14 May 2008

West Virginia

67% to 26% -- yes, a 41% spread. A margin of almost 150,000 in a relatively small state. Hillary retakes the lead in the popular vote, counting Florida and Michigan, which will both certainly count in November.

Of course, in the Bizarro World hall of funhouse mirrors which the Democratic race has become, none of it matters, none of it counts (typical MSM spin here).

As for the blogosphere, I can already predict its spin, rancid with the class contempt of the arrogant new juvenile aristocracy of the Democratic party.

But today, at least, working people have stood up and talked back.



Blogger Mary Ellen said...

I wrote a comment showing the Chic-obama-o Tribune spin on WV results on Taylor Marsh's blog this morning. I also printed it in the comment section of the post on my blog today. Spin Spin Spin.

Unfortunately, I fear the delegates and SD's will buy into all this garbage. It seems the media has already decided that WV and KY votes don't count for anything. Now they say it will be Oregon that will decide. Swing States? Bah! The only States that count now are the one's that Obama can win. If Hillary wins within a few points, they say he still won.

Donna Brazile said last night that WV was a win for Hillary but not a loss for Obama. Now there's an unbiased opinion from a member of the DNC, eh?

Obama sunk more than twice the amount of money into WV as Hillary, had five more campaign offices than her, a bigger ground crew...the guys gets' shellacked and the media says he didn't lose.

Welcome to bizzaro world.

14 May, 2008 08:24  

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