13 November 2012

Kyrsten Sinema wins

It took until Monday to call the race, but Kyrsten Sinema has been elected as the first openly-bisexual member of Congress, and one of the still-few open atheists -- from Arizona, yet.

Speaking of Congress, here's a point which has received too little attention:  The Republicans are taking comfort from the fact that they kept their House majority, but in fact, half a million more votes were cast for Democratic House candidates than for Republican ones.  The only reason we failed to get a majority of seats was gerrymandering.  Based on the popular vote we would have won the whole federal government in a clean sweep.


Blogger S.W. Anderson said...

Absolutely right and an excellent point. I hope Democrats will be smart enough to go after some state government in more of a sustained, coordinated effort so maybe they can undo some of that Gerrymandering. Aside from actual election races not won, some Democratic reps such as Dennis Kucinich, decided to bow out rather than run against another Democrat.

14 November, 2012 17:37  

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