02 April 2017

Link round-up for 2 April 2017

This store offers signs for any occasion.

Make a cross, or something.

Quite a service indeed.

None of these people should be reproducing anyway.

It's Sunday -- get ready for church.

Enjoy the plaintive musical whining of Emo Trump, and this unusual duet -- but skip this clarinet recital.  Speaking of music, here's some smooth carrot for your soul.  Carrots also have other uses, apparently.

I didn't know it was possible to get so worked up about cooking.

Expect the unexpected.

Demonic beings dwell among us.

Apparently they took his brain too.

What if "the rapture" were a typo?

Right away you just know this isn't real (found via Yellowdog Granny).

Have some more elephant videos.

Gee, poor conservatives.

In 1850 a French scholar proposed an imaginative, but extremely ridiculous, system of high-speed communication using snails (found via Mendip).

The creator of one of the world's most iconic flags has died.

Any sufficiently-advanced technology is indistinguishable from vulnerable to magic.

Trump needs a superhero name (I suggest The Orange Lantern or The Incredible Sulk).

Meet an unusual underwater artist.

A polished floor can be so frustrating.

Don't buy a used car -- or anything -- from these people.

We need better demons.

God does not change (found via Yellowdog Granny).

Yes, "Barry Soweto".  But seriously, "Jewbers"?

Fundies are programmed to feel persecuted by reality (found via Tell Me Why the World Is Weird).

Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Somebody actually found a use for Ken Ham's stupid fake ark.

This person exists.

Religious taboo "morality" inculcates blind robotic obedience.

Why aren't young people having more children?

Maybe someday my blog will be prominent enough to attract this problem.

Clues emerge in a very old unsolved murder case.

We've just observed a cliff collapse.  On a comet.  If only Galileo had lived to see these times!

This idea isn't as good as it looks at first.

Clean energy now creates far more jobs than fossil fuels (found via Politics Plus).  But some people want to turn back the clock.

Genetic therapy scores another first -- a full cure of sickle-cell anemia (found via TYWKIWDBI).

Pictures from the early days of astronomical photography are still helping us understand the universe.

One recent astronomical observation proved disappointing.

This exists, whatever the hell it is.

Here's a good resource on giving up meat and other animal products, and why you should.

"America wasn't built by the stupid."  Speaking of which, why are we spending money on this nonsense?

People forget how different this country was just a half-century ago.  Nostalgic Republicans want to give parents of unmarried adult women control over their abortion decisions.

North Carolina's anti-gay law, if left in place, will cost the state almost $4 billion.  The "repeal" now under way is a scam.  But the resistance there has great potential.

There are people who actually consider this to be evidence of something.

Paying taxes doesn't win acceptance, apparently.

Bruce Gerencser looks back on the near-slavery of life as an Evangelical pastor, and how leaving Christianity has affected his relationship with his children.

Alabama pursues a bizarre last-ditch strategy against gay marriage.

Some people genuinely support free speech, others don't.

Nature offers a rainbow of fire.  Here's the right way to have your own fire.

Time to consider a VPN.  Here's another self-defense option (found via Mendip).  Also, fight back in kindWe can still win.

Be very suspicious of any website that calls you out for using Adblock.

Evangelicals have a dangerous blind spot about crimes by their clergy.

Amish culture is just as depraved and abusive as any other "traditional values" culture (both found via Republic of Gilead, who responds to a Baptist pastor pushing the Amish as a model).

A new adaptation of The Handmaid's Tale provokes some interesting reactions from Trumpanzees.

Shocking Evangelical views on rape reflect the Biblical concept of God.

Pope Francis cuts molesting priests too much slack.

American farmers need illegal Ukrainian software to repair their own tractors, due to the manufacturer's assholeosity.

Here's a distillery that has greenhouses.

The Iraqi government resists recognizing the Kurdish presence in Kirkuk.  This is going to mean trouble.

This is what happens when religion and politics aren't separated.  Frankly, so is this (found via Yellowdog Granny).

Barbaric country is barbaric.

The ACA survived because it moved the Overton window.  Local news also deserves some credit -- and activists have earned the right to be proud too.

Democrats must not retreat on abortion. It's a core issue.

Blogger The Rogue Feminist discovers a new anti-depressant.

It's a gift from God!

Republicans' next project is tax "reform", but they need to decide whether the richest 1% should get 50.8% of the tax-cut benefit -- or 99.6% of it (no, that's not a typo).

There are two health-care systems that can "work", and we're trying to decide where to hover between them. Hometown USA has a round-up of links -- don't miss the Taiwan one!

No surprise here -- Trumpism has made life less secure for American Muslims.  It's also devastating our tourism industry.

One party is for us, the other is against usOne President was capable, the other is not.

Gerrymandering, the cause of the Republicans' grip on the House, may also be the root of their incompetence.

Trump's to-do list is a mixed bag.  He can get away with rejecting reality, but not with abandoning wingnuttery.

Maxine Waters is pulling no punches these days.  Nor is Dick Cheney(!)  Restoring civility won't be easy, nor is it really the priority now.

Even a lot of Republicans don't like Trump's budget.  Yes, they will turn against him eventually.  Wingnut-on-wingnut warfare is escalating.

We have leverage.  Let's use it.

Elections have consequencesSo does reality.

Arab-Americans draw on experience fighting colonialism for the fight against Trumpism.

This is what we missed having, and these are some of the people responsible.

[72 days down, 1,389 days to go until the inauguration of a real President!]


Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

The link to the questions about becoming or being pergnanant made me laugh out loud!

The creature on the bottom of the sea will haunt my dreams.

Thanks for the link.

Another great collection of quirky subjects.

02 April, 2017 16:02  
Blogger W. Hackwhacker said...

Another great array of opinion, information and curiosities (speaking of which, thanks again for the links). I had to laugh at the link for Stupid Evil Bastard's predicament of people offering unsolicited help/ advice for his blog. I'm with you that I should have that problem! Mostly it's spam about bitcoins or herbal remedies on a post several weeks old.

Anyway, always an enjoyable way to spend a morning.

02 April, 2017 16:13  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Yo Infidel! ... yeah, I was going through much of these links yesterday, wanted to comment but got interrupted ... lots o' linkage here though ... which is cool.

That HB2 bill though in North Carolina, been keeping up with, although I didnt post on it ... but yeah ... I made that crap right away when it went down, that it was some twisted backdoor crap, and still bull as far as discrimination. Their balls are to the wall in NC ... BUSINE$$! ... Texas is going through the same crap with commie Abbot's bathroom bill ... Texas business is raising Hell too. As far as I'm concerned, these damn states that want to pull this backdoor fundamoralist crap ... DESERVES to lose business.

How to go vegan ... you know, I believe that the vegan deal thing is good, and I especially point that out to kids like my grandkids ... I mean, I'm old school, I still eat meat (mostly just fish or chicken) ... but very little, cause I know it's not good for you. I know a few folks that been vegans for several years, and it worx well for them ... so the meat business propaganda, about how you need meat is bunk.

Trump's environmental policies ... really kind of f**ked ... the excuse of Trump is ... that the Chinese are leaving us in the dust (way ahead of us) ... uhhh right ... that's why my nephew when living in Beijing said it's cool to wear a damn face mask cause of the pollution.

Really impressive on the sickle cell kidz gene therapy ... medical science has really been outstanding ... just imagine what will come through in the next 20 years or so ... I told my grandkids, they will have access to alot of medical breakthroughs, that old schoolers like me wouldnt have dreamed of!

Creature of the sea floor was kick ass ... looked like a type of plant ... that's the kind of life forms that I think of as a possibility on other planets for example.

"Big Bend" ... U building in Manhattan ... damn, that stands out like a turd in a punchbowl! That St.Louis gateway arch, has some kind of curving type elevator system in it.

$1.1 million, to study how aliens could impact religion?!!**!!? ... WTF! ... I'll do it for $100,000 and tell them the impact {:-) ... I wonder why would aliens even give a rats ass about religion, in fact ... if there was aliens coming down ... human religions would probably say that God sent them ... either way ... the church will figure out how to make a buck out of it.

The shape shifting thing on YouTube, didnt get it at first, then figured it was the eyes thing ... just the way the lighting hits the eyes, angle or whatever. Example ... I have a picture someone took of me years back ... my eyes look red, a couple buddies joked about it ... it had to do with lighting or something.

South Sudan will trade off kiddie soldiers, in exchange to continue to kill gayz ... sounds like what I would expect out of a shithole like South Sudan.

Van Applegate, focusing for the moon photo and ended up with Burger King ... God Bless America ... that's as American as you can get! heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {:-)

Rosetta mission's cometary change was interesting ... I never would have thought that.

... later Infidel

03 April, 2017 10:55  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Shaw: You really have to wonder how some people function at all, with such a bad grasp of language (and biology).

Hackwhacker: I get inundations of spam too. If it weren't for comment moderating, the comment threads here would be flooded.

Ranch: I hope we can keep up the pressure on NC until we get a real reversal. It's working.

That sea creature is a good reminder of how different alien life might be.

It's stupid to spend NASA's money trying to figure out how religion would react to discovering aliens. It's not a scientific question. Anyway, different religions would react differently. Let them study the question on their own dime if they feel so inclined.

The kind of idiots who think that odd optical effect in the video shows somebody is an alien, probably think they're seeing evil aliens all over the place. It's a bit scary, like the willingness to believe a pizzaria is a child-molesting headquarters -- who knows what such people might eventually do?

04 April, 2017 03:16  

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