22 February 2009

Quote for the day

"Religion empowers mediocrity. It gives every inadequate control freak the authority to point God's wrathful finger and to unload the poison inside their own miserable hearts onto some other poor bastard who's doing nothing wrong but is doing something different."


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Mr.Infidel! First of all...the qoute posting was excellent. 2nd
...I dont recall the name Condell, so before this... never heard the ole boy. Despite this guy being I guess a "comedian"...when this first opened up...he sure as hell didnt sound like no happy camper, and sure as hell had a mouthful to say. I'll tell you guy...even though I had several associate's over the year's who were muslim and even one fella (who later converted to christian) who married into our family, all those who I knew personally were some of the most straight up and respectful people I ever met. But to see what is happening with this religion...not just in EU countries but all across the globe now...Anyone should be able to see WHY ...folk's are saying "enough is enough". Being a Texas boy myself..and very strong about peoples freedom's...I must say I love this guy Condell for his opinion and honesty...he's a "comic"? Well...he may be, I dont know, but to me he's a man of a breed that seem's to be fading away...and sadly. We are too tolerable in my opinion on many thing's these day's that are clearly destroying us, just kicking us in our ass like a bunch of goddamn dog's! I'll respect what anyone believe's...ghost stories and such..or what some raghead done in the desert centuries ago...dont really mean nothing to me period.But what we have going on in these places like Netherland's, or even in the great town of London...is downright shameful...espeially to crouch in fear when someone is clearly trying to not only control you...but destroy your family and everything you built and stand for. When I see these thing's like honor killing's...or what I been seeing nice young ladies having to experience even in some of these land's...as a Dad of daughter's, I get pretty burned up. I worked my ass off to raise my daughter's, and try to inspire them to move forward...and excell...and I will be damned if anyone is going to treat my daughter or even my wife like that...put it this way...I would be dead...because I would be all over anyones ass who did so. I'll shut up now...thanx for the post Bubba!

22 February, 2009 16:54  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Condell is also quoted here. And, yes, he's well worth listening to. He says what many people over there think, but are afraid (for now) to say openly.

22 February, 2009 17:37  

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