13 May 2008

It ain't over till it's over

Got my ballot filled out and ready to go (technically our primary isn't until the 20th, but all voting here in Oregon is by mail and it's better to vote early). And yes, pundits be damned, I voted for Hillary. The privilege of living in a democracy, of casting a vote and having it count, seems all the more precious when one thinks of how many people have no such privilege because they live in less-favored lands like, uh, Florida and Michigan.

Now I'm just hoping that West Virginia will deliver a big enough margin to at least chip away at the media's herd mentality ("It's over, it's over," I can hear them moo), though that's not going to be easy at this point.



Blogger Vishesh said...

hmmm...i always see it as the better one among the devils...as long as who ever gets elected there is not out to bomb the world i will be happy...

13 May, 2008 10:14  

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