12 January 2007

A choice -- for some

Mendip makes an interesting point about this posting on homosexuality:

You touched on something I’ve always been amused by: the constant refrain by social conservatives that sexual orientation is a “choice”. [.....] Like yourself, I find such statements to be absurd. But I also wonder if they are not revealing: I have no choice in my sexuality. I like women. I have and have had homosexual friends and acquaintances all of my adult life, and living in the DC area assures that one can access to that whole milieu should one choose to do so. And yet it’s no more a “choice” for me than breathing. For whatever reasons, guys aren’t sexually attractive to me – I have NO choice in the matter, they just aren’t. But [social conservatives] seem to exist in a different frame of reference than mine. For them, sexuality IS a choice. One apparently wakes up each morning and makes a decision whether they’ll be attracted to have sex with men or women. I can only imagine such a situation existing if one were bisexual. Otherwise it makes no sense. So I have to wonder if all the folks running around spouting off about Gays are protesting just a little too much. They view homosexuality as something seductive to them, (witness the claims that Gay marriage “threatens” their marriages – Why? How? Unless it forms a temptation for them.); I view it simply as something I have no interest in. To recap, I’d have to say that if you show me someone who says homosexuality is a “choice”, then I’ll show you someone for whom it REALLY is a choice…

Could it be that most of those agitated people inexplicably insisting that "it's a choice" are actually bisexual, deep down? It's the best explanation I've seen yet.



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