11 April 2012

Man-on-dog quits, Dog-on-roof wins.....

.....or does he?

With Mr. Frothy finally flushed away and Romney receiving a new barrage of endorsements, the Sane faction of the Republicans is strongly pushing the meme that the race for the nomination is over, Romney is the candidate, and it's time to unite against Obama. But the Nutty faction, or a lot of it, isn't ready to throw in the towel yet.

Check out the lengthy but entertaining comments thread here for a sample of what I've been seeing a lot of on various right-wing sites. Just as the left is cursed with a small fringe of cranks who denounce Obama as a conservative and no different from a Republican, and threaten to not vote for him or insist it makes no difference who wins -- so the right has its own extremist element who call Romney liberal, socialist, Democrat-lite, and similar names, and just can't stomach the thought of him as the Republican nominee when they had their hearts set on a full-bore crazed theocrat like Santorum.

The problem, from a mainstream Republican viewpoint, is that their loony fringe seems to be a lot bigger than ours.

The further and more immediate problem is that much of the Nutty faction genuinely can't hear the fat lady singing. To those who aren't paying attention to the details of the process, it looks like the race is still wide open. Romney has barely half the 1,144 delegates needed to nominate. The giant Republican stronghold of Texas has not yet voted and might well prefer a more red-meat right-winger over Romney. There's still a serious non-Romney in the race -- Gingrich -- and he's already eagerly putting himself forward as a rallying point for Santorum supporters now cast adrift. Even the Paultards are hoping for a few scraps. Some Nutties dream of a "brokered convention" where some quirk of party rules would allow the primary results to be set aside and the nomination given to Gingrich or even to some dark-horse Nutty idol such as Perry or Palin.

Never mind that actual polling and delegate-allocation rules in the states yet to vote virtually assure that Romney will reach 1,144. Never mind that Gingrich fares even worse than Santorum in head-to-head polling match-ups against Obama. Never mind the explosive consequences if a brokered convention were to brush aside the choice of millions of Republican primary voters. Never mind all that. They just can't stomach the "moderate" Romney.

The right wing is bedeviled by hard-line ideological purists who can't compromise, can't accept the political reality that radical candidates don't win elections, and would rather see their own side lose than see it win with a candidate who doesn't meet their exact and complete set of standards. If they can't unite, and if we can unite, we win.

I hope we're smarter than they are.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

So Obama is a "conservative" this go around, eh Infodell? ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh I dint hear that one yet I reckon ... BUT ... nit's a step up, eh? I mean, so far he's been a nazi, commie, aye- rab, martian, muslim, anti- christ, ultra- mliberal, monkey, dictator, and a few other title's that were put on the man. And now Romney's a "liberal"? ... when I look at Romney, if not kowing a thing about him and running into him on the street, I would just figure he is a used car or insurance salesman, which are those who I avoid, just because their too full of shit to begin with to do or say anything worthwhile. But I havent kept up too much with the politic's, after all, we ALREADY have a President for 2013, who's halfway into his job already. And I wrote a post (cant recall the title, but something about republican's should kiss Obama's ass or such) explaining that when Obama take's on his 2nd term next year, and the GOP win's a few more seat's ... it will just be another 4 year's of gridlock basically, back to the battle of good vs. evil, right vs. wrong, etc, etc the gridlock will also strengthen new alternative movement's and drive political change as well after (in very near future) ... the positive part of that being that "investor's" love gridlock, delay, friction in Washington ... it make's them feel "secure" (their insecure when they know their under the microscope and being watched and regulated on their slithering shit) ... basically what I'm saying is if the Democrat's win back big time across the board and are dominant ... it will scare the shit out of Wall St (I actually wish that would happen though : ) they'll start rippin, runnin, cheating, offshoring, outsourcing and every other goddamn thing their good at : )

Job's have been a constant increase under this current administration, regardless of last month's lower figure's (which you have to expect, one month or another, that's just business), the point is ... under the last administration ... their were NO increases and ALL decreases and losses ... look at the math when you vote, in other word's.

The Pope in bed looked cute in a fetishistic sense : )

Later Infodell

11 April, 2012 04:41  
Blogger Robert the Skeptic said...

Still, I worry that Romney has an almost unlimited well of funding that will be available (thanks to the Citizens United decision) to him. With this war chest, an anti-Obama campaign could be waged similar to the "Anyone But Bush" sentiment four years ago.

Current polls showing Obama ahead could foster complacency that might lull the Liberals into a false sense of security believing they can stay home thinking their vote won't matter.

As said, it ain't over 'till the fat lady sings.

11 April, 2012 13:20  
Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

Best post title on the internet!

I'm pretty sure Romeny will be the GOP candidate, but you raise some interesting points, so we'll wait to see.

12 April, 2012 01:07  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

RC: It just illustrates how far off the deep end the Nutty faction of Republicans have gone. Every politician who doesn't fit their own mold, they call all those things (yes, probably including "Martian" by now).

If the gridlock strengthens "alternative movements", those movements will only matter insofar as whether they take more votes away from Republicans or from Democrats. The side that splinters by bleeding off votes to radical third groups loses -- the side that stays united wins.

RtS: I've always warned against the dangers of complacency. There's definitely a danger of Romney winning, and we need to fight this one as if he could win, no matter how unlikely we privately think that is.

SK: Oh, he'll be the candidate -- given the polls and delegate math, it is inevitable. But I'm hoping the Nutties will rally around Gingrich and keep this internal Republican battle going on a bit longer.

12 April, 2012 03:22  

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