06 August 2017

Link round-up for 6 August 2017

I recently started posting at WriterBeat, a sort of group blog and discussion site for writers.  It has its share of right-wingers and outright crackpots, but quite a few worthwhile posters as well.  If you decide to post there, definitely read the policies.

Cats are liquid.

What's in the box?  OK, never mind.

You need to know a little math to get this one.

The flying trampoline departs the wasteland.

Would you dare hike this dangerous trail?

Read the terrifying tale of The Catte of Amontillado.

Mega-kitty pounce!

If I walked through this, I'd expect to find someplace way better than Narnia.

The Jesus fandom has serious problems.

Somebody did this on purpose.

Immigrants should speak English goodly.

Not everybody has one of these.

They were wrong then and they're wrong now.

Yes, a lot of Tumblr really is this bad.

What if Obama had said it?  (Update: That video has become unavailable, so here's another link -- the part I'm talking about starts at the 1:55 mark.)

If you're one of those people who wishes for a flying car, check these out.

Outback Steakhouse is of Satan, apparently (found via Mendip).

Some people are just evil.

WTF?  What makes these people think they can get away with acting like this?

Popcorn time!  The Vatican bashes US Catholic extremists, who quickly bash back.

National Review says New Atheism is dead.  Dream on.

Report internet bullies to the FBI.

If hard work made you rich.....

Stock repurchasing may seem like an obscure abstraction, but it's contributed to the rise of inequality and oligarchy in the US.

How many defenders of Christianity notice this inconsistency?  How many can grasp this simple point?

Racists have weird ideas.

Some of the worst police misconduct doesn't involve shooting people.

Another poll shows a slim majority of Americans supporting single-payer.

Richard Dawkins responds to a contemptible attack.

Anti-abortion zealots are a pervasive threat to individual freedom in the US.

Mourners for the Orlando victims had the support of "angels" (found via Lady, That's My Skull).

The Texas business community doesn't like the state's "bathroom bill".

"Fat acceptance" helps people die.

Now this is a bullet hole.

Lies about abortion are circulating.

Bisexuality is pervasive among animals.

Trump's election makes the sequel to An Inconvenient Truth all the more important.

Bee populations are recovering, but their troubles aren't over.

It's morning over the desert -- actual photos.

Biggest merger ever.

Titan might be a good place to find life not as we know it.

After almost forty years in space, the Voyager probes are still working.

Genetic editing of human embryos to cure hereditary disease has now been achieved.

Young Protestants in Northern Ireland are turned off by the anti-gay, anti-abortion stances of parties they would otherwise support.

Britain's re-opening to the world with Brexit is already bringing benefits, including a possible new trade deal with the US.

Air New Zealand has the best safety video ever.

Norwegian wingnuts freak out over a photo of some empty bus seats.

In Sweden, back when homosexuality was classified as an illness, people got creative.

The German Catholic Church has plenty of money -- members, not so much (note: wingnut site).

Freedom of the press has had its martyrs.

Here's an exchange on Cuba.

As Dâ'ish (ISIL) collapses, European Muslims who fought for it aren't wanted back in their home countries.

From Pakistan to El Salvador, patriarchal religion inflicts misery.

The Chinese regime goes all out to humiliate Muslims.

Global warming could make much of the Indian subcontinent uninhabitable.

Trump's attacks on Sessions are confusing the Trumpanzees.  He's acting more like a media mogul than like a President.

Paul Ryan has a rocky road ahead.

There are four tribes of Republicans that show some resistance to Trump.

67% of Americans favor allowing trans people in the military.  Democrats are working on it.

This cannabis crusader just might become Governor of Florida.

Charles Krauthammer (!) is relieved that institutional government is standing up to Trump.

Michele Bachmann goes nutzoid over a hate-crime hotline.

The much-cited voters who voted for Obama and then Trump were Republicans who liked Obama, not Democrats who hated Hillary.

Republicans have a long history of lying, even to themselves.

Murkowski gets in another whack at Trump, blocking recess appointments.

Democrats have actually done pretty well in special elections.  A hard-hitting ad foreshadows the message for 2018.

Don't believe the bullshit about Kamala Harris.

J.K. Rowling pwns a Trumpanzee.  McCain sets Trump himself straight.

The collapse of ACA repeal leads to a wingnut pundit meltdown.  But don't forget what repeal supporters were really voting for.

Trump gif found via Mock Paper Scissors.


Blogger W. Hackwhacker said...

Thanks, Infidel. I found the photo of the journalists that met untimely deaths after criticizing Putin so compelling I had to post it. I was aware of maybe a handful of them, but not to the extent that was displayed in the photo.

07 August, 2017 05:55  
Blogger NickM said...

W. Hackwhacker,

I know where you live and have some Polonium 210.

Yours sincerely,

V Putin,
Russian Federation.

08 August, 2017 03:28  
Blogger W. Hackwhacker said...

Hee- hee (gulp).

08 August, 2017 06:13  

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