12 January 2014

Link round-up for 12 January 2014

Forbidden loves:  A British train passenger attempts sex with a drinks trolley (found via Mendip), while this American prefers doggie style.

TSA thermal imaging captures a gas attack at an airport.

Pleasure yourself with a camel.

Woo, I'm marking my calendar and maybe going for a drink in the meantime.  And who the hell invited this guy to the wedding? (all three found via Mendip).

Ice transforms Michigan lighthouses into otherworldly apparitions.

Here's the story of one little girl and marijuana (found via Progressive Eruptions).

Watch raw video of a meth-fueled thrill ride in a stolen Oregon police car.

"Knockout" may have reached the west coast.  Ranch Chimp sees the thugs as playing with fire.

Funny how meritocracy works.

Fundamentalism's rejection of evolution drives away the educated, but some still see it as a winning political strategy -- even though it's just taken a loss in Texas.

Welcome to conservative paradise.

Medical insurers are at it again.

This statue looks much classier than some boring Ten Commandments monument.

Booman talks sense on unemployment benefits.

Mendip suggests three must-see historical sites in the DC area.

Guys, be aware of this scam.

Most Americans don't realize Obama has reduced the deficit.

Stop cheering for Pope Francis -- he's no liberal.

Bizarre wife abuse thrives in the Christian Patriarchy movement (found via Republic of Gilead).

Voting rights will be this year's big story in the South.  This nitwit will not be part of the story.

Gays didn't do so badly in 2013.

Green Eagle has another Wingnut Wrapup, with a stunning revelation about Hermann Goering.

Your tax dollars pay for meat industry propaganda.

Pastor Dave Buehner suggests an alternative to gay weddings at the Rose Bowl parade.

Frank Luntz illuminates the Republican descent into insanity.

Here are ten signs that fundamentalism is in decline in the US (found via Republic of Gilead).

Ken Ham babbles Biblically as his Noah's ark bond scheme teeters on the brink of collapse (found via Mendip).

Booman says Christie lied.  The US Attorney's Office is investigating and the scandal could mean criminal charges or even impeachment.  Here's why the story will last, and here are more examples of Christie's bullying (from Leslie Parsley).

Here's an amazingly stupid divorcee.

This lie was bad enough to deserve jail time.

Some British conservatives, at least, are more reality-based than ours.

Australia suffers a rain of dead bats (found via Mendip).

100 years ago, a city on the edge of greatness was hungry for war -- and got it.

Islamists burn a library of 80,000 rare books in Lebanon.  Another atrocity there sparks a protest against martyrdom.

It's expected that Republicans would try to sabotage the Iran deal, but some Democrats are joining in.

This restaurant in Pakistan bans one type of customer -- Pakistanis.

Most Americans are dangerously mistaken about protein.

Yes, global warming can cause colder weather, despite inevitable confusion.


Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

Great group of links as always.

I just can't picture myself "with a camel."

The mind reels.

12 January, 2014 13:07  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

People were more naïve back then -- in more ways than one.

13 January, 2014 07:00  
Anonymous Blurber said...

On "Defeat for Texas Creationist Loons" that's great. Creationists have had a good run in Texas, but it's still a bit hard to believe that the situation there is really turning around.

13 January, 2014 11:02  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Progress is slow, but it happens. Even Iran teaches evolution in its schools without equivocation. Eventually Texas will catch up.

13 January, 2014 16:25  

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