29 June 2014

Link round-up for 29 June 2014

Murr Brewster looks at BIG horses and evolution.

Financial and fire hazards -- more bitcoin "mining" machines.

Here are ten signs of being a fundie.

It's not exactly the Library of Alexandria, but this little spat in Kansas shows the grouch mentality at work, though there's a happy ending (found via Mendip).

Stupid Bible story of the week:  Jepthah.

Hollywood is running out of ideas -- but it has plenty of ideas for what spaceships should have.

Here's a fascinating analysis of Jan van Eyck's The Arnolfini Portrait.

Meet the ladies of concealed carry (found via F169).

Wealthy Nick Hanauer has a warning for his class.

Cruelty is the essence of the right-wing war on civilization.  Read the comments, if only for the knee-jerk troll responses -- these people really are unreachable.

Faye Kane pwns libertarians (NSFW blog).

It's not just creationism -- fundamentalism makes America ignorant.

A "knockout" attack in Brooklyn ends badly for the perp.

Here's a quick summary of Republican policy on pretty much everything.

An ex-Muslim laments the absurdity of his former religion.

The most admired recent President by far?  Bill Clinton.

Say thanks to the NSA (found via Faye Kane).

Hey Republicans, how's that outreach to Latinos going?

Much of our country's disastrous wrong direction is the work of one man.

The Supreme Court gives the green light to religious harassment.

Teabaggerdom is mad as hell about Thad Cochran's victory in the Mississippi primary.

Why we need to keep Democrats in power:  Biden takes an uncompromising stand against bigotry.

Gin and Tacos takes a sobering look at American exceptionalism -- read the comments too.

Britain keeps a very close eye on its Muslims.

An Italian Catholic priest declares extramarital sex a worse sin than murder (found via F169).

Teddy bears are misused to facilitate disgusting religious rituals.

Defying Putin, Ukraine signs a trade deal with the EU.

Check out how Russian cops dress, at least until the killjoys crack down.  More stupid Russian legislation here.

Iran's chief theocrat Khamenei makes a dangerous reversal on birth control.

ISIS holds a victory parade through Mosul.  Your taxes probably bought those military vehicles for the Iraqi army, which abandoned them without a fight.

Iraq's Ayatollah Sistani is a puritanical old grouch, but he has his good side.

Muslim Pakistani traditional values -- a couple is hacked to death and a woman is burned alive.

In the world's most boring country, the young resort to dangerous thrill rides.

Chimpanzees have fads, though not quite as silly as ours.

Can you understand the tesseract? (NSFW blog)

There's something big and mysterious in a strange sea far away.


Anonymous Ahab said...

I enjoy sifting through these links every Sunday. Thanks for sharing them.

I'm pleased that commentators are addressing America's growing inequality. The pieces at Gin and Tacos and Politico (via Crooks & Liars) pointed out truths that are becoming increasingly hard to ignore.

29 June, 2014 18:10  
Anonymous Zosimus the Heathen said...

Re Hollywood's lack of originality, one movie I saw (just over a decade ago now) which really epitomized that was The Scorpion King, which was the prequel to the sequel of a remake! And, yes, it was a load of shite.

30 June, 2014 06:32  
Blogger Blurber said...

Re the "Free Little Library." I guess if that was going to happen anywhere Kansas would be the place where you might expect it.

30 June, 2014 11:11  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Ahab. The MSM do a good job of distracting us from that issue. Lucky we have blogs.

Zosimus: I never saw that one, but I'm not surprised.

Blurber: Even there things turned out OK in the end. What they teach in the schools there, maybe not so much.

01 July, 2014 06:30  

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