20 February 2013

The Clash of the Wingnut Titans

Last link round-up, I needed a full paragraph for all the links of interest I'd found on the looming civil war within the right wing, which I'll reproduce here for those who want to follow them up:

"Some Republicans are trying to de-stupidize the party, but the base won't let them. Rove's plan to stop the teabaggers from nominating more sure losers seems to have energized the Nutty faction to fight back to overthrow the Sane faction. Even if the Sanes win, a Nutty third candidacy could split the party."

The latest spark on the tinder is of course Karl Rove's "Conservative Victory Project" which seeks to channel the power of big donors to neutralize the militant teabaggers' campaigns in support of flaming nutballs like Christine O'Donnell and Richard Mourdock, who take out viable moderate Republican candidates in the primaries (they felled Richard Lugar, fercryin'outloud) and then go down to defeat against Democrats in the general elections.

Teabaggerdom took Rove's initiative as a declaration of war, and the battle was joined.  This Monday, blogger Smartypants reported that the Koch brothers, the true founders of teabaggerdom, and Donald Trump, that orangutan-like buffoon of the feces-flinging right wing, have also taken the field against Rove.  Now Richard Viguerie is piling on too.  In the latest wrinkle, a teabagger group has sent out a fund-raising e-mail depicting Rove in a Nazi uniform.

That's the problem with these people -- in every fight they immediately go nuclear.  It was weird enough when they were calling Obama a Commie Muslim Nazi Kenyan America-hater, but now they're even doing it to people who are basically on their own side.

As Smartypants says, "There isn't enough popcorn in the world!"  Let's hope the wingnuts have themselves a fine fratricidal feces-flingin' good time battling it out for the next few years, giving us the House and the magic 60 in the Senate in 2014 and a Paul or Palin third-candidate fustercluck in 2016.


Blogger Grung_e_Gene said...

There is no such thing as Too Extreme amongst the Right. Todd Akin was a multi-term Congressman in MO and had a legit shot at winning until he spoke out.

And that's the problem, Akin, Sharon Angle, Paul Ryan say these things in comfy interviews. The often refuse to debate contenders and run from reporters whenever possible. So all it's going to take for the Senate to be populated by Ted Cruzes' is for them to get the nomination and stay quiet.

Then once in office unleash their insanity.

20 February, 2013 11:50  
Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

"Some Republicans are trying to de-stupidize the party, but the base won't let them."

I'm afraid the GOP's destupidization program has gone off the tracks. Evidence? The fake story about Chuck Hagel's involvement with a fake organization called "Friends of Hamas."

Almost the entire wingnut blogsphere reported this story as proof of Hagel's villainy and anti-Americanism. No one bothered to check its veracity.

Teh stupid marches on, led by the leading lights of the GOP!

22 February, 2013 07:42  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

GeG: Luckily it seems difficult for them to keep quiet. Most of them genuinely don't see how outrageous the stuff they say really is.

SK: Good point -- that was egregious even by their standards, especially the fact that the story was picked up so widely. (Though I could imagine joining "Friends of Hummus".) The Roves and Frums may resist the tide, but others will proudly hold high the banner of stupidity, and march on.

22 February, 2013 08:52  

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