14 January 2010

The Devil made God do it

While everyone else has been horrified by the massive earthquake in Haïti, and governments and aid agencies worldwide scramble to send help, Pat Robertson has come up with his own unique take on the situation: the earthquake was God's punishment upon Haïti because the Haïtians made a deal with Satan to win independence from France.

Aside from the fact that Haïti became independent in 1804, and if Robertson's God existed anybody who was involved in its struggle for independence would presumably have faced his judgment in person quite some time ago, consider the mentality this implies. Recall too that after the September 11 terrorist attack Robertson, along with Jerry Falwell, declared that the mass murder was God's judgment on the United States for tolerating feminism, paganism, secularism, homosexuality, abortion, and various other things that fundamentalists dislike. Pat Robertson lives in the Dark Ages.

Pat Robertson also founded a "law school" from whose "graduates" President Bush filled numerous important posts.

Insanity exists and it is up to our votes to keep it away from the levers of power. Never forget that.

Update: Politics Plus has Limbaugh's almost-equally-incredible comments, and a response from Olbermann. Teabagger/Randroid petition here (found via Nancy).


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Pat Robertson!!?? .... Um,um,um, um, and I thought that ole boy was dead .... show's you how out of touch I am on something's! But Hell, this kind of talk out of him doesnt suprise me bit, after all ... he made a small fortune off this kind of stuff.... kind of his trademark I reckon. He still look's as depressed as usual though. I alway's wondered why he seem's so depressed at time's ... I mean considering your intoxicated with the Holy Spirit, having the full love and joy of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, you would think he would be jumping for joy(?) Oh well ....

Coincidentally I was fixin to do a posting on alot of these prophecies and other doomagloom talk, partly as well because it isnt just the usual crowd now like Robertson and his posse affiliate's preaching prophecies, but all through the main stream media, even non religious source's, I reckon it's big business , especially in these economically trying time's.

Later Guy ............

14 January, 2010 06:46  
Blogger TomCat said...

Great minds fall in the same ditch, Infidel. I led with the same idea today. We also both noted the Bush/GOP/Regent connection.

May he be reincarnated as a flea on the butt of a gay camel.

14 January, 2010 10:48  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

RC: and I thought that ole boy was dead

Only his brain, apparently.

you would think he would be jumping for joy(?)

The victims were too foreign. If the next one flattens all the gay bars and womens' shelters in California, then he'll jump for joy.

TC: He knows how to attract attention. Few can do world-class stupidity like he can.

Great catblogging avatar pic, by the way.

May he be reincarnated as a flea on the butt of a gay camel.

May he be reincarnated as a flea with a gay camel on his butt.....

14 January, 2010 11:04  
Blogger Tom Harper said...

I couldn't believe that teabagger petition. It only had 46 signatures and most of them were tongue-in-cheek.

I don't know which is worse, the fact that we have people like Pat Robertson, or the fact that millions of illiterate retards actually listen to him.

14 January, 2010 12:59  
Blogger Leslie Parsley said...

"Insanity exists and it is up to our votes to keep it away from the levers of power. Never forget that."

I hope people won't forget either, but public memory is short.

14 January, 2010 18:48  
Blogger The CDM said...

I didn't see this until today on the front page of Yahoo. Damn, what a waste of human skin. I would say I'm shocked, but that would be a lie as Robertson is famous for pulling shit like this out of his pea brain. The old fart is senile and out to be put down.

Just a thought.

14 January, 2010 18:57  
Blogger KodachromeKid said...

Very Clever title to your article. Would be interesting if Pat Robertson could be tied down in a chair, forced to read the title out loud on his show, and then respond.

14 January, 2010 21:07  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

TH & TL: Those who are already caught up in Robertson's way of "thinking", if that's the right term for it, are mostly unreachable, but by publicizing clearly-insane pronouncements like this, we can sharpen the contrast between them and the general population. The White House itself has denounced Robertson's remarks -- even this administration's weird mania for bipartisanship has its limits.

CDM & AM: Unfortunately part of the religious mania is a feeling of being validated by persecution. The more he's attacked by "unbelievers" (sane people), the more he probably feels justified.

We can't reach him. We can use him to reach fence-sitters who are conservative in some areas but don't want to be associated with the obvious lunacy he represents.

15 January, 2010 00:53  
Anonymous Nick M said...

Well I know evangelical Christians who consider Prat Robertson a disgrace.

As you point out Infidel it makes no sense even in theological terms.

Perhaps Mr Robertson would not be so free with such grossly offensive tosh if he were standing on a soap-box in Port-au-Prince?

Just sayin'

On a further theological note. Robertson's fellow-traveller the utterly vile Fred Phelps regards George W Bush as a "fag-enabler". Yes, that Bush the FDMA Bush, the Bush you practically never see at Crawford, TX Pride in chaps and a leather cap.

They are so through the looking glass that... Well, it gives them a debating advantage does it not. You can't argue with that. You might as well just sit there and say "wibble".

15 January, 2010 05:34  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

The one saving grace about fundamentalists is that they tend to hate each other as well as hating us. To a fundamentalist, other fundamentalists aren't quite fanatical enough, or not in quite the right way. So I'm sure Bush wasn't anti-gay enough for Phelps (who would be?).

15 January, 2010 18:42  

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