21 February 2009

Link roundup for 21 February 2009

This group has a novel plan to save the British economy (I don't know if it will be any less effective than our "stimulus" bill). Here's another approach to improving economic performance.

A hardened criminal is brought to justice (sent by Ranch Chimp).

The violence of the lambs: don't mess with these sheep.

Mathematicians discover the largest number ever.

Here's a video compressing 24 hours of air traffic into 72 seconds (found via Papamoka).

India doesn't have gay marriage yet, but apparently this is OK.

An Ohio man tries a new way to get an audience for the Bible (sent by Mendip).

How worried should we be about space junk?

Militant Ginger looks at a clash of two forms of bigotry.

Fred Phelps is taking his act to Britain.

Here are 16 things that legalizing marijuana is more popular than.

"Reverse migration" may be slowing Hispanic population growth.

Anti-atheist bigotry is challenged in Arkansas (found via Republic of T). Also via T: an example of the garbage they're teaching in the schools now.

Democrats are abandoning Burris as more admissions surface, but he's not their only problem.

The stimulus plan hides some nasty surprises. Call the AARP!

Rick Moran finds conservatives still in denial about why they're losing elections. Will libertarians be the next group to flee from "anti-intellectual.....superstitious fag-bashers"?

Here's why China can't stop investing in the US.

From Russia, this looks like a good sign.

Czech President Vaclav Klaus compares the undemocratic EU to the Soviet bloc. EU leaders denounce his call for free debate (more here). Well, it's hard running a "state" with 23 official languages. No wonder they're too busy to deal with their recession.

If the EU has too many languages, Israel has too many political parties. 11 days after the election, we finally know Netanyahu will be Prime Minister, but the final coalition is far from settled.

Here's the speech Geert Wilders planned to give in London. And, yes, this blogger is at risk of prosecution for expressing his views in a country with no First Amendment. More on power and free speech in Europe here. As a further example of how messed-up things are over there, one-third of Europeans blame the Jews for the economic crisis (read this too).

Nona takes an in-depth look at British boarding schools.

Exit Zero has reports on Christopher Hitchens's clash with neo-Nazis in Beirut.

Goodbye Dubai: the mirage vanishes.

Obama is escalating the war against jihadism in Pakistan. And the jihadists may be turning on each other.

In Iran, barbaric punishment for a barbaric crime (sent by Ranch Chimp). Also from Ranch Chimp: efforts against clitorectomy are making some headway in Egypt.

A rape in Saudi Arabia is punished by flogging and jail -- of course, that applies to the victim, not the rapists. This Iraqi girl "guilty" of having a boyfriend suffered the more usual honor killing.

Guadaloupe explodes in violence.

Trees make humans happy -- well, our ancestors did live in them for millions of years.

Wasps have used a version of genetic engineering for 100 million years. Does that mean it's not "unnatural"? And there maybe even weirder life forms out there.

Why do humans like slow-motion video? Related discussion here.

This humble building may not look historic, but it's where the first electronic computer was built -- and helped win World War II.

The deathists are still out there.

Nanotechnology is helping us move forward with brain emulation (found via Mendip).

A simple new treatment may help heart-attack victims recover.

In November I linked to this story of a patient apparently cured of AIDS in Germany. Two years after treatment, he's still HIV-free.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Lone Star Greeting's Mr.Infidel... your link round-up's are pretty good by the way.

"Faith of Britain Day"? Well...I guess it's worth a try.. I mean.. I'd let a nun piss on me if I thought it would do any good! I been reading how psychic services are really doing well right now,especially in NYC. Prayer is up too...I even seen worship church services in Detroit where they have Cadillac Escalades and the like up at the pulpit for worship and praise. As for myself...well none of that work's for me...but it seem's to for most folk's...so why not?!! :)

Enjoyed "Mathematician's discover largest number's" ...no coubt were in a mess..I only support the stimulus...because of what we been already milked for and the more that is to come...I figure this is the peoples last chance to get anything before we are all brought to the bottom of the barrel. Right now I know in your State of Oregon they are also experimenting with a new bite...taxing mileage..and a few other state's...it wont be long before we are triple and quadruple taxed on everything. What should we do? Learn how to beat them at their own game... alway's worked for me! :)

Folk's marrying dog's? I'm all for it! I went to a church of the subgenius devival gathering here in Dallas probably about 15 year's ago or so...they had a transvestite preacher at the pulpit...marrying folk's to whatever they wanted to marry in a ceremony...it was hilarious...I had friend's that were marrying their wrist watches, toilet's, condom's...wallet's...you name it!

Rev.Troy Brisport? Sound's more like a fetishistic fantasy than a sermon! Kidnapping is a hefty charge to have to face for a lil fun though! Well...he dont have to worry I reckon...there's plenty of sex in prison!

$5.00 Freddie(Phelps)...heh,heh,heh man...it's been awhile since I heard anything about that ole boy! I call him $5 Freddie because of them tacky looking clothes/suit's he wear's with his ragtag looking ugly ass. I noticed long ago...it seem's like he is only focused on fag's. kind of weird for him to have to travel so far to rag on fag's. last time I was in Kansas City they had a whole schlew of gay bar's! I am sure he takes advantage of the tax write off's..
hypocritical old fart! God hates America and the World now? Hate him back I reckon!

Reverse immigration? Funny... I was talking to a wetback (sorry.. for ya'll liberal's..I'll call him a guest worker..okay?) the other day...and he was bitchin up a storm about how the parking lot meat market's (guest worker hangout's to get chosen for day work)are getting too tight...and cant even get picked up anymore by day's end...sometimes standing all day out there waiting...too much competition and such...and he told me he was going back to Mexico for awhile. I been hearing on the street's as well in Dallas several other's complaining that the market is getting tighter...and they feel their pissing in the wind...and packing up going back to Mexico...because of the decrease in job's. Oh well Amigo...is what I told him...smoke one for me Amigo! Yes...my neighborhood has alot of guest worker's..actually just about every part of Dallas these day's.

China investing in the US? heh,heh,heh...I was posting about this sometime back...we got them in a situation as far as finances are concerned. :) In more way's than one too.

British Boarding school's, sound's like some of them catholic rectory's heh? Even though I spent time in England...I didnt know much about that. But I did like some of them Governess head mistresses I seen with caning experience...if that count's?

Christopher Hitchens' clash with Nazi's...sure as hell dont suprise me! I am sure he will have many other confrontation's over time, he has ball's the size of Texas...and I love reading his opinion!

Thank You Sir!

21 February, 2009 09:02  
Blogger commoncents said...

Great post here!

Would you like a Link Exchange with our new blog COMMON CENTS where we blog about the issues of the day??


21 February, 2009 15:22  
Blogger concerned citizen said...

After checking out the links you provided, it's nice to know that there are people in the world standing up for justice & human rights. That's what it comes down to you know, ordinary people plugging along doing what they think is right.

21 February, 2009 20:21  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

A note on comment #2 above: going to the "commoncts" site caused my browser to crash. Caveat clickor.

22 February, 2009 06:34  

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