's hoping at least some of them stayed the free spirits they were in school!

I sometimes wonder what happened to the idealism of the late '60s. Admittedly, some of it was pretty misguided (eg the enthusiam for such things as Marxism, Eastern religions, and some of the nuttier health crazes of the time), though a lot of the new ideas it spawned were probably good ones. Then again, did it really die? In some ways, it undoubtedly did (eg with the rise of the "Me generation" and such pernicious ideas as Reaganomics and neoconservativism), though it just as undoubtedly lives on in other areas, particularly those relating to rights for women and minority groups. Though we've still got a long way to go there, I don't think we'll ever see a return of the overt and unquestioned sexism, racism, homophobia and suchlike of the pre-1960s past. I hope not anyway!

10 April, 2017 06:48  
Anonymous Zosimus the Heathen said...

The chocolate exhibition at the Boston Museum looks interesting, though sadly I'm too far away to see it for myself! I remember reading a book about the dark side of the worldwide chocolate trade, some years ago, called "Bitter Chocolate", which wasn't an easy read (particularly as I'm an avid chocolate consumer myself). It had a lot about the Ivory Coast, the source of much of the world's cocoa - sadly, that country was once a real African success story, though it now seems to occupy a permanent place in the annual Failed States Index's "worst of the worst" category. I think it ended up being just another Third World country royally screwed over by the World Bank and IMF.

10 April, 2017 07:07  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

There are times when I wish I had been old enough during the sixties to enjoy the culture. Then I remember the Vietnam war.

The young guys back then did have a "look" of their own -- tie-dies, sandals, beards -- by the standards of the mainstream at the time it was pretty rebellious, even shocking to some people. Well, better than today when a lot of people's goal seems to be to look as hideous as possible.

I don't know much about the social idealism of the time, but today there's definitely a willingness to fight to defend the gains of the last few decades -- provoked by the fact that the right wing has become more and more extreme and now really does seem to want to go back to the days of Jim Crow, illegal abortion, and gays as punching bags. The rise of the Christian Right and now Trumpism is provoking a real pushback.

I get the impression Australia is generally a pretty pleasant place, but there is that disadvantage -- it's inconveniently far away from almost everything.

10 April, 2017 07:34  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Been going through many links here, after cooking a little breakfast for my wife and I.

Due to the long history and background that I have in satanism, good to see the other side of satanism, as far as as the diversity and new horizons of satanism and the philosophy of such, being in this case, the piece Satanic New Zealand and "soles for satan". Of course, there are various groups in satanism, I been with several myself over the years ... which means, it isnt about only one way of thinking. One of the most disappointing things to me talked about as satanism, and why I dont talk about it much ... is besides so many christians thinking it's just about worshipping their devil, which it isnt, because if satanism was about worshipping "their" devil character, that would make them a christian satanist, not a satanist, eh? ... I mean, christians care about and highlight their devil, satanists dont. The other thing is, so many look at these oligarchs and neoliberalism, etc of today, as being some satanic agenda ... it's only "satanic" in the sense, that these oligarchs, are doing what is in their interests and gain only, using money they took from others, to create their reality ... but hasnt a damn thing to do with satanism ... some on YouTube call these pieces of shit ... "the satanic elite", of course people who think in a christian type fundamoralism I assume too. I actually admire many "elites", those who stand out of the box, have leadership qualities, innovative, contributors, creative, etc, etc These folks ripping off society, are nothing more than pests to me, or parasites, high paid hustlers and scammers with law degrees or whatever, a bunch of f'n crooks. Praising them or having fear of them to me, is a waste of my goddamn time as far as I'm concerned ... and trust me ... I'M SATANIC! I'm one that actually advocated (especially locally) the modern satanic philosophy, embraced it, and lived it for decades, not one of these fly- by- nights, that tried it a few years, dumped it, and became a buddhist, christian, clairvoyant or whatever. But much credit to these groups of new young satanists who expand on what satanism is about. I dont expect the rich to embrace and love the poor ... but I dont expect them to rip them off either, rip each other off, that's about all ya'll are good for anywayz, besides fertilizer. Yes, it's satanic to expose these parasites for what they are and attack them with bloody jaws!

10 April, 2017 07:51  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

I done this in 2 pieces so I dont have to listen to the robo- whining that I have too many characters {:-)

What a beautiful music instrument on making horror music, that is as traditional industrial music as you can get ... great piece!

1969 photos? remember it well, loved the 60's too {:-)

Cocoa bean history was pretty cool ... I knew a little about the bean trade myself.

Indiana bill to cripple solar use, dont surprise me, like I said, these folks are on a roll, you know how fast these republicans work, whenever they do get a chance ... they dont waste a miniute ... and you can see how they bit themselves in the ass with their rush tactics on ObamaCare/ ACA repeal too. But this is something of concern, all over the country, a buddy told me the other day, of the lobby in Florida when he lived there about trying to suppress homeowners from going green. I know a familia I was just visiting their small ranch and recording studio (he's a metal guitarist) about 70 miles or so outside Dallas, that are having a new home built (got a 5 acre spot, at a real good price), they plan all solar, geo- thermal, etc ... for this new place.

Political polarization and tribalism ... yeah, it's really getting pretty heavy unfortunately ... just kind of f**ked up.

German majority supporting gay marriage ... absolutely marriage shouldnt be based on genders ... my wife and I, and daughters supported gay marriage for years here locally in Texas. As far as Merkel believing it should be between a man and woman ... fine ... doesnt matter what it may be to her or others like her ... but it is different to others, and they should have the right to marry. Look at the history of marriage, even going back to the so called biblical era ... what does it tell you? ... that it's widely diversified throughout history and cultures as to what it represents or means, and the types of marriages.

1903 colourized photos ... excellent pieces!

Folks fixing the church that was destroyed by and "act of God" ... uhhhhh ... wouldnt that be a sin, or against God?

LiveJournal talk ban ... I didnt even know what in Hell TalkJournal was (I got this one blog, and that's enough for me to keep up with) ... but it doesnt surprise me ... I also think that we will see a growing trend in censorship across the board in all our social medias, that's why it's importante to resist that too ... seems like Russia has some serious anti- LGBT issues too I noticed.

Thanx also for the link to YouTube of GQ and Keith Olbermann ... I didnt know where ole Keith was these dayz, need to subscribe to that channel too now. I alwayz liked Keith ... and even your Senator Merkley of Oregon too (there's a few good ones left), I heard about Merkley's filibuster too. As far as the republican mudslide election and Trump ... what it could have been etc, etc ... shit man ... it's over, were stuck with this shit for now ... unfortunate, but reality. I'M READY TO VOTE ALREADY! ... it couldnt get here quick enough!

Bridge over water in Uruguay ... nice looking design ... oil companies should like more roads like that too, it makes you drive further and use more petrol (just humour)

Later Infidel ....

10 April, 2017 08:29  
Anonymous Blurber said...

The three-color method, which is the foundation of virtually all practical color processes whether chemical or electronic, was first suggested in an 1855 paper on color vision by Scottish physicist James Clerk Maxwell.


10 April, 2017 16:56  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Ranch: It's getting to the point where "Satanism" means pretty much whatever any given Satanist means by it. There's plenty of historical and literary precedent for a wide range of interpretations.

It's amazing that while solar power is growing in usage all over the world, Republicans want to drag the US backward. If they had their way, we'd end up reduced to a Third World country in every sense except military power (and even that eventually declines once you fall behind technologically).

In Russia, as Putin emphasizes Christianity more and more, gays are being targeted as scapegoats rather like Jews were in earlier times. It's probably the worst place to be gay outside the Middle East and Africa.

We'll see how the voting goes in Kansas today.

Blurber: Thanks, I had never heard of that. Maxwell certainly was an innovative thinker.

11 April, 2017 07:54  

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