12 August 2008

Link roundup for 12 August 2008

A world traveler returns home.

Joseph Cannon takes an unusual look at the birth of Jesus.

A couple of music videos I found interesting are here and here (more music I like here).

Al-Qa'idah in Iraq: goats, murder, and vegetable paranoia.

Was China's Olympic-opening "pomo Triumph of the Will spectacular" partly faked?

Bill Quick, who has described the act of voting for McCain as being similar to "eating a shit sandwich", explains why he will vote for him anyway. Democrat Russ Feingold debunks the "McCain equals Bush" meme.

Books critical of Obama are hot sellers. Victor Davis Hanson looks at buyer's remorse.

Christians are praying for rain.

Bloggers Prash and Papamoka look at Islamic family values.

A Hamas leader explains what inspires suicide bombings.

As the new theo-fascism rises in western Europe, Norway responds with a new generation of Quislings.

Georgia's defenses are collapsing under the Russian onslaught. Russia, its forces already deep in Georgian territory beyond the disputed splinter states of South Ossetia and Abkhazia, halts its advance.

Art? Waste of money? Eyesore? What do you think?

Things fall apart: the Central African Republic has lost its electric power after decades of inadequate maintenance.

Australian blogger Tribog recalls Gallipoli.

Here's an interesting study of how humans react to facial types.

A large new population of previously-uncontacted gorillas has been discovered in Africa (link sent by Ranch Chimp). Plans are already underway to protect them against intrusion. These previously-uncontacted humans should be so lucky.


Blogger Fran said...

I shall choose to comment on two of the religious links...

That big cross is a big joke and a waste of time, money and whatever else. In fact crap like this really ticks me off. And we all (or most do) know what I believe.

Superficial symbols. Period.

As for the gorillas - I was happy to hear of this the other day and know that there are more gorillas than thought. I fear for them however.

As for the jeebus monkeys that want to go as far and wide to impose their will on others - that pisses me off way more than the big cross.

FranIam is shutting up now.

(You and I can generally always agree that we loathe idiocy. We just don't always agree on the particular idiocy, but we are on more often than not I think.)

12 August, 2008 08:24  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Infidel - thanks for the link.

FranIAm - I'm sure that many other Christians agree with you. In my view, symbolic nonsense like the huge cross I wrote about have more to do with building egos and shoving one brand of faith down people's throats than with meeting the varied needs of humankind.

12 August, 2008 13:24  
Blogger Prash said...

You have one good collection of links !

13 August, 2008 01:37  
Blogger Rita said...

Ditto what prash said.

I suppose the giant cross can be looked upon as that kind of anti-art that is meant to make an offensive statement, like the famous Jesus in a bottle of urine.
That is how I'm going to look at it anyway.

The link to the Al-Qa'idah vegetable ban & the quote of the Hamas leader are tragic illustrations of the use of fear tactics to oppress people.

I recently read a quote from some one, it might of been John Stuart Mills? that basically states,[my choice of words] That the quest for freedom in the human psyche can not be held back by oppression, that our need for personal freedom from oppression is a driving force that propels humankind foreword.

13 August, 2008 07:17  
Blogger Papamoka said...

Thanks for the link Infidel!

15 August, 2008 13:10  

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