08 May 2016

Link round-up for 8 May 2016

Seriously, Disney should consider this.  I think the world is ready for it.  Well, maybe not these guys.

Please stop for pedestrians.

Fear of faggotry has kept men's clothing boring for 200 years.

Meet Ken Allen, escape artist.

Is this really the best propaganda the Jehovah's Witnesses can come up with?

She hopes to marry rich, but.....

A Trumpanzee reveals his Christian nature.  There's a lot of meanness out there.

If an apartment's really cheap, maybe there's a good reason.

Yes, they actually called the police about a painting.

An ex-Mormon explains what she's learned from leaving the religion (found via Republic of Gilead). Sometimes the terrors are hard to cast off.

Global-warming denialists should be consistent.

Yet another gay-hating pastor turns out to have a little secret (found via Satanic Gay Community)

Fox News commenters are just disgusting.

Like gay-haters, trans-haters are becoming a marginalized minority (found via Republic of Gilead).

This year's Eurovision Song Contest is coming soon, and this time it will be broadcasted in the US.  Here's a guide for the perplexed.  I recall my favorite performance from the show.

People power can beat the parasite class's plans.

Don't go into debt in Russia (found via Clarissa).

The energy revolution is already under way.

Why are there birds?

Back up all your stuff -- and don't do business with Apple.

Spread the word -- the Republicans are the party of Trump. They did this to themselves.

Don't let the wingnuts fool you about Hillary.

Even though Cruz has dropped out, Seven Mountains Dominionism is a threat we need to learn about.  It's goal is to replace democracy with theocracy.

Now that the Republican party has trashed itself, David Frum wants Democrats to give him a new ideological home (to Hell with that!).

Hillary has begun her onslaught against Trump.

Paul LePage is the new, ugly face of conservatism.

We're gonna miss this guy (yes, it's an actual White House tumblr posting).

Bill Maher shows up Trump for what he is.


Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

Loved the link on men's clothing. In the non-human animal world, it is the male who is flamboyant in color and mating rituals in order to attract females for mating. In humans it's the opposite, with a few exceptions.

All good stuff.

And thanks for the links.

09 May, 2016 06:24  
Anonymous Zosimus the Heathen said...

That's an interesting idea for Frozen 2 (though I have to admit a cynical part of me wonders why such a movie needs to be made at all - I thought the original worked perfectly well as a standalone film, and I fear a sequel might end up being a terrible letdown). Not surprised the wingnuts are losing their shit over it; then again, didn't most of them hate the original film, and consider it evil LGBT propaganda, anyway?

I also liked the piece on the drabness of modern's men clothing. When you think about it, it's really quite remarkable that society has sold generations of men on the idea that they should aspire to be as dull in their appearance as possible. If a person said they preferred grey, overcast days to bright, sunny ones, or thought grim-looking Soviet-style apartment blocks represented the pinnacle of modern architecture, we'd probably think there was something a bit wrong with them, yet it's considered perfectly healthy for half the population to have drab, depressing wardrobes - indeed, a preference for the opposite is often seen as a worrying sign of some kind of underlying psychological malady. Very strange.

I have to admit I thought that underground apartment was kind of cool, though I could imagine it getting quite claustrophic (and as one commenter said, it might be difficult getting all your stuff down the hallway that seems to be the only way in). Also, you'd want to always have a flashlight close at hand, just in case the power went out - you'd probably find yourself totally blind otherwise!

09 May, 2016 08:24  
Anonymous NickM said...

as to "fear of 'faggotry'". Infidel you do know that term is deeply offensive. Maybe you meant it that way for completely honest reasons. I assume so. As to Disney getting a lesbian princess... Well, whatever. Grow-up, people! If the leader of the Scottish Tory party can be openly gay (and married to a woman) then yes the time has indeed come (she also did very well). I appreciate in the Land of the Free it's a bit backward on this score compared to this mere Island Nation. But it's not unique. Russell T Davies (former Dr Who show-runner) has done "A Midsummer Night's Dream" with a lesbian kiss and some of the press (not most, but...) went mental.

09 May, 2016 11:16  
Anonymous ScottK said...

That's something I've told my wife before- "If you see a man doing something and you can't figure out why, ask yourself if it's possible he's doing it to avoid being taken for gay".

The relentless policing of masculinity is stupid and silly and the cause of so much pointless anxiety, but it's got a death-grip on men in huge parts of the world.

09 May, 2016 12:43  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Shaw: Thanks. It is rather odd that the West, so imaginative in other ways, has come up with just about the dullest men's clothes in history.

Zosimus: I have reservations about a sequel too -- the original was perfect. But if they're going to do one, let's see something daring and imaginative -- so long as it's consistent with the characters as originally developed. Anyway, if Dumbledore can turn out to be gay (and there are certain things in the novels that make more sense once you realize that), why not Elsa?

That apartment might be a fun place to stay for a week or so, but I suspect living there would get pretty old.

Nick: I think the readers know I use words like that in the right spirit, as in implying "fear of [what the fearful people would describe as] faggotry". I haven't had any objections before, anyway.

I didn't know the leader of the Scottish Conservatives was openly gay. It shows how different British politics is from ours.

Scott: It is very peculiar if you think about it. Men are expected to have enough courage to charge into battle against an enemy army, but it's still considered normal to be terrified of being thought gay.

09 May, 2016 19:41  
Anonymous NickM said...

Yeah, Ruth Davidson is a bit of fresh air. She had a campaign vid of her riding a bison bare-back and that is not a euphemism. As to "faggots" - well I live in the North West of England and they are a traditional savoury dish though revolting. They are made from offal. Possibly that is why I find the word offensive (the major brand is "Mr Brain's faggots"). I do appreciate you are in no way homophobic. Quite the reverse. And if Elsa gets a girlfriend who am I to object (I know - other thread) because I've had girlfriends so... What I don't understand is the prurient (and it is) interest in other people's sex lives. Also Elsa is a fictional, indeed, animated character. Do these people have lives. In my many years of gaming I must have killed squillions (and copped a few hits myself) does this mean I hang around dark alleys with a knife to shiv a woman coming home from the pub? No. It Doesn't. If Elsa is gay (I know that is almost meaningless) then it is not likely to change anyone's sexuality but it might make lesbian girls more confident which is a good thing.

12 May, 2016 03:43  
Anonymous NickM said...

You know The Donald has a man date?

12 May, 2016 03:44  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

She had a campaign vid of her riding a bison bare-back

Whose bi son was she riding?

Quite a few people find faggots a savory dish and not at all revolting. (I was not aware of the culinary connotation -- do people in England still eat Spotted Dick?) And there should definitely be a rock band called "Mr. Brain's Faggots". But I don't believe any man would date The Donald -- faggots have standards, even if a few women will apparently do anything for money.

OK, I better stop now.

12 May, 2016 05:59  

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