29 August 2008

Link roundup for 29 August 2008

Here's the time-lapse version of the Democratic convention (sent by Ranch Chimp).

"What we need more of is....." cartoon superheroes and villains with a twist. Update: Here's another MC Hawking video (note: extensive profanity).

We're being teased.

Religion offers new insights into the universe (sent by Mendip).

James Lileks brilliantly skewers a European writer's shallow view of the United States.

An ego for the ages in a Classical setting.

At the Portland Zoo, a newborn baby elephant cries for its mother. Zoo animals often lack parenting skills; having lived in such an unnatural setting all their lives, they have had little opportunity to see and learn normal behavior for their own kind. What struck me most was how much the baby elephant's cries sound like those of a human baby. Update: Happy ending.

Speaking of elephants, if there's a worse place to stick your head than this guy did, I don't want to hear about it.

Here's why PUMA won't follow Clinton's call for "unity". More here.

Dictators aren't as tough as they act.

Swing voters have a message for Obama.

These fatties are slimming down -- but in this case it's not good news.

No, McCain isn't Bush. Here's his classy ad responding to Obama's nomination.

Here's one union that actually stuck up for American workers.

The Obama campaign's treatment of Stanley Kurtz sets a disturbing precedent.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

I absolutely loved the video of "MC Hawking".I must also say that the video of McCain congratulating Obama..was quite a hit...heh,heh,heh...ole Johns pretty good at that heh? What interested me most was a comment left on Johns vid..by someone named "Judy R" about the coincidence of Obama's nomination acceptance on the same anniversary date as the famous Dr.King speech.I actually never thought of that before.

29 August, 2008 05:34  

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