19 September 2006

More appeasement

I guess France can't actually indulge its urge to surrender since it hasn't been attacked yet, but it's doing the best it can.

A few postings back I speculated that the reason Russia has been helping Iran is that Putin knows full well that the huge threat represented by an Iranian bomb will be aborted, one way or another, by the US at some point, so the Russian government has nothing to lose by selling technology to Iran and letting the US take all the opprobrium which will come with eliminating the problem. It may well be that France is making a similar calculation. Why not win some brownie points with the Islamists by appeasing Iran on the nuclear issue, when you know the US will take on the burden of making sure the mullahs never get their warheads?

In practical terms this is all meaningless, since there's no chance that a Security Council resolution or economic sanctions would have any effect on the Iranian nuclear program. But it does show, once again, that France is not one of the countries we can count on in a crisis.

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