30 July 2017

Link round-up for 30 July 2017

Well, I'll never be too old for it.

I bet these dogs loved this.  I'm sure this dog did.  This dog, maybe not so much.

Check out these state tourism posters.

Let's add Trump to Mount Rushmore.

The forties and fifties were the age of experimentation with horrible food.


This idiot exists.

Here's a concise explanation of football.

Douglas Adams was quite the wordsmith.

Evidently this machine doesn't work.

Art is worth defending against philistines.

Test your educational level (I got 67 out of 70 questions right and actually my highest degree is an MA).

Can women do action movies?

It's too bad Anthony Weiner didn't meet this person early in his career.

Sprinklers are useful.

Here's one way to deal with a nosy guy on a bus.

Want to improve your pronunciation of a foreign language?  Try singing.

"Just metastasizing mind worms, meant to divide us so it’s easier to rule us....."

Read the tale of Michael Malloy, the most hard-to-murder man in New York City in 1932 (found via Mendip).

Fundie writer shows some tolerance, fellow fundies go apeshit (found via Tell Me Why the World Is Weird).

How could anyone imagine an alternate world where the Confederacy won?

Young women are turning to atheism.

Ranch Chimp looks at food stamps.

A North Carolina church revives an old Biblical practice.

We all have portable magic within our reach.

Catholic?  No gluten-free Jesus for you!

These people exist.

Green Eagle reconsiders whether blogging serves a purpose any more (note: see Green Eagle's comment on this post).

Tim Gill is an unsung hero of progress (note: wingnut site).

Where did the jobs go?

"Outing" is this bad (scroll down).

A new Arkansas law requires women seeking abortion to get the permission of the man who impregnated them, even in rape cases (found via Tell Me Why the World Is Weird).  Here's an earlier Arkansas law of some interest.

This anti-Semitism needs to be purged from the left.

Ken Ham wants to end the US space program because all aliens go to Hell, or something like that (found via Mendip).  He's also being a PITA about rainbows.

A new report assesses the Republican war on science.

See what the underside of an iceberg looks like (found via Progressive Eruptions).

Vaccination will make you get old.

The internet is at risk, but the biggest danger is giving governments too much control.

Old animals were too big.

When you see the ruins, imagine what was.

A craven excuse for wife abuse gets repudiated in Canada.

The storied marriage of Charles and Diana was a pitiful shamMore revelations coming.

The UK will ban the sale of gasoline and diesel cars by 2040.

This is the Alhambra.

Police in Japan work differently.

Al-Azhar Park transformed an expanse of rubble into an urban green space.

Freed from Dâ'ish (ISIL) rule, Syrian women burn the burkas they were forced to wear.  Further south, repression remains in force.  Remember what the hijâb really stands for.

Traditional values shape local justice in Pakistan.

For dealing with North Korea, we have four options, all of them bad.  Here's a more optimistic view.

It's been an action-packed week in Trumpland.

The Republican mess is going to get a lot worse, but fixing it is not the Democrats' responsibility.

Trump whines, Twitter responds.  He will face serious trouble if he tries to pardon himself (found via Fair and Unbalanced) or fire Sessions.

A Senator recounts the drama of the "skinny repeal" vote.

Yeah, this is from RedState, but heed it as a valid warning, especially on the turnout issue.  We need to bluntly tell people what the Republicans are about.

Hillary is so fiendishly clever.

Trump's transgender military ban may backfire politically and is likely unconstitutional.  Here are some reactions -- note Oliver Willis in particular.

Hometown USA looks at Jill Stein.

A vast crowd turns out to support Trump against the media.

The "Better Deal" campaign strikes me as insipid, but Booman thinks it will work.

The enemy isn't all that happy with Scaramucci.  But he'll work well with Trump because they're basically the same.

Added item:  Yesterday I speculated about Murkowski switching parties -- evidently others are wondering about McCain (who almost switched in 2001) and Collins too.  Luring three defectors over might even be easier than just one, since the Democrats would thereby gain the majority and could offer to let the defectors keep whatever committee posts, etc. they have which depend on being members of the majority.


Blogger Green Eagle said...


I didn't mean to question the function of blogging in general, or left wing blogging in particular. My blog had a specific purpose, and that was to document the degeneration of the political right in this country into a party that pretty much openly advocated fascism as a viable alternative to their rich backers not getting what they wanted from a more democratic society.

I think we've obviously gotten there. The sort of things I have written about for ten years are now gushing out of the White House and top Republican leadership; at this point, no one needs Green Eagle to point out what is happening in our country.

As for the rest of the left leaning blogs in the world, I will continue reading them, and hope you all continue to write them. I will probably post something myself once in a while, when particularly grotesque things happen.

As I said, I wish I had turned out to be a paranoid loon, but I guess I didn't.

30 July, 2017 10:46  
Anonymous nonnie9999 said...

People should not feel they are too old for any shit, other than thinking that at 70 years old you can suddenly walk into the Oval Office with no political experience (and no qualifications or intelligence whatsoever) and play a president.

Dogs, dogs, dogs! I can never get enough. I can watch them sliding on the floor or go down a waterslide all day, but nevah evah have them burst into flames!

Peggington Noonington (h/t to TenGrain) wrote a scathing rebuke to Twitler, but I still can't stand the woman.

Miracle Whip is disgusting. It's a miracle people still buy it.

I am constantly surprised at the number and variety of idiots in existence today. They must have been hiding under rocks, and Twitler's reign has made them feel safe enough to come out, come out wherever they are.

The picture of the bird repeller with the bird's nest atop it reminds me of seeing a giant palmetto bug (flying cockroach Floriduhhhh is known for) sitting on my can of Raid. The sarcastic bastard was mocking me. I've always had at least 2 cans of bug spray at all times since.

I got 95% in the quiz, but I never finished college. Makes me appreciate how good a New York public school regents education used to be.

I bet there are a lot of people out there who are very unhappy that their moms used social media!

Sprinklers! Genius!!!

I think singing helps when learning a language, because it uses both sides of your brain--the analytic and the creative/emotional. Last October, my doctor and I thought I had a bad case of laryngitis. It's July now, and I still can barely talk. It's probably a neurological thing where the base of my brain is telling my throat muscles to stiffen up when I talk. However, I can still sing (badly, like always) and speak more clearly when imitating an accent, because both sides of my brain are sending signals to my throat. Weird how all this stuff works.

That story about Michael Malloy, if made into a movie, would be unbelievable. However, it would still seem more likely that Twitler in the White House.

Roy Wood is hilarious. I think he's one of the best parts of the new iteration of The Daily Show.

Amazing what people can get away with as long as they say they are affiliated with some religion or some church.

30 July, 2017 14:47  
Anonymous nonnie9999 said...

I guess I went over the maximum allowed character allotment, so I had to split my comment in two. So, to continue...

I'm so confoozled. If the gluten is taken out of the church, what's going to happen to all those Jesuses (Jesi?) appearing on toast?

It always makes me sad when a blogger hangs up his/her keyboard. You never know when something you say will spark a fever in someone and lead to something good, if not spectacular. Maybe Green Eagle will reconsider.

So happy to read that Tim Gill is around and being so smart with how he is spending his money. Politicians need to take some notes on how to change things.

How about people outing shithead politicians in Texas to their parents? If you want to see how evil people can be, watch Texas politics. Or Arkansas.

The anti-semitism on the left not only makes me sad, but makes me wonder if I am safe in my own country.

I don't know why Twitler continues a war on science when it's the only thing keeping his hair in place and his wife's and daughter's looks tweaked.

Dammit! Those vaccines I got as a kid are the reason my favorite jeans no longer fit me!! I knew it wasn't the ice cream!

The case of the Iranian man in Canada was interesting. I wonder what the judge would have done had the husband been Iranian, but the wife had been Canadian. What cultural beliefs would have prevailed? Maybe human decency and the law should guide the judge.

I am so over the whole Diana/Charles thing. She was a kid. He's a mama's boy who took advantage of her naivete. His mother is a cold fish, and the entire family is dysfuntional. I have no interest in the new crop of entitled undeserving royal family. The Kardashians with crowns.

American cops should take a lesson from the Japanese. I was talking to my sister just the other day and saying that the "shoot to kill" philosophy ingrained in the training of police here is just asking for tragedies to happen.

Jill Stein was on MSNBC this afternoon. She's a Russia/China/North Korea apologist, a narcissist and an all-round annoying asshole.

I don't see McCain leaving the GOP, especially now. If there is a possibility of changing parties, I would think it would be Susan Collins. She wouldn't go Dem, she'd go Independent. Her fellow Maine Senator Angus King is Independent, and it doesn't hurt his popularity. Suzy wants to run for governor. Being Independent might help that effort, not hurt it.

Now, let's see if I can hit submit correctly this time!

30 July, 2017 14:48  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

The dogs pieces were good, however, I couldnt figure out why that one exploded

I already knew about Jill Stein, and about Bernie's home purchases book sales or whatever ... I still like to hear out both for what they say.

Gluten Free communion wafers ... imagine that ... a little wafer smaller than a potato chip. When I was an altar boy in the church ... I used to take the wholesale bags of wafers out of the sanctuary and snack on them all the time, I would also pour the wine out of the jugs and bottle it in small bottles and give to kidz in school ... and I skimmed the money was placed for candles for the dead and basket collections. One day a couple other altar boys asked me if it was a sin as far as what I was doing ... after all ... I shared, and gave them a cut to keep their mouths shut. But I told them, it's not a sin as far as the wine and wafers, because they havent been blessed yet in the consecration of mass ... as far as the money for the dead ... well, the dead dont need money ... neither does God ... but we do.

Tony Scaramucci? ... he's a hustler ... and you're right on ... him and Trump were made for each other .... they would also probably rip each other off too.

Iran cultural man in Canada ... I have talked to guys from other countries in that part of the world ... that clearly say that a woman is "their property" ... of course though, they believed this because of their religious culture.

I passed on the education level test thing ... no use in it ... I can tell you my education level ... 8th grade ... period.

Too old to do things? ... whatever ... for me, just do whatever comes naturally ... I mean, folks may tell me I'm too old for this or that ... but they also told me when I was a kid, that I was too young to do this and that. Alwayz done what I wanted to do ... simple.

Ban diesel and gasoline in Britain by 2040? ... good vision and goal

Temple of Aphaea in Greece ... would love to be in a time machine and go back and experience it.

As far as ending the space programme ... not just creator folks or whatever ... folks like the Koch brothers or likes would like to privatize it. Leave all the public worshipping idols in religious cults for the masses as usual, and leave them in the dark on space exploration, accessibility to space or whatever else. NO, I support our space programme 110% ... let them build their own shit on their own ... they got the money. Same reason to keep folks confused about science ... the wealth wants to own, regulate and privatize all for themselves. They're hand in hand with things like the Vatican or the rest. My only disappointment as a kid that robbed the church ... was that I didnt steal enough.

30 July, 2017 19:12  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Flip side of the iceberg was really a cool photo!

Michael Malloy case was quite a read ... never knew that ... what a twist!

As far as Anthony Weiner that folks like to joke about his sex life ... I would still support him in any election ... I miss the guy actually. Too bad he lost Huma ... damn ... she's fine as Hell too!

Madman about jobs ... I see his point. At the same time, there is going to be many new jobs ... just not in the trades of the past is all.

As far as Arkansas laws on rapists and women victims ... same trash thinking to me ... christianity, f'n islam and all that shit is the same to me and what inspires much ... just different labels.

Palace in Spain ... beautiful landscape and architecture!

Trump on Mount Rushmore ... dont give the SOB any ideas ... that SOB would probably have his brand on the border wall too ... and it wont be a jackass figure.

Football? ... that's a new one ... guess they have a point. A lady once told me while watching a game, that football is men chasing a ball ... when they should be chasing women. A gay man once told me while watching a game ... that the reason running backs run so hard for the goal ... is so they can get that slap on their asses of congrats from fellow players. I am a football fan ... football is much more complex of a game than many ... and more than just being big or physical ... the play strategies are complex and deep, and the precision of the plays is like mathematical art to me.

What's old Slim Kim gonna do? (Kim Jong Un) ... well, he's choosing the right man to f**k with ... old Tweety(Trump) ... no ... I cant figure out why North Korea myself is playing these games ... they know what will happen when/ if any missile strikes U.S. or allies. They're supposed to be tight with China ... and we have to watch both Russia and China ... cause they see us coming too as far as world power.

State tourism posters were funny!

I'm outta here guy ... later

30 July, 2017 19:41  
Blogger NickM said...

The moon-landing hoaxers really fecking annoy me. "But the flag waived in a draft!". No you numpty. It oscillated partially because it wasn't damped due to a lack of atmosphere. The oscillations came from it being planted through the lunar soil. It's physics people. "How d'ya know". I got a degree in astrophysics. "Ah, you're part of the conspiracy!". Well, If I am I ain't seen many cheques come my way. Tens (hundreds?) of thousands of people worked on Apollo and we expect them all to have kept QT on this. Even the Soviets congratulated NASA! So they were in on it as well - during the height of the Cold War!

Far be it for me to tell anyone how to run a blog but whilst I love your link round-ups they'd be easier to use if you got 'em to open in a new tab.

01 August, 2017 06:52  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Green: I see your point.

Nonnie: At 56 I'm still successfully fending off adulthood, but I like to remind others that the option exists.

There are a lot of idiots around, but they do seem more open about it these days. Well, the creationists and suchlike always were.

I've never been to Florida but the bugs sound scary. It must be almost like the tropics.

If Jesus can't appear on toast, I'm sure he'll find somewhere else to manifest himself.

I wish I could be more reassuring about the anti-Semitism on the left, but it's clearly a widespread problem.

It's startling that the Japanese police fired only six shots in all of 2015. And it's not because Japan is tiny (its population is about 40% of ours). I'm sure a lot of it is culture, and of course crime there is far lower, but I wish Americans were more willing to learn from the successes of other societies.

Ranch: It's a little-known fact that dogs are made of nitroglycerine.

Other countries (like the UK) are very serious about fighting global warming. I guess that "Chinese hoax" has been unbelievably successful.:-)

I wish I could see Classical architecture in its prime. Even the ruins have inspired people for thousands of years.

Some of those Arkansas legislators are about as backward as the Iranian guy in Canada. And yes, those kinds of attitudes always have religion at the root.

The Alhambra is one of the classic surviving works of Islamic architecture. We're lucky the Reconquista didn't destroy it.

Nick: Faking the Moon landing would have been more difficult than actually landing on the Moon.

Good point about the tabs. I'm in the habit of right-clicking on links and opening in a new tab, but not everyone is. There's probably a setting I can change somewhere.

01 August, 2017 08:12  
Blogger NickM said...

I had thought that about the Moon landings ;-)

As to the tabs I'd know how to do it in Wordpress but yeah I'm sure it can be done in blogger. The actual HTML for a "fixed" page is trivial.

I visited the Alhambra as a kid - 'bout 12-13. It is spectacular. Not just for looking at but due to the fact that in the summer Granada is stunningly hot but the courtyards of the Alhambra are very pleasant due to marble and flowing water.

01 August, 2017 12:36  

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